X Piya [not for the lil kids... again]


sarNie Juvenile
lol.. yes.. this is another 'not for the lil kids'.. but this time.. im posting this coz i reckon its funny... unlike Utt's photoshoot.. i thought that was hot (but gayish)


wassup with the pose and the TIGHTS??



Lakornaddict ;)
WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH ! He could do a SPLIT! :lol: i cant even do one :lmao:

The tights got to go! :lol:

Hot body :drool:


sarNie Granny
i don't know wat to say yo . The tight have to go cuz call me a bad girl but i try to pay attention to his 6 pack but it the 3 pack dat got me . :rolleyes:


IS he the dude that played The letters movie with Anne T?

He got a nice stomach.I like it.His face apperance is OK.

pink mafia

sarNie Juvenile
i take it he's a dancer...he's in first position...i know it's the concept of the photoshoot...but it looks like he's a dancer..i mean...look at him at first position...it looks good..looks like he does jazz and ballet..i see him in ballet slippers and jazz sneakers.


sarNie Juvenile
IS he the dude that played The letters movie with Anne T?

He got a nice stomach.I like it.His face apperance is OK.
to my knowledge of The Letter... Biya is not in it.

anyways... Biya has a HOT body and i like that hes showing it off in an artistict manner. he doesnt look like the type that would be a dancer... but like mentioned previously... his poses look perfect (not that i know but they look pretty damn good to me)

me likes :drool:


sarNie Adult
I agree...he's cute in his ways, eventhough he played the bad guy in some of his lakorns. But I don't understand why he can't find someone who's his age or a single to date instead going out with this divorcee Nowarak (I simply think she's too old...and not his type). He looks like the serious types and not the funny types. On the other hands, this Nowarak is the funny types. Although, I'm kinda jealous when I saw the news that he's a close companion to her. I saw him do catwalks.....so he must be a catwalk models too.


omfg hahahah!!

agree with mud... he's effing hott! :drool:

the ballet thing? urhhhhh i don't care haahhaha but he's hot... sarn i can't beg to differ lmfao!!! :loool:


sarNie Juvenile
wow...weird....i would have never thought. i dont think there's anything wrong with this shoot at all. This is SOO much more artistic than the Utt one. *hihe* he has a gorgeous body though.


OMFG...the more i loook at him, the more i want to :drool: :drool: and :drool: ....... i dont understand why then i didnt like him but now it's like omfreakengosh, he's so fine....... :wub: anyways if u guys havent notice, he looks like a Buff version of James Ruengsak the RS singer.....lmfao how cute is that, but then he's hotter!!!! oooOOOoooo DANCER, now that lekie likes, wow and a spilt too, havent done that in years....lmfao!!!!!! hahahaa can't wait until Klarissa and Babiigirl see's this....hahahh they gunna drool with me....

*so is his name really Piya? sounds kinda girly i would say......


sarNie Juvenile
NOW... he will be the one I drool for.

He is incredibly sexy. Just his voice throws me off track, it's too damn deep.


whahaha yeah his voice is like a very handsome one.

gosh yes he's hott. :drool: i like those chinky dudes and this one is it man haha


sarNie Juvenile
HAHA he could be GAY girlies coz IMAGUY is a gay magazine in Thailand for men damnz lol

sooooo..... gay guys can be hot!!

straight or gay he still pretty fine to me.... and if i ever got my hands on him id do my darnest to turn him straight if he was gay

as for him with Nowaraat... that is kinda weird, but to me Biya looks like the serious type but is actually pretty funny. i saw him on a game show once and he wants to go to dreamworld (an amusement park in thailand) to play in the snow

I believe his name is Biya not Piya but im not really sure


^ lol not all ppl who takes photoshoots for a gay magazine in gay naja jojo! hahah it's all for the money.

and his name is piya... it's pronounced like the year, except you don't exaggerate the e sound like in pii, pi-yah lol very literal.