Yaya Urassaya and Noon Woranuch Pantene Event


Expired Sarnie
pantene shampoo doesn't do that to my hair lol it gives me lots of dandruff :(


sarNie Juvenile
Yaya and Noon are so pretty! Somewhat having their long hair straight, they look like twins. Hehe


sarNie Oldmaid
Pantene also makes my hair dry, sticky, have dandrums, and puffy lol. Not even conditioner can help my hair. When I use other shampoo my hair is more soft and silky.


sarNie Adult
I doubt that they're even using all the pantene products they're given, well at least their hair stylist did a good job. Their hair looks so flawless -_- yaya's and noon's extension came out nice


sarNie Adult
And I agree with most of you gals here, Pantene messes up my hair as well. It makes my hair all oily on the top and dry at the ends. I use Paul Mitchell and Head and Shoulders Refresh.


sarNie Adult
wow, yaya's hair is long. I didn't notice in the lakorn about her hair growing this long. She is pretty.


sarNie Coma
pantene doesnt work for me. it makes my scalp dry and itchy..im sure they do a lot more than just shampoo for their hair to come out like that