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    What are you thinking right now?

    I don't want to go to work! :/
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    What's on your Christmas wishlist?

    My only xmas wishlist is to spend time with my husband and to be able to go see my family. Haven't seen them for a year now.
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    How old is everyone here?

    25 years. Off topic but wow Kashie! Lol I remember when I first met u in nicky wu forum, you were totally not into lakorn at all when I mention it to you. You were still in Nicky Wu world! Lol now you've surpass me in posting about lakorn stuff. Lol.
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    [Mainland] Prince of Lan Ling

    New trailer! Looks so good! Can't wait to watch it!
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    [Mainland] Prince of Lan Ling Trailer doesn't look that good but seems like the love between ariel and fsf looks promising...gonna watch it still!
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    [Ch3] Plerng Pai

    Finally! Been waiting for so long for Benz comeback as Nang ek!!! Can't wait!
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    [Mainland] Prince of Lan Ling

    True about Feng Shao Feng. But atleast ariel is in it! That's what I'm into only. Lol.
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    [Taiwan] Sword Stained With Royal Blood 2007 (CTV)

    Lol I waste money on buying this drama. This series was boring from the begining til the end...Didn't like it at all.
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    [Mainland] Prince of Lan Ling

    I'm actually really excited for this new drama cause Ariel is back to ancient drama! Love her in ancient costume!
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    [Mainland] Ballad of the Desert

    I'm so looking forward for this series! I hope Eddie will do good as the leading guy or else I'll be so upset that Hu Ge isn't playing the main role. Lol. Somehow no matter how many times I look at the photos for this series, I can't imagine Eddie and Liu Shi Shi as a pair. :/
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    [Mainland] Ballad of the Desert

    I really wish Hu Ge and Liu Shi Shi will be a pair in this new series...but i doubt it.
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    [Mainland] Sealed with a Kiss 千山暮雪 (Hunan TV)

    This series is really good....I'm excited how the ending will be! Cant wait for more sub....
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    [MOVIE] Legend of Aroma

    Really? I just dl it but haven't watch it yet...and yes looks interesting cause the cover looks very promising!!! lol
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    [Mainland] Gong Palace (Hunan TV)

    I'm still waiting for more sub to this series! It's so good!! I really enjoy it!