[VIU] Love Me Again (Kongthup Production): Mew Suppasit / Mild Wiraporn


`my dragon's blood is blue`
Interesting. Mew has a warm smile.

I didn't know Kade was producing now. Haven't seen him in so long. He was one of my first p'ek crushes.


sarNie Adult
What an unexpected couple. Just the kind I like lol. I'm definitely going to watch them for them.

I watched The Revenge in its entirety. Great premise and cast but the execution wasn't there until the very end -- the last episode kind of very end. If you didn't already know Mook, you would think she didn't know how to act given how weak and illogical both her characters were written and directed. I can't speak for Non. He seems to play the same characters like in Bad Genius, the one where he plays blind and this one. I can't tell if he's stiff as an actor or if it's the characters he plays. All the acting was placed on the supporting characters. It was like the main leads were supporting while the supporting were the main. But in this kind of story, it shouldn't have that feel.

That was a thriller/revenge drama, so maybe Kade will do better with this one.

I've come to the conclusion that all WeTV original Thai dramas are gonna have enough illogical things happen and that I need to learn to suspend my critical thinking while watching their dramas lol. The thing is I get upset because the premise is SO GOOD, but the writing and execution isn't at the level to completely deliver the story and cast's to their full potential yet.


sarNie Oldmaid
^ You mean Mild right? Haha!

Her last 2 GMMTV projects, she was paired with Off ("Richy Rich" and "46 Days"). They have such wacky chemistry.