Yaya Urassaya (VOGUE THAILAND vol. 2 no. 21 October 2014)


sarNie Adult
2 words, simply gorgeous. :heart:
i love how vogue choose her for their cover this time coz not everyone can simply be their model and i believe every fashion girls would dream to be cover for vogue.she even got compliment from them.proud of her for that.
add more photos

 cr thefashionspot


sarNie Adult
Vogue made my ya look very european here which i like, but in some pics they made her look so manly (i think it's the overdone eyebrows :()


sarNie Oldmaid
Hi Krisayaporn
Thank you for pics again. Its an honour to be on Vogue cover, Yaya rocks it with a different fashion style, very trendy. Thanks Krisayaporn.