Wimarn Sai


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I was wondering if anyone could telll me the summary of this lakorn and i got to know is it a sad ending or not :D


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:D This lakorn had a happy ending, and i heard a lot of postive feedback from other people, I ul it in the buddie media section in thai lang.


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Amira said:
who's in it and wuts it about and wat type of lakorn is this?
The p'ek is none other than the famous Chakrit...and the n'ek is Bee Namptip.....the lakorn is drama/romantic...i love this lakorn.....it's sad, yet very beautiful....


:shock: this is one of the best lakorns!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! go watch it right now!!!!!!!!!!!!

aniwaise.. here is a little summary... bee and chakrit met at the beach.. and bee mistakes him as a poor construction worker.. bee helps him out and chakrit actually falls in love with her from that moment on... when they get back to bkk... they both find out the horrible truth that chakrit's brother is madly in love with bee... but bee only sees him as a friend... and gets mad that chakrit acts like he didn't know her.. chakrit's father doesn't see bee as a good woman who is fit to marry his son.. so teh process of forcing bee out of their life starts.. chakrit gets jealous when he sees bee walking with one of her friends.. he claims that he's no jealous and only wants to save his bro's face but in fact chakrit was VERY jealous!!!!!! :lmao: so one night... he goes over and rapes her... :shock: .. don't be shocked.. this is what all thai lakorns are about! :rolleyes: ... in the morning.. of course chakrit does the 'sorry' role.. and bee does the 'get the fuck' out of my house' role... a few months pass.. and bee is pregnant.. chakrit thinks it's not his kid... since by that time.. chakrit's bro had been disowned by the father and ran away to live with bee... chakrit's bro and bee never had any intimate relationship... and chakrit's bro died in a car accident? i forget..

but.. chakrit and his dad learns of bee giving birth.. thinking the kid belongs to chakrit's bro the dad attempts to buy the baby from bee.. chakrit at first is a little smart thinking it might be his kid.. but be told him that if it was his.. she wouldn't keep it! :shock: :shock: so chakrit is sad... unfortunately.. the baby has some problems and needs emergency surgery.. :shock: and chakrit's dad told bee that he will take good care of the baby and pay for everything.. but she has to leave.. bee cries and knows that she can't afford the surgery alone! damn no medical insurance or something in thailand? :rolleyes: ... many years pass.... and bee is now a teacher.. she saves a little boy from getting hit by a car... and *drum rolls* it's her own son!!!!!!! OMFG! well chakrit comes to look for his 'nephew' and sees bee... a very weird meeting.. :mellow: the little kid has some mental problems.. nothing big.... and the only teacher that he seems to like is bee.. so chakrit brings bee to live in his house to watch the kid... and somethings happen... ummm there is also another half brother of chakrit.. whom the dad doesnt' accept because his mother is a maid in the house.. so he causes some trouble... through the times that bee stays at chakrit's house.. they go back to their 'love/hate' relationship... and finally.. they both understand each other and spend a night together.. and chakrit promises to come back to bee.. but when he goes home.. he is forced to marry the nang rai (yeah.. there is a nang rai in this story.. i just forgot about her) LOL...

the wedding scene is pretty intense.. i'll leave off here..... go watch for yourself! :p