Im Sorry


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Im Sorry presents..
Mint Chalida
Yaya Sperbund
Mark Prin
All it took was 2 weeks.. I fell for him instantly. Everything changed after he told me that he had to go back to the Marine. 4 years he'll surely return. He said " no baby dont 
cry, we can send letters , yeah we can send letters therefore we'll always be together". I looked at him with a blank face, i thought to myself , what if he doesnt make it? Being
in the Marine is like sacrificing yourself, but i couldnt refuse the fact that when i first met him, our  conversation was about him being in the Marine and he told me he had to
leave within 2 weeks.. i knew it was going to happen.. but i couldnt control my feelings.. they.. they were so real.
' hey over here, lets get going" his mates shouted from a distance. I looked at him. Tears forcing to come out. He wiped my tears & kissed my lips passionally. I jumped
into his arms like there was no tomorrow. I love you mark i told him as i hugged him tightly as possible. When he putted me down,& walked towards the airplane, i watched
him walk away. " I love you too Mint" he shouted. I smiled with joy while a tear fell down my face.
Mark was the best thing that ever happened in my life. My parents died when i was just a baby.  i was left with a strange man & his son. I think his wife died. Ive never seen
her around so i figured. I strangely got along with them well though. Well of course, we live in the same house & eat at the same table.. When i got home from the airport,
the first person i saw was that man. His name was " Weir". He was sitting on the coach alone. I tried to go to my room right away but i heard him say my name. I asked him
what he needed. He said " you " . What are you talking about i asked him . " i have a condition , the doctors told me today that i may no longer live. Im scared ok. Scared for
my son. His future , he has nobody but me. He wants a mom, i want to give him that. Its the only thing i can offer him, & he loves you.. please help me" he got on his knees.
"I .. I dont know" i said in a low tone. " Please i promise once Mark gets back, he wont know anything about this" . He'll eventually find out Weir. " & if he does ill leave him a
note, i wont touch you in any way. Please marry me"
 Many thoughts twirled in my head. I couldnt say no. If it wasnt for Weir, i wouldnt have a roof ontop of my head or food. He did many things for me, it was the least i could do.
So i agreed to marry him.


sarNie Hatchling
I <3 this!!!! It's so sad. And it suited the title sooo much.