Vampires vs. Demons


sarNie Oldmaid
Anne as Anne: vampire queen; strong; selfless; looks out for the best of everyone​
Noon as Elle: Anne's first cousin and best friend; strong; doesn't let anyone take advantage of her​
Aff as Bella: Anne's sister in law; beautiful, graceful and gentle​
Kim as Kimberley: Anne's younger sister; strong, powerful and thoughtful​
Mo as Esther: Elle's daughter; half human/half vampire; strong; stubborn; witty​
Ken T. as Edwin: Anne's father's best friend's son; quiet, but protective of Anne​
Tik J. as Julius: Anne's brother and Bella's husband; handsome; calm​
Son as Adrian: Julius and Bella's son; good looking; quiet; obedient​
Ploy as Carmilla: strong; fighter; stubborn​
Chompoo as Araya: half human/half demon; stubborn; calm; mysterious​
Matt as Alexandria: Carmilla's enemy; competitive; fearless​
Yaya as Urassaya: Araya's younger sister; half human/half demon; naïve; innocent; curious​
Vill as Abby: Araya and Urassaya's half sister; protective of Urassaya; smart​
Chakrit as Daniel: playboy; reckless​
Nadech as Caleb: Carmilla's second oldest brother; irresponsible; cold​
Rome as Darius: Carmilla's oldest brother; demon leader, protective of his siblings; caring and strong​
Andrew as Andy: Esther's father; high school counselor; compassionate; loving​
Peter as Peter: cop; strong; righteous​
Toomtam as Jake: student; popular; obnoxious; player​
James J. as James: Jake's friend; student; popular; reserved; smart​
Ken & Anne​
Andrew & Noon​
Chakrit & Ploy​
Peter & Chompoo​
Tik & Aff​
Nadech & Kim​
Toomtam & Mo​
Rome & Matt​
James & Yaya​
Son & Vill​


`my dragon's blood is blue`
Anonymous95 said:
Sorry for the horrible poster. It's the best I could do. Lol.
I think the poster is quite nice actually. You did well. :)
As an avid paranormal book reader, I recognize all the "paranormal" names. tehehe


- Marina ♥
I like the poster, too! Love the colors you used and the photos of the girls :)
So happy to see Toomtam and Mo being paired up here! Can't wait to get started -- looks interesting!


sarNie Oldmaid
Awwwww. Thanks for all the compliments everyone!!!!!! :crush: :crush: :crush: :spin: :spin: :spin:
I totally forgot about this fanfic. :faint: I'll try to get the first chapter out as soon as possible! The plot is very complex, so I'll try to do my best! :dude: