what kinda shampoo & cond. or products do u use?


sarNie Adult
I saw that some ladies use or used Herbal Essence. How was it ? (besides having rough hair :D) Did you get the orgasm ? I remember this ad on TV in France, it was really dumb that when I see this ad, I switch channel immediately...

As for me, I use Head & Shoulders even if I don't have dandruff hair. I just like this menthol scent.

I've tried many other brands. If my hair are clean, so it's all ok. I'm not that picky ;)

u kno there is 2 bottles of it in ma bathroom i dont know whos it is tho maybe i should try incase it gives me the orgasm HAHA if it does wooo!! YES YES YESSSSS!!!! haha i seen that tv ad also it catched like everyones attention in da house mr x i should of known u would say that ur taking it away from me haha


Mr. Char
lol to answer your question Cappy.... YES!!! Herbal Essence is the BEST (lol well for me it is)...... after i shampoo and condition it just feels GREAT!!!! My Hair just looks 10x's healthier and smoother, i LOVE it.... wouldnt change for any product. No Orgasm Cappy.... sorry.... those commericals just likes to exaggerate how great it works lol..... come on, you know you love those ads.... you probably made copies of those on vhs and hide them under your bed LMFAO.... shame on you cappy... shame!!! jkjk
Ahaha Lek, am I that crazy to do that ? That was like my most hated ad :D


i like to swtich shampoo every other day
Loreal for kids
Herbal Essence
Garner Fructis
Johnson Baby Shampoo

And more, I have used many different kind. I rotate them every 3 months.


sarNie Egg
BedHead stuff smells soooooo good. My current fave scent is Superstar....it smells similar to Victoria's Secret Pink (fruity & bright) ^_^


Staff member
I switch every now and then


My husband brought be Redken once and it worked pretty good ^__^ but right now im in my Tresemme mood lol


sarNie Juvenile
yessss bedhead smells greatttt
i love the brunette goddess and afterparty, and masterpiece
i love the fruity smells


sarNie Adult
even since i was little i always use baby shampoo

my whole family does and i still use it now

and i use john freda serum to keep it in place

i have some home rememdez to help with your hair

1- if u wanna make a profess ponytail, get a sprey bottle add warm water, a pinch of salt, and mix it till it dessolve

then sprey all over ur hair it helps to keep everything in place no loose strand :)

then when u brush ur hair use a boar brush(i think im spelling it wrong) but it gives ur hair a natural shine :]

it works for all hair it doesnt have to be for pony tail only


sarNie Juvenile
^^^i've done that before, the spray bottle with salt, i do it so i get that 'beachy waves' in my hair, nice soft loose waves


I used to us Sunsilk shampoo and Cond then i changed to Head and shoulder, then to somothing else but they all gave me a rash on my face coz i'm Allergic to somthing in them -_- so now i have to use Johnsons Baby Shampoo ;) but i still have my products lol i only use bedhead coz it smells lush and i coz i get it for free :lol:


SarNworld Wonderer
I shampoo ~ 2 x's / week (dry shampoo in between) using alternatively

- biolage ultra hydrating
- nioxin 6
- dhc soft and smooth

Leav in cond.
- biolage fortifying spray
- dhc hair oil

I've tried many products, these are my fav.


sarNie Adult
I been using Pantene for years

My hair falls out, should I switch. Do you think it's caused by the shampoo. I feel like a dog who is constantly shedding.


SarNworld Wonderer
I been using Pantene for years

My hair falls out, should I switch. Do you think it's caused by the shampoo. I feel like a dog who is constantly shedding.
try one w/o sodium laureth sulfate like: the new loreal shampoo (paraben free), vitamin shampoo or organic one...
n once a week use something a bit stronger to clean up any buildup