❤️[CH3] The Man Series Part 1 : Phupaa (Sonix Boom) :: Sarin Inpitar / Pie Rinrada

Discussion in '2019' started by dancy, Oct 12, 2017.

  1. dancy

    dancy sarNie Oldmaid

    Here is the thread for part 1 of this series. This series have only 3 part to it.

    Sonix Boom will be filming this part.

    The cast for all three part are newbie actors and actresses:

    Poster of the main three guys in this series:

    Cr to: to its owner


    Poster for part 1:

    Cast for Part 1 :

    Sarin Inpitar Ronnakiat
    Pie Rinrada Kaewbuasai


    The trailer to all three part
  2. sanda

    sanda sarNie Egg

    The series seems pretty interesting.
    Eng sub trailer.
  3. Sami

    Sami sarNie Egg

    Heard this series is early Jan
    Evening slot. Finally.
  4. AllySweet

    AllySweet sarNie Hatchling

    I can’t wait to see Pie. She is cute. I like this storyline.
  5. m3lhouse

    m3lhouse sarNie Adult

  6. Koy123

    Koy123 sarNie Oldmaid

    I keep thinking this series is like the one Master One is producing. Lol
  7. m3lhouse

    m3lhouse sarNie Adult

    The first episode was pretty good. It's a family drama that's probably gonna end up like some rags to riches type... don't think they're going to interwine too often with the rest of the series but they showed the other couples in the opening scene. So far the other couples aren't involved in the storyline yet. Never a dull moment for the "bad luck" one in lol The production wasn't really good at the action scenes but I'll give it a pass coz it's not an "action" production. In is def stiff but he's decent for the most part so as a newbie he's okay. Pie is such a natural. In the beginning of the episode she was kinda second to her sister in here but towards the end she started having more significant scenes. The scenes between Pie and In are good they have chemistry... but they need to practice in this type of scenes coz it will be your bread and butter ahaahahahaa In needs to be better at scenes like this he was too stiff but luckily they had more scenes to show off their chemistry.

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  8. lani

    lani sarNie Hatchling

    This is the first time i see him and what i know he is so handsome and cute like Korean oppa hahaha

    However i see many good responses from this drama and it trended #2 on twitter last night too.
  9. m3lhouse

    m3lhouse sarNie Adult

    The general feedback is all positive from what I've read too. First ep got 1.6 which is expected coz it's all newbies and ch3 has really low ratings overall but good feedback can bring more viewers later. Both leads have been supporting in other lakorns... both were in James Ma and Diana's lakorn and IN will be in Mario's and Kim coming up too.
  10. Alichgo

    Alichgo sarNie Oldmaid

    1.6 rating for 1st episode for newbies which is the same as the rating for the 1st episode of another lakorn that recently ended with a "popular" nang'ek with new pairing lol. I would say it's a good start considering how low channel 3 ratings are lately.
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  11. m3lhouse

    m3lhouse sarNie Adult

    Newbies are coming for these "popular" stars lol

  12. lani

    lani sarNie Hatchling

    ch3 ratings still don't improve while onhd keeps going up n ch7 remain unbothered.....hope all these newbies plus ch3 seniors can save ch3 rating soon..I will keep my eyes on them esp Pon and In :thumbup:

    BTW i didn't watch James drama that's why ....n thanks for ur information :)

    but wow both leads were already on Today Show since last week even the drama didn't even air yet :clap::clap:

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  13. m3lhouse

    m3lhouse sarNie Adult

    I wouldn't say chOne's ratings is going up when Mai and Ter's lakorn is performing their average, it's in the 1s more often than not and it has no buzz practically. The least ch3 can do is beat chOne coz they nearly always lose to ch7 but when they start losing to chOne that's a real low point for them. Ch3's ratings should go up soon because they tend to do well starting now til early summer. Mario and Kim's lakorn should lead the way, it should bring more people back to ch3. Their line up for early in the year is always strongest.
  14. jjinxx

    jjinxx Is your "nom" Fai-approved?

    In is such a cutie. He gives me James Ji vibes, his smile is gentle and pretty lol.
    Rin has grown so much since I saw her in Ken-Noon's lakorn. They seem to get along very well.
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  15. m3lhouse

    m3lhouse sarNie Adult

  16. Xiongurl26

    Xiongurl26 sarNie Adult

    I'm only currently watching FIN scenes but I really like their chemistry. This one seems good though.
  17. Koy123

    Koy123 sarNie Oldmaid

    Oh this is based on a true story.
  18. m3lhouse

    m3lhouse sarNie Adult

    Today's ep was so good I watched it back to back hahahaah it's ending tomorrow which is sad but it needs to end coz Pupa's life is too damn pathetic but finally he rose to the top. I'm proud of his ass :risas3::risas3::risas3: This series would be more perfect if they didn't add these misunderstandings with the leads coz now it looks like it will be a rushed ending. Weha just needs to die lol A character with no redeeming quality whatsoever.
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  19. Mannie

    Mannie sarNie Juvenile

    I hate Weha!!! The parents pissed me off so much lol. I love the grandma tho. I'm so behind but I'm watching here and there hahah
  20. m3lhouse

    m3lhouse sarNie Adult

    I would really be upset if he get's a turn around and is forgiven tomorrow lol In the entire series, there was not one moment where he was grateful towards his family or actually really cared about anyone. He isn't even in love with Rud he's just using her too coz her dad runs or owns the hospital. He always treated his family badly too and the last 3 eps was unforgiveable how he acted. He should just jump off a building. You should jump back in coz I think the last 4 eps were really addictive there's a bit of everything. The next one I heard is mostly action and it's maker j so I don't know if I'll like that one as much. But the last one Bhut is my most anticipated one since the beginning. Bhut is so similar to Krong Kram in a way I don't know why ch3 has all these heavy drama come on at once. Also weir and bow's lakorn will air on the weekend so it's sad these newbies have no chance for exposure ahhahah but Cake does look like a teen version of weir ahhahaha
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