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Discussion in 'Vill Wannarot' started by kialakornlover, Oct 7, 2010.

  1. kialakornlover

    kialakornlover sarNie Adult

    Mine Fav is Kaew LOm Petch!! I like Dok But Kaew is more romantic.
  2. huajaikaungtur

    huajaikaungtur - Marina ♥

    I like View in Kaew Lom Phet, too ;)
    She looks very pretty in there.
    Her acting wasn't the best, but I still loved her.
    Sakul Ka wasn't her best, she didn't look too pretty.
    Although, I'm starting to like her in DRRT, too ;)

    I'm excited about the Chakrit & View lakorn ;)
    Odd pairing, but I'm super excited ^^
  3. pinkdisney32

    pinkdisney32 sarNie Oldmaid

    I like her in DRRT...she's so cute in that lakorn!
  4. TheGurlo22

    TheGurlo22 sarNie Adult

    Love DRRT!!
  5. roselovesice

    roselovesice 방탄소년단 x Bangtan Sonyeondan x JiTaew

    Ahah it took me quite awhile to understand the topic name. LOL
    I'm so slow. ahahha But anyways, I Love her in Kaew Lom Phet too! :)
    DRRT was good too. She was adorable in there.
  6. mainhiathao

    mainhiathao sarNie Granny

  7. AikOm^_^

    AikOm^_^ Just an ordinary gal in an extraordinary world.

    So far, I've seen Kaew Lom Petch, Sakul Ga, Dok Ruk Rim Tang, and Talad Arom in full details.

    Currently, I'm waiting for Kohn Teun to air. I saw a little bit of Vill's moments in Malai Sarm Chai and Karm Wayla Tharm Ha Ruk.

    Based on what I've actually watched in details, DRRT is my favorite, and Talad Arom is second on my next favorite. DRRT made me fall in love with her! =D Bie and Vill were hecka adorable together. DRRT was the perfect romantic comedy for me. Made me laugh so hard. It was WAY more romantic than Kaew Lom Peth, for KLP constantly focusd more on Kaew (Aerin) than it should on Namphet (Vill). While there was romance, it's always behind the dramatic outbursts of Kaew and Pikon's motherly concern.

    Talad Arom was more romantic than KLP, in my eyes. It's just that there weren't enough scenes between Chakrit and Vill. The scenes I saw were cute and awesome, but there should be more! Still, I love TA more than KLP.

    As for Sakul Ga, while it wasn't perfect, it wasn't bad as well for me. Vill's character, Dao, was the weakest she has portrayed so far, but I still like her and still love Vill. There's romance, and the storyline's actually good/fair, but I just love Vill with Bie and Chakrit more! If this was a poll, DRRT gets my vote! :D

    She really stands out in KLP and looks so natural and pretty (even with the make-up lol), but she looks just as pretty in SK to me! ^_^ Her dresses, most of the time, were pretty and match her so well. In most scenes, her different hair sytles make her look so gorgeous in my eyes. I especially love the different looks that she has in SK. It's so cool. I especially love how she dressed and looked like when she went to work with Mos. She beats Ann Alicha big time in terms of looks in SK.
  8. AikOm^_^

    AikOm^_^ Just an ordinary gal in an extraordinary world.

    Gosh, Kohn Teun's changing my mind. My favorite View drama at the moment, as of September 11, 2011 is Kohn Teun while it's still airing. I'm hoping for a happy and satisfying ending for KT. Gosh, the last time I was super crazy for a Thai lakorn and couple was with DRRT with Bie and View!!! But I'm even crazier for Guy x View than I ever was for Bie x View. Still love Bie with View, but Guy x View is kind of my favorite Actor x View pairing at the moment lol. Those two are just perfect with each other... In my opinion of course hehehe! x] I will be back to comment about this when KT ends.
  9. AikOm^_^

    AikOm^_^ Just an ordinary gal in an extraordinary world.

    So, Kohn Teun has ended. And so far, it is my favorite View drama. [​IMG] Guy and View were so perfect with each other. I actually think they have more chemistry than Bie & View. There's still a special place inside my heart for DRRT, since it was the lakorn which made me fall in love with View and Bie x View were hecka funnie and cute... :spin: But KT has made me so crazy... :rofl: Can't wait til the next View drama! Hehehe, hoping that she gets to pair up with Guy again, but any other actor will do! :clap2:
  10. 2011

    2011 sarNie Egg

    KOHN TEUN! loved the pairing! great chemistry between guy and view!
  11. puca

    puca sarNie Juvenile

    ^ yayy kohn teun!!!!!!!!!!!! now i'm a view and guy fan <3
    but of course kaew lom petch was an awesome drama too, i loved son and view as a couple
  12. yardpinkyfan

    yardpinkyfan sarNie Egg

    i want to watch kohn teun, do anyone know where i can watch it with eng sub? view is my fav actress from ch5. hope she get more lakorn and main role :)
  13. AikOm^_^

    AikOm^_^ Just an ordinary gal in an extraordinary world.

    Aw, I got back to you so late...almost a year later. Sorry for the late reply, but there aren't any Eng subtitles currently for Kohn Teun. Eng subs would make it more enjoyable, but trust me, a lot of KT fans loved KT even when they didn't understand everything about the plot. :) Here's to View, and I certainly hope the same for her, like you. :beer: Dreaming hard that she will be really successful and famous one day. Keep fighting, View! :wub:
  14. AikOm^_^

    AikOm^_^ Just an ordinary gal in an extraordinary world.

    You know what? Here I am again, changing my mind. :woot2: Lol, I freakin' love Kohn Teun, and I love my Gilly. :wub:
    But View/Vill's current lakorn, Sud Sai Paan (2013), with Toomtam Yuthana, is slowly taking over KT's #1 spot...actually, it already has!  :teary: Awh, I will always love Bie x Vill (in DRRT and KWTHR) and Gilly (heck, I even love Pong and Vill in Nam Kuen Hai Reab Ruk), but Toomtam and Vill are amazing together! :cloud9: Vill may be older than him by 2 or 3 years, but their on screen chemistry is mind-blowing! Gilly is also in SSP together, and I still think they have great on screen chemistry, but wowie, Toomtam and Vill's chemistry is unbeatable! She has the best on screen chemistry with Toomtam! :thumbsup: Then it's with Guy, then Bie, and so forth hehe. (I don't care for her "chemistry" with Tono/Son. :wink: It's just me hehe.)
    *Sigh* SSP is starting out so wonderfully, and I pray that it stays that way. :teary: Love my Thit (Toomtam) x Gan (Vill)!!! I was neutral with their pairing in the beginning, but now, I am so satisfied and happy with this beautiful couple. I would like them to reunite again in a different lakorn in the future. :D Same goes for Gilly, but the hopes aren't high. :no:
  15. AikOm^_^

    AikOm^_^ Just an ordinary gal in an extraordinary world.

    Hmm, I definitely need to come back to this thread to go over Vill's lakorns in details. :yes: Anyway, ooh! So, Vill has two upcoming lakorns for this year (2014). Leh Nang Fah with Push Putichai and Ngao Jai with Toomtam Yuttana ( :wub:). YES! I got my wish: My lovely ToomVill are reuniting in NJ! :woot: :yahoo: One of the best days ever when I found out they're reuniting so soon. :cry: Sud Sai Pan ended on disappointing terms... :nono1: I hope NJ surpasses it and is even better! :spin: But then again...this is Exact after all. :lmao: Their current lakorns...aren't too interesting and haven't been satisfying. :mellow: Gosh, I really miss the old lakorns. Now that my ToomVill reunion has come true, I just got to wait for my Gilly reunion. :teary:
  16. Heidi

    Heidi ♥Korean Obsessed♥

    Even though I am not too fond of her anymore, my favorite lakorns of Vills is Kaew Lom Phet and Karm Wayla Tharm Ha Ruk. I thought KLP was pretty good, it was just very dramatic, but I can't blame her or the others, cuz it was the script. I loved KWTHR, it was very beautiful and I loved loved the muscial part of it.
  17. Bieluvr

    Bieluvr XiaojuXiyou

    Haven't seen all her lakorns. She looks the best in KLP because she was just starting out and fresh. The best storyline would have be KWHR, though i liked KWHR more for Bie. Best chemistry will have to be with Toomtam in SSP. Most compatible in looks would have to be with Son in KLP. Best acting would have to be in SSP. The cutest scenes w/ co-star will have to be in DRRT. But I'll say my favorite is and has to be, DRRT.
  18. Chalidaluvprin

    Chalidaluvprin sarNie Adult

    My favorite has to be SSP... Lets wait till LN and NJ comes out than I will decide again.
  19. AikOm^_^

    AikOm^_^ Just an ordinary gal in an extraordinary world.

    Exactly what I think, Minny! :yes: :thumbup: But for sure, LN (Leh Nangfah/Nang Fah) isn't one of my favorites. :mellow: It doesn't give me the flutterlies. NJ, you better not disappoint. :rant: But then again, it's an Exact lakorn after all. :cry1: Come on, Aom! :numchuck: :strong: :cheer:
  20. cecilia

    cecilia Staff Member

    SSP w/Toontam <3
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