1. Eve Taylor

    Thai Channels

    Watching two lakorn and Im hooked, but once im in this forum i learned im ignorant about Thai drama in general tho its my favorite among other Asian Drama mainly because Thai actresses are so much pleasant to watch and they are hot and the Actors are so manly So I need more Info and your Kind...
  2. M

    When We Were Young-Chapter 7 Update

    So as you all are aware, I am a huge Yadech supporter, the young Koo Jin have a very bright and long future together....But I have a bit of obsession with the recent pairing of Weir and Praew. Therefore this FF is for them and their fans. Hopefully we get a reunion soon soon LOL. There's just...
  3. S

    Weir (DONT MAGAZINE vol. 5 no. 52 July 2015 )

  4. Alice

    OOPS! (Vol.11 no.249 March 2015)

    credit magazinedee
  5. F

    Im Sorry

    Im Sorry presents.. Mint Chalida Yaya Sperbund Aff Ann   Mark Prin Nadech Aum Ken   CHAPTER 1   All it took was 2 weeks.. I fell for him instantly. Everything changed after he told me that he had to go back to the Marine. 4 years he'll surely return. He said " no baby dont    cry, we can send...
  6. D

    Khun Yai Vs. Tos Kanaphan

    Weir & Pinky Weir & Min
  7. teedee

    [Ch7] Plaeng Ruk (Mirabilis)

    So happy Alexandra and Weir will reunite again. Been waiting for this couple to pair up again. Wait so long that thought it will never happen. Love them in Plaeng Ruk Rim Fung Kong. :dance1: :clap: :clap2: