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  • Thanks for telling me but you know you can always just post the inside pics yourself. I'm kind of getting lazy now and usually the other posters just beat me to it when it comes to updates.
    Hey! Sorry for the late reply, but I definitely did watch Kohn Teun and OMJ, Guy is soooo sexy.. luv his smirk. I definitely enjoyed tht drama. Are u watchn her drama w/Pong? I watch a little bit of it.. unfortunately, it didn't catch my interest :( I hope u are doing well!
    Oh it's ok Maiko. I totally understand. Don't worried about me, just do your job, it's more important. I'm just glad that you remember me sister. Work hard and stay healthy =D When it's your winter break, come to AF or FB and chat with me, miss you and love you. =)
    Yeah!!! Maiko is still alive. OMG, don't ever scared me like that again. But thanks for replying back, it's ok, I know you're busy.Stay healthy and missed you a lot sista. =D
    Life has been crazy (busy) over the past few weeks. Lots of things I need to catch up with! I've missed my friends! x]
    Maiko, last time we talked, you said that you're so busy saving up for the New Year that you won't have much time to go online. I'm missing you badly. But I hope that at the New Year, you didn't find someone special and decide to get marry hahahahah..anyway missing you. Please come online some time too. =)
    Maiko dear, just dropping by to said hi and did you see the new pics of Gilly for their Mag, IMAGE??? there's only two picture ATM, but hopefully we'll get to see all of it!!!
    LOL you are very sweet too! I haven't been here for a long time because i was so mad at Ann and Ken but i just decided to come to check it out :D
    As school started, Im not really active at the forum. Im glad your post is not double. Did Darvil help you with it? Keep me in touch ok! I miss you! Take care honey!
    Yeah honey, I know today was ending of KT, I watched it. haha I know Aerin was going to killed Pukhai. I feel sad for her even thought she was n'rai but she and her brother was that bad in the lakorn. School is ok, but getting busy each day. More paper and a lot homework. A lot of study to do. Btw, do you have facebook? Im friend with Pangia on fb!
    Gosh, Kohn Teun has ended...what am I going to do with my life now? I guess nothing left except clean my room. And reply to my friends' messages. Cooking for my old parents. Drawing. Playing video games. Finish the things I started, but never finished. Oh, I got one of my lives back. :D
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    LMAO.....Me too cant be hurry back home and watch KT anymore...Hopefully they do have a lakorn together later in the future.
    awww...Maiko I'm thinking the same thing too..I was in EMO mode the whole entire day. so sad!!! They need to be in another lakorn again...real soon
    Ohh Thanks for the birthday wish! :DD
    Ohh Its ok about the message all i asked was were u a fan of BIE
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