{UPDATED Preview Chapter 2: The Dark Prince's City} The Four Prince: Elemental Series

Which story should I write first?

  • The Prince's City (A.K.A. The Dark Prince)

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  • Under the Sea (A.K.A Prayanark VS. Kinnaree/Love and Repugnance)

    Votes: 12 35.3%
  • The Sergeant and Asassin

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  • My Captive, the Angel

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sarNie Hatchling
The Prince's City


Prince Nadech is just a cold heartless b*st*rd who uses his money and charm for his own desire and pleasure. Yaya is just a city-girl who was recently hired to become Nadech's personal and work-related assistant. She hesitates when she hears rumors that Nadech has mystical powers (fire) that he used when he wasn't satisfied. The problem is he isn't considerate of anyone's feelings at all, and Yaya is a person who stands up for what is right. What will happen between the stubborn prince and happy-go assistant? 



Under the Sea 

​Prince Mark is the reincarnation of the prayanark (serpent) prince. He remembers all of his past lives, keeps his powers (water), and stays alone every lifetime. Because of this, he doesn't believe in love. Mint is the reincarnation of Kinnaree. She also remembers everything in the past and suffers from it. Four past lives ago, she was betrayed by her lover of every lifetime. He had left her alone. She had been alone ever since, despite the fact that she is a beauty. She stays heartbroken but still cheerful.

  But when the two meet in a car accident between her and him, they argue on who had to be responsible for the damages and who was wrong. When their eyes glowed, they both immediately knew what they were. But it also turned out that the flower shop he had been hired to work in, despite that he was a very rich prince, the Kinnaree was his co-worker. He hated her, and she hated him. Their species didn't get along at all. But what happens when a twist occurs? 

What's this? Mark's human essence was attracted to her, but his prayanark side was disgusted but lusted for her. He was confused. Mint, on the other hand, is completely disgusted of him. But what about her human essence she had become attached to after living among the humans for so long? The two clash, fight, and argue in the most hilarious, threatening, and hurtful way. 



The Sergeant & Assassin


Prince Shiyoon is the #1 sergeant in Department No. 47. He has mystical powers (air) that everyone was aware of but too afraid to ask. Shinhye is assigned to assassinate Shiyoon after destroying the biggest plan of drug trade. But then the assassination plan went wrong. Instead of Shinhye capturing Shiyoon and killing him, it was reversed (without her killing her though). He finds that she looked like his ex who was killed. He planned to find out who she was, who sent her, and if they knew each other.


My Captive, the Angel


Prince Donghae is just a guy who believes that all women would fall under his charm. He meets Yuri one day in his mansion's backyard garden and captures the angel. But why was she so afraid of him? Was it because of his ability to deal with things that relates to Earth? Like heaving a boulder at someone by just snapping? No. It was not that. He would not let anything get in the way of finding it out. But what happens when he makes the mistake of putting her into his room as her cell? In this story, sparks fly, and you'll get heated in no time. 


sarNie Hatchling
So I am not much of a fan of Prince stories but I decided to let myself write something new that I wasnt fully experienced of. Please got up wnd comment! :) and yes i will still be writing My Darling.... You're Dead Meat!!! I will focus on these two only.


sarNie Hatchling
Can't wait for Prince's city, pls yadech ff first Na


sarNie Juvenile
I'm also voting for yadech the prince's city :D 
can't wait to read it, the storyline sounds really really interesting 


sarNie Oldmaid
I have to give it to you, because all the story sounds interesting. It's hard to choose but I am really liking Nadech/Yaya story, and Mark and Mint. You made it hard for me to choose which one I like more. Lol.


sarNie Hatchling
I'm actually going to write all four stories you know. It's just that I'm trying to figure out the chronological order of which brother I should write first. So who gets this round is first, next poll is second, other is third, and there is no poll for the last. But I will write the last anyways. The brothers will end up in each other's stories. I surely promise you, there will be LOTS of humor and brotherhood going on with these four, despite the stubbornness. Okay! Okay! It's more like crude, sarcastic humor. So, here's the casting in more detail of the characters. 
Me: So......... In this interview all of my main cast couples will be asked about the other person's personality, characteristics, and attitudes. Yaya, you're up first to tell about Nadech here.   
Yaya: Nadech - A rude, inconsiderate, manner-less prince. He is at the age of 28 yrs. old. Women find him dreamy, charming, HECKKKKKK NO. His attitude towards women is too much for their sensitive hearts to take. His words pierce through hearts and glares stab at their own eyes. He was handsome and charming when he wanted or acted like one but he would soon crack and become a mad Great Dane dog!!! Barking! Bark, bark! That's what I got to say for him.   
  Nadech: Keh! Like you're any better. Yaya - A 24 year old but childish, sensitive, high-pitched voice when nervous or yelling, low class girl wench!!!! All she does is bark like a frecken Chihuahua that does no harm!! Heck small but heck loud. Very annoying.
  Yaya: *Gasps* Hwuaaaaaa!! You take it back!! At least I'm not scared of a chicken!!
  Nadech: *Glares at her*
Yaya: *Covers her mouth* Whoops!! Cats out of the bag! *Turns her head to the audience* That's right! Nadech is scared of a- *Yaya's face plummets to the ground.* 
 Nadech: *Laughs* 
 Yaya: *Gets back up.* Nadech!!! *Turns her head to the audience* See!!! He just pushed my head to the ground!! *Turns back to Nadech* I want more respect from you!!! 
Nadech: Well 'ya ain't get'n any!! 
 Yaya: *Turns her head back to audience once again.* You see how much of a jerk he is!! It's not a question! It's a statement!!! *Turns back to the laughing Nadech* We're through!!! 
Nadech: *Stops laughing* What?! Again? 
Yaya: *Clenches her teeth and stomps away* 
Nadech: Keh!! Again?!! Come on!! *Turns to the audience* You see how hard it is and how hard I work on having her on stay by me?!! *Turns away and runs to Yaya* Baby come on! We can work it out!! I'll respect you more!!! 
Yaya: You said that 10 minutes ago when we broke up but got back together, you prick!!! 
   Mint: Mark? Prince Mark or Mark Prin the super handsome actor? 
Mark: Mint!!!! 
 Mark: I'm sorry but he is just extremely hot. I just wanted to jump on him the other day I saw him in the movie theater watching Iron Man.
Me: Um..... I'm talking about Prince Mark. 
Mint: *Smile fades* Oh. Mark - my enemy, I hate him, he hates me, blah blah blah, hatred. 
Mark: Way to explain my personality and character, you idiotic bird!!!! 
Mint: Hey!!!! 
Me: *Rubbing my head and turns my head to the audience while the two bicker* Do you see how HARD my life is???? *Turns back to the bickering two* Shut the heck up!!!! Mark! You go first then! 
Mark: Mint - She's one of the extremely sexiest women I ever laid eyes on. 
Mint: *Blushes*
Mark: Mint is sweet, nice, cheerful, but only to other people. *Mint's smile fades* Sweetie pie my @$$!! I HATE pies! And she is one of them pies!! When she's with me, do you know how much she glares???? I buy her ice cream for running her over on accident and I look up from my vanilla and she got that freaky @$$ glare on her face! I was like what ta heck? I buy you ice cream and you stare at me like you going to eat my brains off. 
Mint: I GLARED because that day you got mad at me for being late to work at the flower shop so you invited me to lunch but then you made me stand behind the car and frecken backed up to hit me on purpose!! 
Mark: Hey you're immortal!! Thanks to me.
Mint: Immortal my @$$, Mark!! Being run over still hurts like hell!! And it was freezing cold outside and you got me what? A freaking ice cream to make up for my broken leg!!! And I paid for the ice cream!! 
Mark: Hey I helped paid for the hospital bill!!
Mint: *Rolls her eyes* Yeah. Sure. If 1 dollar and 2 cents would do.
Mark: You're totally ungrateful!!
Mint: I appreciate the help of a damn rich @$$ prince who gives me $1.02 after purposely running me over!!! 
Mark: Aish!! You're so attractive when you get mad at me!
Mint: Well so are you!!
Mint: Our conversation earlier hasn't made it clear of how Mark's personality is? He's heartless and rude. 
Mark: YOU WENCH!!!
   Shiyoon: Shinhye? Um........ Well honestly, if I have to... Shinhye - mysterious, pretty, cute, but mean.
Shinhye: What's that supposed to mean? 
Shiyoon: Um...... Well, sometimes you shouldn't high-kick me in the face when I tell you my opinion or-  *Shinhye kicks him in the face* agh!
 Shinhye: I didn't ASK for your opinion now did I? 
Shiyoon: See! I told you that you could be mean?
   Shinhye: Do you want a punch this time?
Shiyoon: NO! I already have a bloody nose! 
Me: *Passes Shiyoon a tissue* Ummmmm.... Your turn Park Shin Hye. 
Shinhye: Shiyoon - sometimes can't shut up when he needs to, he's to sensitive to critical remarks, when I'm being sarcastic he can't figure it out, he messes up most of our missions, and-
Me: Okay I think that's enough. 
Shinhye: Why? 
 Me: *Points at Shiyoon* 
Shinhye: *Looks at Shiyoon* Yikes!! 
Shiyoon: *Holds a tissue box in one hand while blowing his nose and crying* I.. I never knew you were so annoyed of me!!
Shinhye: Please excuse us. I need to drive to a yogurt place. Come on crybaby. 
Shiyoon: *Cries louder* 
Shiyoon: You're so mean!!! 
Shinhye: Ugh..... Sorry. 
 Shiyoon: Yay! SO where shall we go? Shall we go for yogurt and then movies or bolling after? Hah? Hah? 
 Shinhye: *Turns to me* You see how he is? 
Me: *Silently thinking how they work out in my story* 
    Donghae: Yuri? Yuri - she is also mysterious, pretty, but I can't tell you the rest of her yet. You'll have to witness it. 
Me: Huh? I'm the author!! 
  Donghae: Yeah but you're not completely sure about how Yuri's character would be. 
Me: Well I am now!! 
Donghae: Okay, whatevs. SO Yuri is just a pure innocent, sweet girl. Well that's just before she meets me.... again. 
 Me: I hope that you can heal her so that she can heal you. 
 Donghae: You just totally spoiled it!! 
 Me: Hey I didn't say precisely what happened!! 
   Yuri: *Pops her head in the living room* Um... Mai? 
 Me: Yes? 
Yuri: Where's the bathroom and how do you use it in the human world? 
Me: It's down the hall fourth door on the right. You sit down on the toilet and... wipe yourself with toilet paper then you press down on a silver thingy sticking out of the side of the toilet. 
Yuri: Thanks!! *Walks away* 
Me:You haven't told her how to use the toilet?!!!!! WHat has she been doing for the past week?? 
Donghae: *Laughs gently and scratches the back of his head* Uh yeah.. I wasn't too sure about that either. I think she just went. 
Me: YOU JERK!!! 
 Me and Donghae: Uh oh!!! *Gets up and run* YURI DON'T TASTE THE WATER!!! 
              The interviews were ugh.... I had gone through a LOT visiting my cast! Hope you enjoyed the humor! 


sarNie Oldmaid
hi maiKair thanks 4 da intro. yadech 1st, followed by mm, ss n dy, as how u have written. thanks alot, looking forward 2 read!