[Workpoint TV] Koo Lah Song Loak: Tik Jesdaporn/Morakot Poolpol,Chakrit Yamnarm/Rodmay Khaneungnit

Discussion in '2018' started by Maricon, Mar 29, 2017.

  1. Lol for real! I actually dreamed of Krit last night! Lol! It was too funny.
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  2. phatman

    phatman POPE's #1 MIA LUANG

    Hey, this is airing tomorrow!
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  3. phatman

    phatman POPE's #1 MIA LUANG

    Isn't this out??
  4. Oh man Krit looks kind of bad in here. He has the face of a smoker/alcoholic. He’s not aging too good. Not next to Tik. Tik looks a tad better!
  5. WeirFany

    WeirFany sarNie Adult

    Ken and Krit were the two older guys I loved when I first got into watching lakorns of these older generation actors. Ken still looks hotter with age. But for Krit...I think it comes down to not managing himself too well. LOL he looks great in personal pictures...but maybe it's bad angels and makeup that isn't working in his favor. Maybe he'll clean up after his baby is born haha get rid of the dad look he's got going on
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  6. phatman

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    Krit is aging badly. Haha. Especially when he's next to Tik. Tik is aging like fine wine in my opinion. I haven't tried this yet. Will do once BPS fever has gone down. Haha.
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  7. Maricon

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    Would love to watch this. THERE BETTER BE SUBS THOUGH!
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  8. Seriously Krit has been around for such a long time. He has that bad boy look! I like it though. Lol. I still think he’s handsome but like OLD handsome now. :risas3:
  9. phatman

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    I don't think there will be subs. . . sad.
  10. phatman

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    Dayum look at that body!

    I wonder why Workpoint isn't uploading this lakorn on YouTube???
  11. lakornwatcher

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    Omg Tik looks hot!
  12. phatman

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    Ok finally there are some videos on YouTube.
    Here's a clip of their interviews. Dayum Tik. . . you trying to make me leave Pope?? Haha

  13. ABG

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    They made a movie together in the 90's called, "Destiny upside down" with Sonia Cooling. I was a fan of Tik and Pim back then and really wanted to watch it but I was quite young and never got to, and still haven't seen it.
  14. phatman

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    Really?? I've seen all of Tik's movies, how come I don't remember that one?? Let me check it out!
  15. phatman

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    Ohhhhh that movie! I haven't seen it! Wow so it's a reunion for this duo. Hehe.
    I need to watch that movie one of these days.

    Anyways. If you don't watch this lakorn for the story or for Chakrit or even Tik, watch it for Tik's effin hawt bod. I just got a bloody nose. Oh loorddd.
    Screenshot_2018-04-19-21-59-44-1.png Screenshot_2018-04-19-21-59-39-1.png Screenshot_2018-04-19-21-59-34-1.png Screenshot_2018-04-19-21-59-29-1.png Screenshot_2018-04-19-21-59-23-1.png
    Credit: Tik's FB
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  16. Oh my goodness! Did Tik go on steroids to get that BOD for this lakorn?! Hotness for real! In a mature way. But dang I cannot picture these feminine looking p’eks today with that body! Lol.
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  17. phatman

    phatman POPE's #1 MIA LUANG

    He has been working it good. He has like the best shoulders. Mm.
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  18. Lol. Uh I repeat he’s aging gracefully for his age! These youngsters better watch out! If they even look half as good at Tik’s age! Lol :risas3: Tik won handsomeness p’ek awards for how many years? Dang he’s really proving it at this age!
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  19. spanky

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  20. phatman

    phatman POPE's #1 MIA LUANG

    You can definitely tell that Tik is old, but his skin is still very tight and nice! He ages like fine wine!
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