We : AFF : A Sneak Peak Behind the Scenes


sarNie Adult
Oh..... I love the close up pic of her face. So pretty!

Hmm... I just realized from the 5th picture that her thai dress kind of looks like a sari. Maybe cause it was taken from the side.


sarNie Oldmaid
im jealous too! lol ...shes very beautiful!

im just a lil disappointed why it took them (directors) this long to give her the n'ek role.


sarNie Adult
on the second pic, aff looks liket those india actresses from bollywood! she's really pretty; thanks for sharing!


sarNie Hatchling
AFF is so beautiful
just like angle
i know thai star just begin with her ,in Jai Rao .

in china most AFF fan call her “女神”,means perfect than human.(*^__^*) ……