❤️[CH3] Nee Ruk Nai Krong Fai (Who & Who) : Alek Theeradeth/Patricia Good


But even someone as weird looking as top jaron is p’ek LOL so p’ek status ain’t that significant it’s more a matter of who’s more popular among the people lol who really has fans to cherish them, follow their work and stick to their end. That’s more important to me

Cuz there are p’ek who has very few fans, and p’ek who’s got millions of fans lol I’m speaking in number (mostly of Thai fans) lol


Uh Top is something! But I’m glad for the Top fans. He’s a stiff actor to me. And yes I also agree Mint N does a good job of n’rai roles. I also want to know where she’s at these days. She’s not hot stuff but she’s a decent actress! :thumbup: @xodxo


Girl I can’t even watch him lol period!
Me neither! I love SJ series four with Bomb and Taew. Top and Ploy T were the second pair. They were an awkward pair. I couldn’t watch their screen time too much! Lol


sarNie Oldmaid
I didn’t think Alex was cute when he started out, but he grew on me. And yes he earned his lead roles and proved he can act and continue to improve. A lot of people gets that crossed eyes looks when they had been wearing glasses for so long.


sarNie OldFart
Sorry put Top has such a punchable face. Sometimes you just can't explain those kind of faces it just is.

I can't get into him as pra'ek....my problem with the channels all across the spectrum why do they keep on finding mediocre guys? They do talent shows and such yet still can't managed to find a few good ones. Thailand is not a size of a tea pot, there has to be some good natural people that are born to be greatness lol