Yuer Marn


sarNie Adult
wowo..this lakorn look interesting. and i hope nok chatchai is not the main character..ew....he's too old i can't stand him..lolx...


sarNie Coma
lol..i think its going to be mainly about chatchai and mam..they are always the main one..but this time both will play the bad guys..so this is the first time seeing mam as nang rai..


sarNie Adult
i think this is the same lakorn, cuz i c por!! but if its not, sorry about that okay!! but i'm pretty sure it is!! here's some of the pix i found! enjoy guys...

aww foun n por! they're cute together, but i perfer him with pat more :D

credit to iamvarayuth


sarNie Juvenile
does anybody have a short summary of this lakorn? I really don't mind Nok Chatchai as the main character, but he just shouldn't be the p'ek since he's getting old but he still can be a main character without always having to be the p'ek. There are many roles where p'ek isn't really the main importance to the story like nang barb for example. He's just there. you know? But I really hope this lakorn is more like boran kinda deal rather than witchcraft and crap.


sarNie Coma
hes not the praek in this lakorn because he is bad..but he probaly is the main character..but not praek wise..hes better then johnny..cuz johnny forever gets with younger nang ek..chatchai acts with nang ek his age or near..like with ann sirriam is okay since he has two lakorn with