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A glimmering star
She may just be 20, but the small screen's hottest commodity, Yardthip Rachapal, has her feet firmly planted on the ground

As the official face of Sunique sun block, actress Yardthip Rajpal arrives at a stylish Hua Hin resort to launch the new product. This appearance is just one of the many demands made of her in the wake of her rise to TV stardom.

The young actress, in light-blue dress with fair skin and shining hair, looks even prettier in real life. And it's this beauty coupled with her acting abilities that attract people to her. However, the 20-year-old says she finds it difficult to live up to her fans' expectations.

The other source of stress in her life is her relationship with ex-prime minister Thaksin Shinawatra's son. Yardthip, or "Yard" as she's known, prefers to keep mum whenever she's asked questions about her squeeze.

The actress made her first appearance on the small screen at the age of five. Now, she's starring in a top-rated drama on Channel 3, has another lined up for next month and has even received an offer for a movie role. However, she says she hasn't made a final decision about the possibility of a big-screen debut yet, because she's "considering the script".

But, despite the adulation, she hasn't let things go to her head; she's quick to refute the idea that her fame and success outstrips those of her peers.

"I'm certainly not the most famous actress," she laughs. "Both old and new actresses have different abilities and each performer has his own way of doing things."

Since the star is also studying for a degree in communication arts at Rangsit University, she has to carefully balance her work and study routines. She saves work till the evening if she has classes during the day, but she also works all weekend and concentrates on her studies during the school holidays.

It seems as if Yard really loves what she's doing, and plans to keep things the same way in the future.

"I want to keep acting because I love this job, but I'll definitely set up my own business when I get older. It has to involve what I love, and will probably have something to do with the entertainment industry. For now, though, I want to perform in television dramas because I think it suits me well."

Yardthip says she's also interested in working behind the scenes.

"It is possible, when I gain more experience. Everything is possible, but who knows what will happen in the future."

Working in a lucrative profession, Yard admits that she earns far more than other girls her age.

But she says her mother helps her manage her savings.

Being such a hot commodity in Thailand, she knows that she can't stop people from criticising or gossiping about her and her private life. But she says she doesn't take things to heart.

"Each person has a different viewpoint. That's up to them and I won't blame them for it. I can only do my best."

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sarNie Coma
Thanks for the interesting article Sana

Yard has grown up so much. I remember watching her when she was still little. I hope she continues to act so once my favs. retired then it'll still have her to support.