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sarNie Adult
I come up with an idea of writing a screenplay for a lakorn. It is not me who writes it, but everyone of our members who wanna join this project. By doing so you can choose your own character and start your own plot with your own emotion that you wanna put in each character.

First, I would suggest to choose your own character and your topic or what you wanna write about by polling the above questions.

Second, after a week of polling survey, i will issue the final decision (from the majority) who will be the n'ek, n'rai, p'ek, and p'rai and what will be the topic.

Third, we would write the lakorn plot together. We can do like this: I would write the first chapter or part of the first chapter, then the second person will continue from my part, and the third person will continue the second person's script. We do like this till our lakorn comes to an end.

I hope you would join and have fun writing your own screenplay and state out your emotion.

See you in a week after the polling survey period.



Professional Lakorn Watcher
^^ Oh sorry about that.. the Fanfiction section has been disabled by the Admin I guess.... so you need to go to the

Lyrics , Summary , Screen cap , Novels reading & Fan fiction FEVER section. And then click on "Fan fiction Fever" to get there.


sounds fun. i was rooting for ann and tik, but their not on the list. so i'll go for noon and ken. i'll luv to see them together. i've never read a story about them two. or noon w/ atichat.


sarNie Egg
OHHHH! ken ken ken....i want ken to be the main guy....Aum should be the bad guy has the look :lol: