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    [Ch3] Tarm Ruk Keun Jai (LakornThai)

    I'm so sad that this is over, I'm not ready to let them go. But I'll be looking forward to seeing Nai Singh and Noona in Buang Hong.
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    [CH3] Buang Hong (Thanud Lakorn) Jame Jirayu/ Kim Kimberly

    So if Nadech and Mew will make an appearance in here, does that mean Tanya, Au Tanakorn and Diana will appear in here too? Because in the old version their characters have a few scenes.
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    [CH3] Buang Hong (Thanud Lakorn) Jame Jirayu/ Kim Kimberly

     Singh and Ramait (p'ek in Buang Hong) are friends and business partners, they co-own the Hotel. And from what I can remember, Pimrapat misunderstood that Noona was going to marry Ramait because people kept telling her that Noona was going to become their boss' wife.
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    [GMM25] Wannueng Jaa Pben Superstar (GMM)

    Just from the trailer alone, it gives off a very Korean Drama vibe. If I didn't know any better, I'd say this is a Korean drama.
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    [CH3] Leh Lub Salub Rarng (No Problem) : Nadech Kugimiya / Yaya Urassaya

    Is this a remake of the Dom and Cherry lakorn where they switch bodies? There was this one scene that really stood out for me because it was really long. They were doing some sort of ceremony to switch their souls back and it involved a drawn out bed scene. That scene was so long, I remember my...
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    Aum Atichart and Nat Myria Visits Soon to Be Mother Aff Taksaorn

    WoW! She gave birth a long time ago and here I thought she was still pregnant. Congrats to them. Aff is practically glowing; she's even more beautiful than I remember.
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    [Ch3] Tarm Ruk Keun Jai (LakornThai)

    Does anyone know if this is sort of a prequel to Buang Hong?   From the summary, this sounds like the second couple's story from 'Buang Hong' (the old version with John and Noi). IIRC the second pair were named Noona and Singh. They didn't show the story but there were lines dropped about their...
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    [Ch7] Kularb len Fai (Pordeecam)

    I think I'm the only one who doesn't want Aom to end up with Thry at the end.
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    [Ch7] Hua Jai Teuan (Samankarn Lakorn)

      So Amawasee is last in his heart? That's really sad, I don't think I want to continue watching this anymore. Did they provide any sort of explanation or back story about Chalinee? Because honestly, they could have done without the Chalinee crap--the story would be marginally better without it...
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    ❤️[Ch3] Raeng Ngao 2 (Broadcast Thai) : Janie Tienphosuwan / Ken Phupoom

     Heh...I see what you did there.   Personally, having part 2 is just to capitalize on RN popularity--and it won't end well. What more can they do in part 2? Make one of the pranangs have an affair with someone else and have this cycle of adultery/revenge continue?
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    [Ch7] Hua Jai Teuan (Samankarn Lakorn)

    This is why I love the older versions. The P'ek was a one woman guy--he only loved Amawasee. There was none of this Chalinee/Claire crap which is confusing me to no end. They need to get their timeline straight, because I really do  not understand the Chalinee situation either.
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    [Ch3] Raak Boon 2 (Tv Scene)

      It's not from a drama/lakorn. It's actually a manip I made using a still from the chinese series 'Chinese Paladdin 3'.
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    [Ch7] Hua Jai Teuan (Samankarn Lakorn)

    Will definitely watch this once a few episodes are subbed. I remember falling in love with James R. character in the old version
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    [OneHD] Songkram Nang Ngarm (Exact)

    I think I might watch this just for the title alone: Beauty and the Bitches :coverlaf:
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    [Ch3] Raak Boon 2 (Tv Scene)

    ^ Seriously? They do that to all their lakorns? The effects just look so unneccessary, I don't understand why they would do that.