Weewaa Whaa Woon (Good Feeling)


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wanna see how their chemistry will be like ^_^


sarNie Adult
Another supposed one with these two ?
I really can't wait how they will look together.


sarNie Coma
i guess this one is the only confirm one out of the other 2 that they were link with since uma isnt doing lakorns for ch3 and no news on sai see plerng


sarNie Elites
The article says this project is confirmed and will start shooting in June after she completes Fai chon saeng. This lakon is a romantic comedy written specifically for Chom and Ken. Chom's other lakon Plerng Prai has already wrapped. Woo hoo, can't wait! And eggs to the faces of those ch 3 actresses who haven't starred with Ken yet.


sarNie OldFart
seriously, the title is so annoying! :p not what it means but how he pronounce it, lolz. its like a kid riding a bumpercar would say,


sarNie OldFart
Sorry if I offended anyone. I just thought of saying it in ENGLISH not in THAI.


^Hahaha Amy, it's alright. When I was saying it, it sounds funny just the way it's spelled. Sounds like it may be a comedy?


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I just want to see Ken in more comedies...he's already paired up with Aff like I wanted, so I'm cool...I just hope he does a rom-com with Aff too

I've never really seen her in anything, I guess this will be my first...I want to see if she has what it takes to be paired up with Ken, because there aren't many Ch. 3 actresses that have what it takes to get paired up with my Ken...If one day Ch. 3 and Ch. 7 decide to do collaborations, that would be great...so much more possibilities.