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  • No it's fine girl. View is also one of my fav. actress too so, of course I'll help you defend her. I just don't get why people would waste so much of their time whinnying about thing they can't change. It's pointless unless they are just people who like to make others life miserable. Like you, I don't want an argument but if we can't avoid it, then what can we do rig...
    Hey girl, sorry for the late reply. I was so busy, didn't have time to come here at all. But I saw your comment about the airing of view/guy drama. Thanks for telling me. I am super excited. I already got a song ready for this drama and can't wait to make a MV for them =)
    hahaha! it's okay w/ur double postings :) but, totally!! people come up w/lame excuses not to like her. but oh well, i likes her!!
    Hey! Thanks for adding me as a friend! I definitely like View!!! I dont know why there are people who don't like her!!
    I hate all these uncertainties and unconfirmed news about Thai lakorns or the daras who are supposedly going to be in them. The disappointment, hurt, and anger is unbearable when your favorite stars are no longer linked it.
    I'm on cloud 9 for Bie and View in Karm Wayla something. They are freakin' adorable! Love them so much! :D But...it's so sad that I won't be able to see View as much...*sniff* No, I wanted to see you with Bie, View!
    Darn it, looks like Dork Soke is not going to be produced or updated...nooooo...wanted to see Chakrit and View together again...='(
    Thanks. I'm a big big fan of View! She is an amazing person. Love to be your friend! I'm Pangia, great to know you =) and what is your youtube channel name?
    Yeah college is more work. Oh I never mind spoilers, because I am always interested whether I know or not. Especially Talad Arom. Go ahead if you have time I would be happy to know, the wait is already killing me since I don't have time to watch it. Yeah I'm glad to have u as a friend too, especially sharing the same interest.
    Lol. I know what you meant, I go to school and have so much h.w. Hehehe oh I haven't watch the new episode yet but I will tomorrow... Been so busy. Oh that's good you will get a few days off of school. Oh View and Chakrit better end up together otherwise grrrr!
    That's ok. I am looking forward to talk to you to. How come your status is stress? Not enough sleep, watching too much View and Chakrit.lol.
    Talad Arom: can't wait til the next episode! Love Chakrit & View so much right now! They're so adorable!!! xD
    Hey, thanks for adding me. No you added me hehehehe. I was going to add you anyways, but my computer wasn't loading then. Yeah I am
    glad to have someone that share the same interest as me. Oh yeah next time we will talk about Chakrit lakorn in the right thread, lol.
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