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    2009 Thai ROCK BANDS TOUR THE U.S.

    wow! i feel soo... iono? not out there...haha i've never gone to a concert before....[one that is not a school function] :P but how much is the one in san fransico gonna be? is it already sold out?
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    Hmong pen pals...

    so like i'm suppose to be sleeping right now but since i was up til 5am yesterday studying for my final...i kinda feel like a zombie. newayz iono i got this thangy...;submit1=Search -you know i made an account but i'm still fiddle'n with...
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    Clash coming to the Bay area..............

    hmm...really?? how come i can't find anything about their future concert events... i mean if they're really gonna come to san fran. i'm down...
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    Jakajan Akumsiri

    i'm sorry but *almost* all her outfits make her look like an "0ompa- loompa"
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    Personality or Looks?

    as they say..."one man's trash is another man's treasure." what is ugly to one person can beautiful to the next.... from my experience "pretty people" tend to be so full of themselves.... or better yet those who think they are...can be so conceited. obviously everyone has their own spec. but...
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    baby hmong boy name

    oh really? hmm...don't you usually ask the og's in your fambam? like for my brother's kids my parents picked their hmong names for 'em. or if you talk to your parents/in-laws history wise you can also get names that way >thats what my sister did.
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    Annoying brother!! what? you said your brother "is not graduating" >? so does that mean he's still in highschool? like wth is wrong wid kids these days.... i understand i have younger bros too but heck yea kick major a$$!! --if one my bros did this... psh! just thinking about it i'm mad with you lol...
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    Ur Parent's Favorite Phrases

    hmm...i remember back in the day my mom use to say "mos los ka np ta hua e" when we were bad...(say it fast..). dunno wut it means but i kno it aint hmong lol my dad's is "sab laj your mouth" & "tsk..tsk..tam tseeb os" haha ..ahh miss my parents.. :(
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    i agree if you use cheap products they usually dont produce that great of a result. but i dont think it matters much how long you wait... but depending on what your hair color was and how light you're trying to go for you may have to leave the solution in your hair longer --just be sure you did...
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    WHO is the MOST beautiful "MISS HMONG" winner in Hmong history?

    if you say in history...a complete list and pictures dating form way back in the day would be required... like before the 90's rite? iono... well here's another name for the list: Mai Neng Her --Miss Hmong 90-91 (i dont remember if it was "international" in 559 back then) >>but i still have...
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    Kwan Usamanee

    its like she has the same photographer over and over because i've seen her in these poses befoe...
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    Chinnawut Intarakusin [Chin]

    he looks like a soccer player...
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    First vol. 2 no. 31 March 2009

    yo did ya'lls notice seems like they're leaning back...more like the angle of the camera i kno but doesn't it make their feet look ginormous? lol
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    Mother gossiping

    you know that is totally not true. parents usually tell the truth about their kids to relatives... i have some distant relative who love to glam up their so called "perfect kids" at gatherings or jingle bells its pretty funny because its like dude i kno your kids they are my...