Yeeuy Fah Taa Din


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true, aum is older than vier but i think they can pull it off, sometimes aum looks younger than vier or even the same age sometimes.....

aum said her character is like tomboyish named tisha....she wont be sexy at all in this lakorn


sarNie Hatchling
aum is too old for vier....she should stick with the older actors rather than molesting young ones :p

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sarNie Juvenile
Aum looks young for her age, and hopefully she's doing action in here too!! Can't wait for this drama, they look really good together!! Wonder if they're filming yet?


sarNie Juvenile
how odd is that she's like 7 years older than him. she's too mature looking for him. i think they should switch the couple at least. amy with vier and note with aum.


sarNie Adult
aum is too old for vier....she should stick with the older actors rather than molesting young ones :p
i agree...i just dont like how they pair up a couple that n'ek is so much older than p'ek. i mean if just a year or two older should be ok, but if they are way too old...i find the lakorn so boring.


sarNie Adult
Why does it even matter if she's older? It's ACTING. I think Aum looks pretty damn good for her age. Depends on the character. If Weir's character is mature, then they can pull it off. Especially if Aum's gonna play a tomboy character. She'll look younger if not the same age. How is she molesting him when they're both over the age of 18? It's funny how an old man can date young girls and it's okay but if the girl is older, it's a different story?


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look at "Priksa Sawad" Fon isn't 20 years younger den Nok --- she almost 30 years younger den him !!!

----- and there suppose to be an "R" scene Fon w/ NOk tooo ....hahha
Aum has her talents, otherwise she won't be in the Show Biz. Honestly, there might be conflict with who's with who but I will NOT watch this lakorn if Amy is the main n'eak. She's not n'eak material whatsoever :angry: And anyhow, Aum looks very young for the age of nearly 30. It's no the age that matters, it's the roles she receives and the publicity she gets.

Aum staying in the Show Biz for a really long time proves her worth to all her fans, especially those Thai ones :)


sarNie Hatchling
True dat wat sarN said and Aum looks younger than Vier iono it's jus the Aum haters
hey....just because we said aum look older than Vier...doesn't mean we are aum haters....

i'm just voicing my opinion like everyone else....
i do think that aum is a talented actress....and she's yeah please don't go naming us aum haters because we think she looks older than vier! maybe some people are aum haters but i'm not one of them

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sarNie Juvenile
For one we all know Aum is older than Vier, but she does not look old and especially for her age!! If she wasn't talented she wouldn't still be in the showbiz and esp having one of the top nek title nah :D Obviously she's talented and luvable as nek since she did play nangrai not only once but twice and they still give her nek roles even though she portrayed the nangrai character really good.


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i think aum looks really young...she'll pass for a 20 year old girl...or younger... beauty is in the eyes of the beholder ( i think that's how you said it ) like the guys that Ookii likes...i think all three are very ugly...


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hope this is not offensive or anything, but aum just went for a (what's the thing that they inject into your face to make u younger?) im not very sure. that's y she looked younger.

well,this might not be true, but from comparing her pics in the newspaper(now and a few months ago) it is. anyway, hope it's not very offensive, cos i find that kinda thing normal(i even hope sornram will go for one soon XD so he'll look younger.hehe. but he's still handsome anyway)