Various Mag Shoots. of Cherry


sarNie Coma
just some old shoots..

she looks so beautiful and sophisticated in most of her shoots.. anyway i miss her long hair :(
she has that bone structure face like a model

thanx to NY for sharing



sarNie Hatchling
wow, so many gorgeous pics of Cherry. She looks so elegant, tall and skinny in those photoshoots. I like the 3rd and 4th pics the most... the hairstyle, the outfit and everything else just look perfect on her.
Thanks tinah and NY for those nice photos!


sarNie Adult
aww i love cherry!! she's different from other models...she has somewhat of a rounder structured face, other models seem to have like a more rigid bone Anne T., but shes also pretty too haha


sarNie Adult
Thanks for sharing the pictures :) I do find her different from most of the thai actress....Cherry tend to go more towards the glam and elegant look and normally doesnt show too much flesh.........


sarNie Adult
love the outfits, long hair, her pose...everything! :wub: cherry looks so nice in here. love how she is always look elegant and sophisticate. thanks for sharing!!!