yor pra klin old version!!!


sarNie Adult
hey does eny wun have the old version with kob i really wanna buy this movie :blush:

eny wun have it please let me know thnks :unsure:



sarNie Adult
i wish u da best to find this... but if anyone has it let me know 2(in khmer pls).. lol...


sarNie Adult
are you talking about the one Kob n Chatree pino, if so i have it, but I don't know how to convert to DVD, I only have in VHS.


sarNie Adult
yes, it is thai audio. and if you interest, I will to record it for you too.


Mrs. Kim Junsu
hey me too huabnag...record one for me too and ill overnight the money to you...thats how much i wanted that movie so badly hahah..


sarNie Egg
can you sale me part 1 and the ending part? and how much you sale it b/c i have the rest in vsh but i don't have the first part and ending. sweetlaogirl


I thought Sarn have this lakorn on sale at her store.check it out...

last time,i saw someonewas selling it,but i forgot who.