Who like to see Om Akapan and Mint P into lakorn or as a couple

who like them in lakorn only or as real couple

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sarNie Granny
i say lakorn only..but in life romance i want kwan n him to go out they do look cute as a couple together too.


방탄소년단 x Bangtan Sonyeondan x JiTaew
Wow. They look cute together! i wouldn't mind seeing a lakorn of them both :D

Ahahaha Kwan & Om will look adorable together. :)


sarNie Adult
haha i agree with all the people above only in lakorn but in real life him and Kwan would look adorable together


sarNie Adult
Just rumors or gossip that Om has a crush on Mint and she is his idea of girl as for Kwan, she admire Om, for my opinion I think Om looks nice with Mint..


sarNie Adult
It's aired already on the 28th of May 2010, if u have obizgotv or thaitv u can watch on the show of "Wan Wan Young Wan You"



sarNie Egg
Im not sure of who i want with who,I want P'Kwan with P'Win but also I want P'Win with P'Min and P'Min with P'Om but I never thought of P'Kwan with P'Om hehe i just gotta make up my mind,but them P'Min and P'Om looks hot and cute together I could tell that they both r secretly having a crush on each other


sarNie Adult
Her name is Min. ;_; Mint is the n'ek from Ngao Ruk Luang Jai on ch.3

I think they look good together. But pleaaasee, I want one with him and Aum to make of for that disaster of a lakorn in Prajan Lai Payak!


sarNie Juvenile
mmm... him and mint should make a lakorn together, i wouldn't mind.. about his
love life.. I don't mind if he want to date her.
Everybody want him with kwan... why not show a pix of them 2 together..let see if they r
cute together ^_^


sarNie Egg
they should make a lakorn together..wait...i heard he's making one but i forgot who the girl was...is it her...idk...oh well....im gonna watch all his lakorn anyway


sarNie Granny
Aw I wanted to choose both, but I decided that they should be a couple. Because they look good together. I want them to do a lakorn together too...love them both :D