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This is my fanatics for the lakorn of "Yahk Ghep Tawan Wai Tee Plai Faa"; if anyone wants to edit, u welcome to it, but when I have time I will write it probably into a better script.

If, Exact will remake this lakorn "Yahk Ghep Tawan Wai Tee Plai Faa", having (Son) playing the role of Tang and Mam who's been told that the Prince is not his real father so he comes to Thailand, his father homeland to search for his father (Tang) Then he meets the N'ek which is (Vill) who happen to be the rich daughter of a businessman, Then (Son) is mistaken for a bodyguard so the N'ek father asked (Son) to be her bodyguard because she is in need of protection from mafia, while he is searching for his father, he helps to protect the N'ek from the mafia then in close situation of death and dangerous, they happen to fall for each other..The N'ek is so stubborn and fiesty, she fights and argue with the P'ek all the way...The setting and backdrop of the lakorn would be set in location of a seaside or beach with a mountain backdrop, have the P'ek and N'ek ride bike, motorbike, jet ski and lot's of sweet and romantic scenes while they hiding from the bad guys...a seaside hut or town would be a good setting too...At the end the P'ek decided to leave because he has found his father and the N'ek is out of danger from the mafia but he realise that he love N'ek so he comes back to disscuss with his father that he wants to marry the N'ek (Vill), so the P'ek (Son) and his father went to asked the N'ek's father (Vill) for his permission to marry her;


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i have one as View being the minor role. Its called Don't Know How To Love. i lovee view, too.
i am currently watching her in Sakul Ka :]

I always wondered if there was a person that didn't have a heart, a heart that didn't love. My mom told me that everyone has a heart but I still wondered. I always dreamed about flying and dropping down to help anyone that needed it. When my grandma died, I promised her to not hate anyone. She always told me that hating always lead to unpleasant things. She told me that people that didn't love just can't express it because they're too shy. I loved my grandma.

Don't Know How To Love:
starring: Bie, Fang, Son, View, Ton, Aerin, New, Peung, Ruj, Best


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Lol. :D
I have The Fate of Concealed Love. She's not the nang'ek though :)