Your Pain is Mine: ToeyP+Reader


sarNie Egg
Tbh Idk even know why I'm writing even though I know I won't have time for it. I'm just writing to kill time rn since I have nothing to do. But um... hope it's good... I mean I'm not good at writing but I'm just trying this out and....yeah...(oh and I don't have a summary, I just write what ever my mind is thinking)

Toey: main character, loves only mint
Y/n(your name aka you the reader): main character, has feelings for toey
Mint C: nagrai, hates y/n.
Ken p: y/n's childhood freind(best freind)


"My hearts beating fast"

"I have no feeling towards her"

"My life is always in darkness"

"My life is ruin by her"

"When...will i be free"

"When will she go away"

"It hurts"

"It's satisfying"

"This pain...... when will you stop....."

"Should i stop?....."


sarNie Egg
*srr for any miss spelling and since I'm sort of new to this thing I'll just... try to do what I can or know what to do?*


I walk out of the store and head home where my little son was. I open the door and saw him on the floor playing with his toy. He then stood up and came to me. I smile and reach out my arms for him.

"!!" He said and hug me.

"Aww my little angle!" He finally reach me.

"Oh your back" my aunt said. I smile and pick him up.

"Look at you, so messy." I said wiping his nose.

"Look at him, when you came he suddenly stop being cranky." My aunt said.

"Oh aunt I bought some food, here you go" I handed her the bag of food. I took Thawin(your son's name. Tbh It just pop out of no where) to the bathroom and gave him a bath. After bathing, I fed him and he fell asleep. I put him in his crib and just look at him.

"You grew up so fast.... your eyes are just like his...." I said to myself. I sigh and went to look out the window. 'I wonder how he's doing now....'

Toey's p.o.v:

After I finish working out, it was already 8:00 p.m. Just then someone came in. I look and saw Mint.

"Toey!!" She said in a cute voice and came towards me. I smile then hug her.

"How's your day? Princess"

"Boring. Because you weren't with me the whole day" she then pouted. I pat her head then she look at me.

"Let's go eat?" She ask. I smile then pack up my stuff. We head out of the gym and went to the cafe.

"p'Toey kaaa~~" she said. I look at her and gave her the face.

"What is it?"

"When will you aks your mother about our mirage?" She ask

"Mint jaa. I try asking her but she won't listen..." I said

"Why?" She raise her voice a little

"I don't know either. But trust me, nothing will be in our way. We will get to marry each other" I said that to comfort her so she won't get angry at me. Soon we head out and I'm drop her off. I head bald home and went into the house.

"You back?" My dad said

"Yeah, just got done working out and yeah..."

"Hanging out with that slut right?" My mom said. I look at her and she gave me the evil look.

"Mom, can you stop calling Mint a sl--" she cut me off

"Then what? If not a slut then what?"

"Mint is about to be your daughter in law mom." I said to remind her again.

"Maybe to you, not me. Look here Toey, even if you get marry to her. I will never accept her, what happen to y/n? All of a sudden you just... BROKE UP WITH HER!?" My mom ask. My body boiled but I kept calm.

"Look mom, she left me. And I... you are not me, the pain she left me was a lot. I would never even want to meet her again. Maybe she should even disappear form this world. And again mom, I will never only marry Mint. Your like it or not, your problem. As for y/n... don't even mention her to me anymore." I sis and went up to my room.

"L...l..look at your son!!! How could he talk like that to me!" My mom said.

"You were the one who started it" my father said and left my I'm frustrated there, as for me. I my room. I was in the shower. After thinking about what my mom said, it kept on repeating in my head, 'what about y/n!?!?'. I shook it off and try to clear it.

"You left me.... you will regret it....."

*next day*

Y/n p.o.v:

I woke up and did my morning routine. I came back and saw Win standing in his crib. I went to him and pick him up.

"Awake?" I ask. He look at me shyly and buddies his face in my chest. "Aww". We went downstairs and I made him break fast.

"M...mommy!" He finally speak. I turn to him.

"What is it?" I ask. He pointed to the floor. I look and saw milk on the floor. I then look at him.

" me..." he said.

"Not you?" I correct him. He nodded his head and I chuckle.

"Don't worry, I won't scold you. Your still little." I said. I grab the towels and clean up the milk he spilled. Just then my aunt came.

"Aiyaaa who is making such mess in the morning?" She ask. I look at Win and he blush.

"Is you?" My aunt ask him. He slowly nodded.

"Oh aunty You can go home today if you want" I said

"Really!?" She said

"Yeah. I'm sure you want to see your family to"

"Aww sun a sweet girl. Well then I will packing my stuff then." She said, "but where are you going?" She ask.

"Ummm.... I'm planing to take Win with me too, he's probably bored staying home every day." I said.

"Ohhhh" my aunt said. I finish making breakfast and we started to eat. Aunty left the house and I got ready. I put win in the cart sweat and we went out. We went to the park and spent some time together.

"M..mommy?" He said.

"Yeah?" I said stroking his soft hair as he's sleeping in my lap.

"Wh..where daddy?" He ask. I suddenly went quiet when he ask. I didn't spect this question at all.

"W..well you see... he..he isn't with us anymore..." I lied to him. I just.. couldn't talk about it. Tears form in my eyes as I think about the past.

*flash back*

(This is when you guys were in college)

I went to the class room and look for Toey. As I enter I heard noises. I stop before I could go farther in to see anything. But I was to stupid. I went in and saw what stuff I shouldn't see. Tears stream down my face and I quickly went out without making any sound. My body felt weaker than ever, lean against the wall and slowly slide down the wall. I could hear the sounds. I cover my ears and cried. But my cries are too low for them to hear. I stood up and ran out of school. Before I could cross the road, my vision became blurry and I fainted. Form that day on. I stop seeing him. I block him from everything, and move away come him. But little dud I know... that my life was about to start a new beginning.

*end of flash back*

A tear drop fell down and Win got up. I felt his tiny hand on my cheeks and I look at him.

"Ok... you ok mommy..." he said. He meant I will be ok. I look down and force a smile. I look at him and pat his head.

"Thank you. My little prince" I said. I wipe my tears away from my eyes and I stood up.

"How about we go and play?" I said. We went to the play ground and got on the swing. I push him and suddenly someone poke me. I turn around and I froze...

"Y/n... your really y/n" she said and hug me. My eyes widen and I hug her back. We pull away and she cup my face.

"God I miss you so much" she said. It was Toey's mom... I was so confuse, how did she get here?..

"Uhh... mo... I mean Mrs.Po--" she cut me off

"Just call me mom, like you use to" she said. I then nodded awkwardly. Jut then Win from behind me and hug my legs.

"Mhh?" She said. I look down at Win and she then look. Her eyes widen and look at me. I slightly smile to her and just... I didn't know how to feel anymore. Win peek out behind from me and look at her.

"Is he.... your son?" She ask.

"Y...yes?....." I said.

"What!???? When!?!? OMG...I'm gonna faint..." she then stumble. I quickly went to hold her before she doze off.

" are you ok?" I ask. She got up and stood again.

"I'm fine." She said. She got out her(what's the smelly thing call?) medicine and smell it.

"Tell me.... who's the father? And when did you have this little boy? And why did you left t--" I cut her off

"Ok.... I know you want to know.... how about we... find a place to talk first..." I said. We went to sat down in the bench and I told her.

"This is my son Thawin or just call him Win... umm... I had him..... two years ago?... and yes he's 2 years old now. Ummm and about that other problem.... I don't want to talk about it" I said.

"It's ok if you don't want to talk about but one more question y/n.... who's the father?" She ask. I hesitate a little. I look down and then at Win who is just sitting there, doesn't even know what we are talking about. Just then she gasp.

"Don't tell me.... it's...T..Toey?...." I then look at her, "Is it?" She ask.

"W..wel...well...." ok I can't lie anymore..."yes...." I said. I took a deep breathe and look at her.
"Yes I know it's shocking and your probably disappointed a--" before I could finish, she cut me off and come sat beside me. And hug me tightly.

"Who said I'm disappointed? I'm happy actually!!!" she said. I look at her.

"Y..your not?" I ask. She shook her head and ask me again.

"Was this the reason why you left?" She ask

"" I said

"Then what is it?" She ask again.

"Daddy... gone" Win said. Mom then look at me.

"Y/n tell me the real reason"

I then decided to tell her. At least she understood me.

"I don't blame you... jut wait until I get home, I will smack his --"

"No please don't tell him.... I... I'm don't want to..." I said. She look at me then nodded.

"*sigh* if that's what you want I won't..." she said.

"Mom... how did you find me?" I ask

"Ohhh you know me... just... search up. I mean ask people to search for you" she said

"Ohhh... I see" I chuckle

After talking a while, me and Win went back home. After bathing Win he fell asleep. I put him on the bed because I miss him sleeping with me. I stroke through his hair and look at how he's sleeping..

"Your so cute when your asleep baby..." I kiss his forehead and turn off the lights.

Authors p.o.v:

"I'm sorry y/n... I have to tell him... but in a fun way" she said.

"What?" Mr.Pongsakorn(srr if I spelled it incorrect)said

"Nothing... just something... ok tell Toey I'll accept the marriage. And the engagement is next week so tell him to hurry because I'm.... excited. Oh and tell him I'll choose the brides clothing for her" she said and went to sleep.

"Is she crazy?" Toey said.

"Well your mother said that so why not just... do it when she lets?" His father said. Toey smile and called Mint.

Toey: Mint!! My mom said yes!!!

Mint: really!?!?

Teoy: yes! Now we can be together!!

Mint: Toey I'm so excited!!

Toey: same here!! How about we go and look for decorations tomorrow!?

Mint: yay!! Ok!!

And with that they have so much hopes. But did they know... that this engagement isn't what it seems to be what they think it will be?

To be continue...