What is new with you?


Mama Noy ♥️
I hope everyone is good on here, and also hope you’re staying germ free and practicing social distancing! Anywho, I’ve been M.I.A for like 5 years... Life happened, and also I forgot my password LOL. So I just what to see what’s new with everyone :)

So what’s new with me? My boyfriend got me a blue frenchie who will be 4 this year, and I also have a son who is 18 months (A year and a half). And yes, I am just as shock to have a baby myself. But that’s basically my life. A child and a dog lol And also my city might be quarantined for 2 weeks because of the coronavirus, so that’s exciting.

What’s new with you? Fill free to share!


Expired Sarnie
HI NOY!!! Congrats on becoming a mommy!!!

I have been mia too... just recently got back to asianfuse after I fractured my foot. I have been on medical leave since then the beginning of this year. I am supposed to return this week but awaiting for approval to return. My doctor actually extended my leave if my workplace cannot accommodate.

Nothing has changed for me other than being older and being bombarded of questions regarding my single status.


Live Love Laugh
Welcome back Noy!
Congratulations on the new addition to the family.
I haven’t been active on AF since many Yadech fans have taken a break or moved on.
Still remember your fan fiction “Smooth Operator”.
Take care and stay safe.


God is Good.
Hi everyone! Nice to meet you all!

Well I’ve been coming to AF on a daily basis after I watched BPS! Hehe after that lakorn, I found out that I really enjoy making fanmade videos and gifs!

Since last June, I started dating my very first boyfriend. We’re saving up for a wedding and a house. I love and adore him hehe:p We’re still learning a lot about one another , argue , etc. but we figure things out. Lately we’ve been watching the Korean series Kingdom... how did I not know about it until now! It is very entertaining, unpredictable and quite gory!


God is Good.
I am buying a sewing machine soon and will try to learn through YT :rolleyes: I have a project in mind and would like to create gifts with my own hands. I have so much I’d love to learn! Life is full of opportunities and chances, I’m gonna grab. The issue is Money!!!! What I’d give to have loads of it, pretty selfish to say.


God is Good.
My dad just got out of surgery. Also, sad to say my car got hit while it was parked outside my house. A year it’s been! I’m waiting for 2021. I like odd years more, don’t know. I’m an odd number girl :celebrate16: Well, one good thing about this year is I’m learning how to cook more.


God is Good.
Life has been so busy for me! Throwing a Christmas party tomorrow night. Lots of cooking and decorating to get done. One thing I’ve been thinking about lately is getting into singing again. Especially Christian songs. If I can touch one life, give one person hope that there is a God that loves and is there for us, I’d very much love that. My voice though:p