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    Jamleuy Ruk (Makers Group)

    lol... anyways i download utada hikaru's new album.. and there's a song called prisoner of love and i immediately thought of jamleuy ruk.. haha
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    how cute!
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    Andy in Japanese's Music Video

    lol.. interesting.. who's the singer?
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    khmer face inside Cosmo

    he lives in pearland... and i'm in houston.. haha.. he's okay looking..
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    MYMP - especially for you

    my cousin wanted me & my lil sis to sing this song for her bday on aug.11... we sucked when we sang together.... :spin: haha tell me what yall think...
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    Is this really poo praiya ?

    omb is that really hers?!?.. lolz the Ethnicity say Latino / Hispanic
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    wow.. she doesn't even look that old.... i thought she was like 18... lol
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    Aom Won Asian TV Award

    wow that's cool.
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    Yhark Jah Ruk Diew Jud Hai

    i like that pink dress that poo wore. it looked cute on her..
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    angel by san panit

    i don't have it.. but it's on youtube
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    Som Tusinee Promsut

    she is so pretty!
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    Noon Woranuch : Superlative By Nature

    she looks so pretty!!... i like the monkey thingy... lolz
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    List of Korean Series - Dubbed in Khmer

    i like A Love to Kill... rain looked so hot.. haha :P
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    omb i love that show...