Who should Yaya pair up with next?


sarNie Egg
since I'm a new fan of Tono Pakin, I want him to be paired with Yaya in a lakorn or movie. Of course I also still want her to have another lakorn with Mark Prin


sarNie OldFart
She needs to pair up with Great. Im not really happy that Yayas next co-star is a newbie. Im not sure why ch3 still hasnt paired up Yaya with Great! Its not like hes not popular or something. Hes one of their biggest names


After seeing her with Tor in LLSR and after learning that she will be paired with a total newbie on her next lakorn, I want Tor and Yaya to be paired in the future. Aside from Tor, Got Jirayu and Kong Sarawit (if they'll be praek) :lol: