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    B B B B B B B B B​
    B B B B B B B B B​

    TYPE B

    Creds: G-Dragon & Sandra Park - Hello​
    B B B B B B B B B​
    B B B B B B B B B​

    Hyun Joong is an adopted son of a gay hair stylist. His parents had abandoned him near the salon that his adopted father worked at. Years later, his father opened his own salon in Seoul and Hyun Joong began to follow his father’s footsteps in the hair business. The difference between his father and him is that Hyun Joong is type B and his father is type O. His father’s friend decide to work at the salon, and so does her son (Min Ho), who has been raised with Hyun Joong and have a brotherly bond, but still competitive w/one another. Even girlfriends are competition between the two, who will win?

    Nichkhun and Jo Kwon enter the picture when they both got hired to work at the salon. They’re both new hairstylist, who chose this profession to get closer to the ladies.

    Stars: Kim Hyun Joong, Choi Min Ho, Nichkhun Horavejkul, Jo Kwon, Park Sandra, Kang Ji Young, Han Eun Jung, Son Ga In.

    Hyun Joong – Oh Byung Hun
    Park Sandra – Lee Chae Rim
    Min Ho – Kim Baek Hyung
    Ji Young – Choi Bo Ri
    Nichkhun – Lee Ki Bum (Walter)
    Eun Jung – Choi Soo Young
    Jo Kwon – Kwan Jun Ho
    Ga In – Lee In Rye
    Dad- Oh Hyuk Joong
    Mom – Kim Hye Jung

    Jibang (1) * Noonas...Saranghae! (2) * Shh...Don't Tell Abeoji (3) * Better Namja (4) * Take My Namjahood! (5) * I Wanna, Wanna Have You (6) * Caught (7) * Chul Him (8) * His...Aegyo? Her? Aegyo? (9) * Mwo? (10) * Definitely Type B (11) * Pressed (12)

    *Some Chapters/Posts Will Have Special Bonuses That I Will Add*

    B B B B B B B B B B B B B B B B​
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    jeeja Miss SMILES :D

    i can't wait for this FIC! i've been waiting for a super long time lol. the guys r just to HOT hehe :wub:
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    I know, I've been committed to only writing one fic @ a time. This time I posted two up @ the same time & don't know if I will simultaneously write the two or write this one & get to the other one later. This is my first K-FanFic too...and I need to make everyone laugh w/this since it's supposed to be a comedy. :dance2:
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    Oh Hyuk Joong – Aish, the client today was too much to handle.
    Kim Hye Jung – I know. He kept complaining about every little cut you snipped out of his hair.
    Hyuk Joong – He shouldn’t have come into the salon if he didn’t want that ugly toupe snipped at all.

    -baby crying-

    Hyuk Joong – You hear something?
    Hye Jung – Your ears must be ringing. I hear nothing.
    Hyuk Joong – Yah…I’m not deaf. You are the deaf one!
    Hye Jung – Aish, you are the deaf one!
    Hyuk Joong – You are! Your stupid boyfriend is always screaming in your ears. Dump the loser!
    Hye Jung – How can I? He is so good to me.
    Hyuk Joong – Whateverz. He is not good to you. Always taking money to go buy soju.
    Hye Jung – He is better than you.
    Hyuk Joong – Hey. Don’t go there.
    Hye Jung – You’re the first guy I dated and look what happened.
    Hyuk Joong – At least I was honest.
    Hye Jung – Made me look like a fool. Almost marrying a gay man. I should've been tipped off when you wanted to go into hair.
    Hyuk Joong – Whateverz. Some straight men go into hair too. At least I’m not trans and we are still best friends though. Arent’t we?
    Hye Jung – Same diff.
    Hyuk Joong – I don’t want female parts, I just want a man. –smile-

    -baby crying-

    Hyuk Joong – I swear, I hear a baby
    Hye Jung – Gosh, lead me to the cry then. –follows Hyuk Joong-

    -Hyuk Joong grabs Hye Jung’s hand and she begins to shiver-
    -the two walked towards the cry-

    Hyuk Joong – I’m gay remember? Don’t think too much about me holding your hands Hye Jung-ah.
    Hye Jung – I know, just that my man hasn’t been holding my hands lately.
    Hyuk Joong – He’s too busy with drinking.

    -got closer to the cry-

    Hyuk Joong – Oh my! Hye Jung-ah! It’s a baby! Poor thing.
    Hye Jung – Obviously! It’s not a cat or a pig.
    Hyuk Joong –It’s freezing cold. –pick up baby-
    Hye Jung – -look closer @ the baby- Awe, the baby is so cute. But why is it here?
    Hyuk Joong – Silly girl, the baby has been abandoned. Duh!
    Hye Jung – What are we going to do with it?
    Hyuk Joong - Report the baby.
    Hye Jung – No! They’re gonna think we kidnapped it. Is it a boy or girl?
    Hyuk Joong – I don’t know. It’s such a pretty baby though.
    Hye Jung – Show us some aegyo baby dearest.
    Hyuk Joong – Hye Jung-ah, Quit being so dumb. It was barely born, it can’t show aegyo yet.
    Hye Jung – Check to see if it is a boy or girl.
    Hyuk Joong – Fine. But it’s freezing out here. Let’s go to my place first.
    Hye Jung – Okay. –in cute voice- Little baby, aigo, such a cutie pie.

    [Oh Hyuk Joong’s House]

    Hyuk Joong - You know, I want to keep it. It’s a very pretty baby. I don’t want to report it anymore.
    Hye Jung – Are you sure? I was just kidding about the kidnapping.
    Hyuk Joong – Yeah. -unwrap baby-
    Hye Jung – Hyuk Joong-ah! It has a noodle, it’s a boy! Let’s go do some shopping and style him up.
    Hyuk Joong – He doesn’t care about style now. But, let’s go get him some food first.
    Hye Jung – Yes! You buy for me too? I want kimbap and oli!
    Hyuk Joong – Heck no, you go get that boyfriend of yours to do that.

    -wrapped baby up and head to the market to buy baby formula-

    *2 years later*

    [Seoul: Hyuk Joong’s House]

    -knock @ door-

    Hyuk Joong – Who’s there? It’s early in the morning you know? People need sleep.
    Hye Jung – It’s me Hye Jung! I ran away to live with you.
    Hyuk Joong – Aish, I told you to leave that guy a long time ago. Now you finally listen?
    Hye Jung – Just open the door!

    -Hyuk Joong opens the door and gasp at Hye Jung’s abdomen-

    Hyuk Joong – Wah! I mean…omo! You are pregnant?
    Hye Jung – Durr! That asshole made me this way. He took my money and got some soju.
    Hyuk Joong – Didn’t he always take your money anyways?
    Oh Byung Hun - -waddled from the kitchen- Appa! Appa! –point to Hye Jung- Imo is jibang!
    Hye Jung – Byung Hun-ah, you are jibang yourself!
    Hyuk Joong – Don’t say that about him.
    Hye Jung – I know, I know. I was just joking. Byung Hun-ah come see unnie. –reach arm out-
    Byung Hun – Unnie? Imo! Imo is jibang! jibang! jibang! –laugh, then waddle to Hyuk Joong-
    Hyuk Joong – My Byung Hunnie is right. You are not an unnie.
    Hye Jung – Hey, I am still in my 20s you know? Jibang? That's a little harsh.
    Hyuk Joong – Aish, I know.
    Hye Jung – Anyways, you going to let me in? Where do I sleep?
    Hyuk Joong – Aeigo, sleep anywhere. Tomorrow I open my salon. My abeoji sent me money.
    Hye Jung – What? He supports you now?
    Hyuk Joong – Yeah. He thinks I have a baby.
    Hye Jung – Yeah, like you can ever get a real girl pregnant! –laugh-

    *2 years later*


    Byung Hun - -drags Kim Baek Hyung on the floor across the salon to his dad- Appa! My assistant!
    Hyuk Joong – Aeigo, Baek Hyungnie is going to be bruised. I told you many times not to drag him.
    Baek Hyung – Hyung, Hyung, me be boss. Not his ass.
    Hyuk Joong – Omo! Who told you to say that word?
    Byung Hun – Yeah, Hyungnie! I told you not to say ass. I told you to say a-ssis-tant.
    Hyuk Joong – Byung Hunnie! No saying that word. Now go to the back room before I open the salon.
    Byung Hun – Appa, I want to cut hair today.
    Hyuk Joong – No, you have to wait until you’re older to do that.
    Byung Hun – But, I am older. I am older than Hyungnie!
    Hyuk Joong – Go play in the back.

    *10 minutes later*

    -Baek Hyung wails-

    Hye Jung – What now? –walk towards the back room- Omo! What happened? –rush to Baek Hyung-
    Byung Hun – Like it? It’s pretty huh Imo? –smile with front teeth missing-
    Baek Hyung – Boss cut ass’ hair!
    Hyuk Joong – I told them not to say ass. –peek in after finishing cut- Omo! That’s hideous!
    Hye Jung – Durr! How did Byung Hun-ah get scissors anyways? And Baek Hyunnie, it’s a-ssis-tant.
    Byung Hun – But, Appa, it’s pretty, not hit-us!

    -Hye Jung takes Baek Hyung to salon chair and shave hair bald-

    Byung Hun - -point fingers @ Baek Hyung- Hyungnie is an egghead!
    Baek Hyung – Hyung is egghead!
    Byung Hun – No I’m not. I have hair!

    *10 years later*

    [Middle School]

    Teenage Boy – Look it here, the turd and the turd.
    Baek Hyung – You better stop it! We are not turds!
    Teenage Boy – Well, what are you going to do about it? 14 year old. No appa boy.
    Byung Hun – Hey! You can call me names, but don’t call my dongsaeng that!
    Teenage Boy – Yeah? Gay Appa boy?
    Baek Hyung – We gonna beat you up! That’s what. –prepare fist to fight-
    Byung Hun - -puts hand out to stop Baek Hyung- No, let’s get home. We have practice.

    -Teenage boy didn’t want to give up. Called his friends to start beating Baek Hyung and Byun Hun up-

    Lee Chae Rim – Aiya! -karate kicks teenage boy- I learned that in Karate class!
    Lee In Rye – Yeah, get off of them stupid namja! -butthead other boys- I learned that in taekwondo!

    -The boys ran away-

    Teenage Boy - -down the street, calls out- You so weak you needed girls to help you Gay Appa boy!
    Baek Hyung – Well! You so gay, you are running away. You’re can’t be considered a namja!
    Byung Hun – Quit it Hyungnie! He’s right. We shouldn’t need girls to help us. Let’s go. –walk off-
    Chae Rim – Eh! You! Not even a thank you? –calls after Byung Hun-
    In Rye – No need for a thank you Chae Rim-ah. Let’s go home before Abeoji catches us not practicing.
    Baek Hyung – Hyung, we need to thank them. The karate girl is so pretty.
    Byung Hun – Just get over it. We need to go practice hair.
    Baek Hyung – But, Hyung, we need to practice how to kick some ass.
    Byung Hun – Don’t say that word. Remember Appa, will beat your ass up if you say it again.
    Baek Hyung – Aish! I’ve been saying it since a baby. And you just said it too, Hyung.
    Byung Hun – Okay. Last time I’ll say it. –kept walking towards salon-
    Baek Hyung - -turns around- Hey, girls! Thank you!
    Chae Rim – Hey boy! We’re probably your noonas! So don’t call me girl again! –smiles-
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    jeeja Miss SMILES :D

    Baek Hyung is so freaken adorable when he was small lol ASS' & also Byun Hun "hideous" "hit-us" haha, i can't stop laughing. :woot2:
    Chae Rim is a tough gal, she can kick some asses lol
    Thanks for the wonderful update. this made my day :D
    i'll be waiting for more!!!!!!!!!!!
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    *7 years later*

    Byung Hun – Appa, you go sit in the back.
    Hyuk Joong – Aish, just because you’re pro now doesn’t mean I have to sit in the back room.
    Byung Hun – You made me sit in the back all the time.
    Hye Jung – Karma!
    Byung Hun – Imo, you too!
    Hye Jung – Aish, I was on your side! I’m not old you know?
    Byung Hun – Fine, Imo, you can stay out here and take the old clients.
    Hyuk Joong – Wae?
    Byung Hun - Because you’re old Appa. And Imo is not.
    Hyuk Joong – Yah!
    Hye Jung – Haha –laugh- But, Byung Hun-ah, wae the old clients? I know the new style cuts too.

    [Salon School]

    Lee Ki Bum – Jun Ho, look at the new girl. She’s so…fineeee –smile, stare, wink at new girl-

    -New girl winks back, sticks tongue out to lick bottom lips-

    Kwan Jun Ho – Damn, she is fineeee!
    Walter – I’m going to go over and show her how to perm.
    Jun Ho – Walter, I’ll be getting to her first.
    Classmate – Hey! –whisper- That new girl, I heard used to be a man.

    -Walter and Jun Ho look at each other-

    Both – Not again! –scream @ the top of their lungs-
    Teacher – You two, stop screaming. Only two days until you graduate. Ki Bum, shears, not scissors.
    Walter – I want to be called Walter, not Ki Bum. Told you many times already sungsaengnim.
    Classmate - -laugh- You two liked him/her huh? –laugh-
    Teacher - -turns around from opposite station- You too! Always laughing. Stop it. Get to work.
    Classmate - -whisper to Jun Ho and Walter- Aish, she’s too much. We can’t even have some fun.


    Jun Ho – We went to salon school for a whole year and we didn’t get one date.
    Walter – Who said I didn’t?
    Jun Ho – Mwo? You did? Who?
    Walter - -smile to self- Eun Hye
    Jun Ho – Mwo? I heard she used to be a guy too!
    Walter – I know, but at least I got a date.
    Jun Ho – Gross!
    Walter – Hey, I didn’t kiss her or anything. And at least she graduated and never came back. –laugh-
    Jun Ho – That’s mean.
    Walter – Hey, at least I got a date. Where are we going to work after this? You found a job yet?
    Jun Ho – No, I heard this one place is hiring. They’re pretty busy. The son is young.
    Walter – Just because I went out with a guy, doesn’t mean I’m interested in the owner’s son.
    Jun Ho – You think too much. What I was going to say is that he attracts all the ladies.
    Walter – Oooh, we have to get this job. He’s not gay is he? Pretending to attract women?
    Jun Ho – No! We aren’t gay are we? We’re straight! And we’re going into cosmetology.
    Walter – Aish, I was just joking. No need to be offensive. –imagining all the female clients- Ladies!

    [Race Track]

    Baek Hyung – Watch me drift this baby at the finish line.
    Noona 1 - -in sexy voice- I can’t wait Hyungnie. –smile, pecks Baek Hyung on cheeks-

    -Baek Hyung enters car, smiles and wink at all the noonas-
    -Baek Hyung peels off in the car and finishes as he described, stepped out of car-

    Noona 1 – Wow, amazing!
    Noona 2 – You’re wonderful Hyungnie
    Byung Hun – Hyungnie! You’re sooooo good –in exaggerated voice- Now, let’s go home!
    Noona 1 – Omo, it’s the hyung. So handsome –puts finger through Byung Hun’s hair-
    Baek Hyun – Hyung, I don’t want to go home yet. Tell Omma I’ll be back before dinner.
    Byung Hun – It’s already dinner you fool! Let’s go home.
    Baek Hyun – Fine, you’re always Omma’s favorite anyways.
    Byung Hun – If you listen to her more often, you’d be her favorite. –merong, runs off-
    Baek Hyun – Hyung! You can’t beat me at running! You’re old! –turns to noonas- Noonas, saranghae!

    -noonas squeal-


    Baek Hyung – Hyung! –catching breath- You only beat me because I tripped at the corner.
    Byung Hun – Excuses, excuses. If I didn’t race you, you wouldn’t even come home. –laugh-
    Hye Jung – Look at you Hyungnie! All scratched up at the knee.
    Baek Hyung – Omma, I told you, I tripped. Or else I would’ve beat Hyung.
    Hyuk Joong – Come on everyone, dinner is ready.
    Byung Hun – Appa, you’re too precise. Loosen up a bit.
    Baek Hyung – Look who’s talking.
    Byung Hun - -turn to look @ Baek Hyung- Hey, I am only playful with those who I want to be with.
    Baek Hyung – Fine, whatever Hyung. Have you ever tried to go out with a girl before?
    Byung Hun – Have you ever tried to go out with girls your age?
    Hye Jung – What a blow. –laugh-
    Baek Hyung – Omma! Aish, you’re always on Hyung’s side.
    Hye Jung – I’m always on whoever’s side is right. You go wash up Hyungnie.

    -family sitting in a circle eating dinner-
    -all stares at last piece of meat-

    Baek Hyung - -grabs for meat- It’s mine!

    -meat taken by Byung Hun-

    Baek Hyung – Mwo!?! Hyung, that was my piece. I called for it.
    Byung Hun – Whoever gets to it first, gets to eat it. You’re just slow.
    Baek Hyung – Next time, I will beat you to the last piece of meat.
    Hye Jung – Stop fighting you too. Next time will be in a month.
    Baek Hyung – Wae?
    Hye Jung – You know how Hyuk Joong-ah is. He calculates all our budget. So stingy.
    Hyuk Joong – Mwo? Me stingy? You know that in order for us to function, we need to calculate.
    Byung Hun – Appa, don’t be offensive. We know. How many people are we interviewing tomorrow?
    Hyuk Joong – Ten. I guess I will do it since I am assigned to the back room.
    Baek Hyung – No worries Appa, I will help you.
    Hye Jung – Mwo you talking about? You? Helping Hyuk Joong-ah?
    Baek Hyung – De, Omma! I know about hair too, you know?
    Hyuk Joong – He’s alright. He can be better if he stops with his rebellion stage.
    Baek Hyung – Appa! I am better than alright.
    Byung Hun – That’s what you think! –laugh-
    Baek Hyung – I’ll prove you wrong Hyung. I will choose the best new stylists with Appa tomorrow.
    Byung Hun – Really? I’ll be the final judge.
    Baek Hyung – If I choose good ones, you let me have vacation for a month.
    Byung Hun – Fine. You don’t have to do hair or practice hair for a month.
    Hye Jung – You sure Byung Hun-ah?
    Byung Hun – Yes I’m sure. If the new stylists are good, then I won’t need his help.
    Hye Jung – Yeah, not like he’s ever helped in the past anyways.
    Baek Hyung – Omma! There you go on Hyung’s side again. I’ll prove you all wrong.

    *Next Day

    Hye Jung – You really think Baek Hyungnie will choose the right people?
    Hyuk Joong – With competition, he will do his best. You know how these two are.
    Hye Jung – Yeah. Our Byung Hun-ah is so 4D. Sometimes he’ll act childish.
    Hyuk Joong – And sometimes he’ll act serious. Never predictable with that kid.
    Hye Jung – What time is the first interview?
    Hyuk Joong – Five are supposed to come in 10 minutes

    [In Front of Salon]

    Walter – This salon is bigger than I thought.
    Jun Ho – I told you, it’s not dinky at all. We just have to try our best.
    Walter – Yeah, so we can meet some ladies. Look at all the stylists in there. So much estrogen!
    Jun Ho – Just can’t believe the only male stylists is the owner and his sons.
    Walter – Yeah, and us!

    -the two high five each other, starts to open salon door-
    -girl bumps into them-

    Jun Ho – Hey! Apologize right now!
    In Rye – No way! Haven’t you heard of ladies first?
    Jun Ho - -looks up, In Rye’s face mesmerized him. Had lost of words- O…omo, girl.
    In Rye – I’m not a girl, I’m a woman. Jeez. –walks into salon-

    Stylist 1 – Welcome. Name please?
    In Rye – Lee In Rye. I’m here to chop off all this hair.
    Stylist 1 – Alright, have a seat.

    Walter – Aeigo, she is one tough cookie. You messed it up Jun Ho-ssi.
    Jun Ho – I know. She is a beauty.
    Walter – You’ll never have a chance with her.

    Hyuk Joong – Annyonghaeseyo. Today we are having an interview.
    In Rye – De? And mwo ahjussi?
    Hyuk Joong – Would you be willing to be a hair model for the interview? We’re testing skills.
    In Rye - -thought about it- Sure, wae not? How bad can it be? I’m just cutting it short.
    Hyuk Joong – Kamsabnida.

    [Salon: Back Room]

    Hyuk Joong – We have five contenders here Baek Hyungnie.
    Noona 1 - -whisper to noona 2- Woah, I thought Byung Hun was hot. Look at this one.
    Jun Ho – Aish, -mumble- He’s nothing. I’m better looking.
    Noonas – That’s what you think, metro.
    Walter – -whisper- Jun Ho-ssi, you were mumbling too loud.
    Jun Ho – -whisper- I know. It just came out. But I’m better looking anyways.
    Walter - -whisper- No, I am. –smiles to self-
    Baek Hyung – I don’t care who is better looking. I just know I am. Right noonas?
    Noonas – You are!
    Hyuk Joong – Are you ladies here for an interview or for dating services?

    -Hyuk Joong eyes Walter-

    Jun Ho – -whisper- Look at the owner, he’s eyeing you Walter.
    Walter – I know, I’m going to play along if it’ll get me the job.
    Hyuk Joong – Play along to what? Ki Bum? That’s your name?
    Walter – I prefer Walter, sir.
    Hyuk Joong – Walter, eh?
    Baek Hyung - -laugh- Walter? As in water? –laugh-
    Byung Hun - -peeks in- Aeigo, stop with the lame jokes Hyungnie! Get to work. –leaves room-

    -noonas sigh to seeing Byung Hun-

    Walter – -whisper- That’s the son? Woah, if I were a woman, I’d dig that.
    Jun Ho – You’re weird Walter. I would think you turned gay.
    Noonas – Mwo? You two aren’t gay?
    Jun Ho – Of course we’re not.

    -Hyuk Joong explains the rules. They will have five clients to do hair on and present it-

    Baek Hyung – Station 1, Ma Hye Ra with Kang Go Ri. Station 2, Lee Ki Bum
    Walter – It’s Walter, please.
    Baek Hyung – Alright, whatever. Walter with Ma Shin Hye. Station 3 is Lee Goo Ra with Park Ma Ra.
    Hyuk Joong – Station 4, Kim Soo Young with Kim Matilda.
    Baek Hyung – Matilda?
    Hyuk Joong – She’s half foreigner.
    Baek Hyung – Oh, I see.
    Hyuk Joong – Finally, Kwan Jun Ho you have Agassi Lee In Rye.

    -Jun Ho walks to station 5-
    -In Rye gasps-

    In Rye – You!
    Jun Ho – O.M.G. –nervous, scared, worried because he messed up earlier-
    In Rye – Don’t you o.m.g. me! You’re trying out for this job?
    Jun Ho – Hmm, um…de. –scared In Rye will not let him do her hair-

    -In Rye sees sweat starting to pour down Jun Ho’s face, decides to make him worry a bit-

    In Rye – -smiles- What makes you think I will pass you?
    Jun Ho – I can switch you with someone else.
    In Rye – No, I want you to do my hair.
    Jun Ho – But…
    In Rye – Scared you’re not good enough?
    Jun Ho – De.
    In Rye – What kind of namja are you? Afraid of a little challenge. Aren’t you trying for a job?
    Jun Ho – De.
    In Rye – So take me on as a challenge and cut my hair you fool!
    Jun Ho –De.
    In Rye – Hurry, get going.
    Jun Ho – De.

    Special Bonus: - Walter's voice calling Jun Ho-ssi :drools:

  7. jeeja

    jeeja Miss SMILES :D

    the bros and their challenges lol
    Jun Ho is so scared of In Rye...that just cracks me up hehehehe....
    thanks for the update. i was laughing so hard i almost choked on my food XD
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    PhoneO_5 sarNie Oldmaid


    Shhh…Don’t Tell Abeoji



    -Everyone worked diligently on hair for an hour-
    -Baek Hyung and Hyuk Joong walk around to watch presentations-

    Hyuk Joong- Alright, we will give call backs to those who we hire.
    Baek Hyung – May we ask our clients to the back room and hear their comments?
    In Rye – Really? -look at Jun Ho- Let’s go to the back, I’m pleased to give my opinion.

    -Jun Ho gulps-
    -The clients walk to the back room-

    Walter – Golly, she’s a tough cookie.
    Jun Ho – I shouldn’t have asked her to apologize earlier.
    Walter – No, you shouldn’t have. Let’s go. We can drink some soju to celebrate our first interview.
    Jun Ho – Yeah, let’s go.

    [Choi Bo Ri’s House]

    Bo Ri’s Omma – Where are you going? –calling after Bo Ri-
    Bo Ri – I’m going to the the Lee’s house!
    Bo Ri’s Omma – Wae?
    Bo Ri – Because Unnie will be back today!
    Bo Ri’s Omma – Really? I completely forgot. Tell her abeoji that I will go over tomorrow.
    Bo Ri – Alright Omma! –runs off-

    [Lee Family’s House]

    Bo Ri – Woah! Your haircut is cute Unnie!
    In Rye – I went to this salon for the first time, and I get to be a hair model.
    Bo Ri - -laugh- Hehe, Unnie. Did you meet Hunnie?
    In Rye – Hunnie?
    Bo Ri - -starts dreaming- De. –folds hands together- He’s so handsome.
    In Rye – Really?
    Bo Ri – Yes, he’s handsome, and so mysterious.
    In Rye – How is he mysterious?
    Bo Ri – Sometimes he is nice to me, sometimes cold. I go to the salon just to see him.
    In Rye - -laugh at Bo Ri- Right…
    Bo Ri – I like me some Hunnie.
    In Rye – Alright, you’re a little young though Bo Ri-ah. Let’s go pick up Chae Rim-ah.


    -Chae Rim walks out in a white Marilyn Monroe type dress-

    Chae Rim and In Rye’s Father (*Lee Appa) – My daughter, such a proper agassi.
    Chae Rim – Abeoji, I missed you so.
    Lee Appa – My daughter is so grown up. I made the right choice to send you to Sweden.
    Chae Rim – Indeed you did –smiles-
    Lee Appa – No more of that karate tom boyish acts.
    Chae Rim – Indeed, Abeoji.
    In Rye - –thinking in head- Yeah right. She’s mastered deception now.
    Chae Rim – Unnie, I missed you so.
    In Rye – Chae Rim-ah, I missed you so as well my dearest dongsaeng. –sarcastic tone-
    Bo Ri- Unnie, welcome back!
    Chae Rim – Thank you, Bo Ri-ah.
    Lee Appa – Let’s go home and have dinner.
    In Rye – Abeoji, after dinner, can I take Chae Rim-ah to the theater to see me practice?
    Lee Appa- -hesitate- Okay. Only because I have work to do later this evening.

    -Chae Rim smiles at In Rye and vice versa-


    Baek Hyung – Appa, I don’t think we need to look further. The second half sucked.
    Hyuk Joong – They did, but I don’t know if we should choose today.
    Baek Hyung – But, I’m sure I know who I will choose.
    Hyuk Joong – Are you sure? Your hyung might think otherwise.
    Baek Hyung – I’m confident that I will get my vacation.

    -Walk out to Byung Hun-

    Hyuk Joong – Hyungnie has decided.
    Byung Hun – Appa? You sure you want him to choose? It’s not like you not clearly think things over.
    Hyuk Joong – You told me to be loose once in a while right?
    Hye Jung – Right on Hyuk Joong-ah! You’ve been so serious for a while.
    Hyuk Joong – You right on girl! I will be back to my old self.
    Baek Hyung – Appa? You’re really going to loosen up?
    Hyuk Joong – Yup. I will let you both have your freedom in choosing who you want as employees.
    Byung Hun – Hyungnie will run the salon too?
    Baek Hyung – No, Appa! I want my vacation. Hyung can run it himself.
    Byung Hun – See, Appa, he’s only temporarily responsible.
    Hyuk Joong – I don’t care anymore. You two run it your way. I’ll go on that one month vacation.
    Hye Jung – And I will join him.
    Baek Hyung – Me too Omma, I know I Hyung will like who I choose.

    [Night Club]

    Bo Ri – This isn’t the theater Unnie.
    In Rye – I know. But you know I don’t go to the theater unless Appa will be there.
    Chae Rim – It’s Abeoji –exaggerated voice- Not Appa. Not proper enough for him.
    In Rye - -laugh- Yes, dearest Chae Rim-ah.

    -They walked into the night club restroom-

    Chae Rim – Unnie, help me unzip this horrid dress.
    Bo Ri – Woah, Unnie, that is short! –look @ mini skirt- I thought the dress before was fine.
    Chae Rim – In Sweden, they’re even shorter. The dress before was too long.
    Bo Ri – Really?
    Chae Rim – Yep. Let’s go partay!! –dance out to the dance floor-

    [Night Club: Bar]

    Jun Ho – You heard from the salon yet?
    Walter – Not yet. It’s only been a couple hours Jun Ho-ssi.
    Jun Ho – Aish, that In Rye probably gave me bad marks.
    Walter – Confidence Jun Ho-ssi! I thought the cut was awesome.
    Jun Ho – She probably gave me bad marks for what I said to her earlier.
    Walter – Look! –points finger- Jun Ho-ssi, it’s her! And, wow, she has some pretty friends.
    Jun Ho – Let’s stay at a distance. If I hadn’t met her earlier, I would go up to her.
    Walter – You can still go up to her.
    Jun Ho – If you were the one who bumped into her, you wouldn’t dare. Stop trying to act cool.

    [Night Club]

    Dj – Alright, all ladies, tonight we have a talent contest! Singing, dancing, grinding, it’s up to you!
    Chae Rim – I’m going to enter.
    Bo Ri – Really? What are you going to do?
    Chae Rim –Shh…don’t tell Abeoji, but I’m going to rap!
    In Rye – Mwo? Really? When did you learn that.
    Chae Rim – You know how I’ve been telling Appa that I’ve been taking poetry?
    In Rye - –smiles @ sister- Grr, clever.
    Chae Rim – I learned it all from my wise Unnie. –smiles-
    In Rye – Dj!! My sister wants to rap!
    Dj – Alright! Contestant 1, come on up!

    -Chae Rim runs up to the stage-

    Chae Rim –
    • I own the night. I be makin’ the guys fight.
    • Be innocent and good girl by day, Makin’ daddy think I pray.
    • Instead…I be lickin’ my lips, and takin’ some soju sips.
    • When the lights go down, pretty in a skirt running the town…
    • Come on you know I own the night. Give me cheers alright?

    Walter – -Yells out- Damn, right! You own the night!

    -In Rye looks around and notices Jun Ho-
    -Jun Ho looks away and pulls Walter out of the club-

    Walter – Why are we leaving so early?
    Jun Ho – She spotted me because of you.

    -Crowd cheers-

    Bo Ri – Woah, Unnie, you are amazing.
    In Rye – Poems! –laugh- Great poem Chae Rim-ah!

    [Kwan Jun Ho’s House]

    *Next day

    Jun Ho - -on phone- Really? I get to go back for a second interview?
    Byung Hun – Yep. This time I will be the judge.
    Jun Ho – Alright ahjussi.
    Byung Hun – I’m not old. Don’t call me ahjussi.
    Hye Jung - -taps Byung Hun on the shoulder & whispers- That’s my line Byung Hun-ah.
    Jun Ho – Alright, ahjussi. Oops. I mean..err…
    Byugn Hun – Just call me Byung Hun.
    Jun Ho – Alright.


    Walter – Where is everyone else?
    Byung Hun – My brother and I made a bet. And you two are the two he chose.
    Walter – Really?
    Byung Hun – Doesn’t mean you’re final.
    Jun Ho – Really, we’re the only two?
    Byun Hun – Would I lie?
    Walter - –whisper- Aeigo, did we make the right choice to come here?
    Jun Ho – -whisper- It’ll be worth it in the end. Think…ladies.
    Walter - -whisper- Are you sure he’s not gay?
    Jun Ho - -whisper- If he were, he wouldn’t be cold like this.

    -Both had to answer interview questions as Byung Hun wrote comments on a piece of paper-
    -Both had 2 clients each and 1 hr to do both and then present it-

    *1 hour later

    Byung Hun – Where were you Hyungnie?
    Baek Hyung – Racing at the track like I always am.
    Byung Hun – Why don’t you cut hair anymore?
    Baek Hyung – Because I’d rather race.
    Byung Hun – So you can seem cool? Be a tough guy?
    Baek Hyung – Of course! –laugh-
    Byung Hun – Well, you have a whole month’s worth to do that now.
    Baek Hyung – My vacation?
    Byung Hun – De. Your vacation.
    Baek Hyung – Really? I get to go with Omma and Appa?
    Byung Hun – De.
    Baek Hyung - -hugs Byung Hun- De! I win! Now we’re even!
    Byung Hun – Go pack.


    Bo Ri – Unnie, I can’t wait until you meet Hunnie, you’ll like what he does with your hair.
    Chae Rim – Are you sure? I’m picky you know?
    Bo Ri – I’m sure.
    Chae Rim – Can I really get a cut without an appointment?
    Bo Ri – Yes. Agassi likes me. I help her clean all the time. Hunnie usually can’t say no to her.


    -Byung Hun walks towards receptionist; Chae Rim remembers his face-

    Chae Rim – You!
    Byung Hun – Yes?
    Chae Rim – You don’t remember?
    Byung Hun – Remember what?
    Chae Rim – Aeigo, -demonstrate karate move- Aiya! I learned that from karate class.
    Byung Hun - -starts to remember, but lies- Mwo? I don’t get it.
    Bo Ri - -walk over to Byung Hun and grasp arms- Hunnie, This is Chae Rim unnie.
    Baek Hyung – -walk out with white boxers in hand- Hyung, is this yours or mine?

    -Everyone looks over at Baek Hyung; he recognizes Chae Rim-

    Baek Hyung – Girl! You saved our asses years ago!
    Chae Rim - I told you...Noona!
  9. kab hnub

    kab hnub sarNie Hatchling

    Is Baek Hyung adorable or wat lol Sometimes, i come across Walter and Jun Ho as 'BI' but they're just good friends :p
    Thanks for the update. I needed a good laugh in a while, and will be waiting for more.
  10. PhoneO_5

    PhoneO_5 sarNie Oldmaid


    Better Namja



    Hyuk Joong – How many times did I have to tell you not to say ass?
    Baek Hyung – Sorry Appa!
    Hyuk Joong – If I hadn’t promised to loosen up, I would kick your ass right now.
    Baek Hyung – Don’t worry about my Appa, he’s a hypocrite. –to Chae Rim-
    Chae Rim – I can see that.
    Byung Hun – Don’t say that about my Appa.
    Hyuk Joong – Hunnie, don’t say it in that tone when speaking to a female.
    Baek Hyung – Way to go Appa! –smoothly slides arms over Chae Rim’s shoulders-
    Bo Ri - -looks and sees that; quickly grabs hold of Byung Hun’s arms- Where is Agassi?
    Baek Hyung – Oma went to the store.
    Chae Rim - -notices arms on her shoulders; pulls it off- Well since she’s not here, I’m off.
    Baek Hyung – Why noona?
    Chae Rim – Because I’m picky with hair and I don’t think Bo Ri chose the right person for me.
    Baek Hyung – What do you mean? I can do hair.
    Bo Ri – Not you! I wanted Oppa to cut Unnie’s hair. She’s looking for a new stylist.
    Byung Hun – Who said I can’t cut hair? –defensive-
    Chae Rim - -arms folded- I didn’t say those words.
    Byung Hun - -walks up to Chae Rim; leans down; face 2 inches from Chae Rim- You implied it.
    Bo Ri - -jealous; grabs hold of Byung Hun’s arms again- Oppa, no need to get that close.
    Byung Hun - -ignores Bo Ri; gets even closer- Go sit and I will cut.
    Baek Hyung - -grabs hold of Chae Rim; moves her back 2 inches- Noona, I can cut for you instead.
    Chae Rim - -ignores Baek Hyung; scoots back up to an inch away from Byung Hun- Show me the seat.

    -The two suddenly felt weird. They are less than an inch in each other’s face-
    -Their heart beat fast; Didn’t know if it was adrenaline & not liking it or nervousness-

    Baek Hyung - -looked @ Bo Ri expression; laugh- Bo Ri? You okay with this?
    Bo Ri - -look @ the couple- I don’t know. They’re obviously close

    -Byung Hun & Chae Rim still ignores everyone else; Gazes @ each other; both stubborn-

    Walter - -opens the salon door- Woah! Intensive!

    -Everyone looks over @ Walter except Byung Hun & Chae Rim-

    Jun Ho - -opens the door and keeps walking without looking up- Omo!

    -Jun Ho crashes into Walter; Walter stumbles forward & pushes into Baek Hyung-

    Baek Hyung – Oh, Oh, Watch out! –striving to stay up; falls forward towards Bo Ri-
    Bo Ri - -still holding onto Byung Hun’s arm- Omo!

    -Bo Ri let’s go of Byung Hun’s arm, falls flat on ground-
    -Baek Hyung is on top of Bo Ri; Walter is fumbling off of Baek Hyung-
    -Jun Ho stepped to the side as he first ran into Walter; Fumbled into Chae Rim instead-

    Chae Rim – Omo! –Falls forward-

    -Bo Ri’s eyes widened as Baek Hyung laid on top of her-
    -Baek Hyung’s pulse increased looking @ Bo Ri’s eyes-
    -Walter off of Baek Hyung now and staring down @ the two-
    -Byung Hun catches Chae Rim in his arms after Bo Ri let go of his arm before she fell-
    -Chae Rim notices she’s being held by Byung Hun. Felt warm feeling-

    Hye Jung - -walks in the salon door- Omo! What happened here?

    -Everyone turns to face Hye Jung, even the clients & other employees-
    -Baek Hyung returns to looking at Bo Ri-

    Bo Ri - -pushes Baek Hyung off- Get off! You’re heavy like a big whale!
    Baek Hyung - -pushes himself off- Well, you need to get more fat on your bones!
    Hye Jung – Now, Hyungnie! You don’t talk to her like that! She’s a lady. Why is there underwear in her hair?
    Baek Hyung – Well, she said I was a whale first Omma. –whining; quickly grab white boxers-

    -Baek Hyung notices Chae Rim in Byung Hun’s arms still-

    Baek Hyung – Hyung! Hyung! –waves boxers in front of Byung Hun’s eyes- Let go of my woman.
    Byung Hun - -snaps out of the hold; pushes Chae Rim forward- Oh.
    Chae Rim - -sudden realization; pretends like things are normal- Well, where’s my seat?

    -Hye Jung and Hyuk Joong look @ each other and smiles-
    -Chae Rim walks to seat, sits down, wait for Byung Hun-

    [Salon: Back Room]

    Hye Jung – Byung Hun-ah, go for her okay?
    Byung Hun – What are you talking about Imo? –finding equipment & avoiding eye contact-
    Hye Jung – I know when my Byung Hun-ah likes someone.
    Byung Hun – I don’t like her Imo.
    Hye Jung – Fine, fine. You don’t like her. –walks out-


    Chae Rim – Ay! You! Stop using disgracing terms when talking to or about a lady.
    Baek Hyung – Me?
    Chae Rim – De! You know, I’m a woman, when you said “my woman’ that is pure harassment.
    Baek Hyung – But noona, I didn’t mean to make it sound like that.
    Chae Rim – Go learn some manners
    Hyuk Joong – I apologize for my son’s derogatory words. -90 degree bow-
    Chae Rim - -stands up suddenly- Ahjassi, please don’t bow that low to me.
    Baek Hyung – Appa just doesn’t want to lose a customer.
    Chae Rim – You immature child, why are you so ill mannered towards your abeoji?
    Bo Ri – Don’t worry about him Unnie. He’s always like that. That’s why my Hunnie is better.
    Chae Rim – Him too Bo Ri. I don’t see what you see in him.

    -Baek Hyung walks to the back room saddened-

    Byung Hun – What’s wrong?
    Baek Hyung – Noona told me I was immature. Noonas never tell me that.
    Byung Hun – You are immature.
    Baek Hyung – Hyung, your’re supposed to comfort me not break me into pieces.
    Byung Hun – Sorry, but you seem to have no chance with her Hyungnie.
    Baek Hyung – How do you know she won’t fall head over heels for me?
    Byung Hun – Because she has no interest in you like your other noonas.
    Baek Hyung – But I bet she will like me too. It’ll just take a while for her to fall for me.
    Byung Hun – You just don’t know how to give up do you?
    Baek Hyung – Let’s make a bet.
    Byung Hun – Bet about what?
    Baek Hyung – I can win her heart?
    Byung Hun – And?
    Baek Hyung – If I win her heart, I will stop going after other noonas. I feel she is the one.
    Byung Hun - -laugh @ the comment- Really? How does that benefit me?
    Baek Hyung – Benefits? You dongsaeng will finally be mature!!
    Byung Hun – Sounds interesting now.
    Baek Hyung – Yeah. Not like you can ever win her heart because you’ve never dated.
    Byung Hun – What? I’ve dated.
    Baek Hyung – Hyung, you did? When?
    Byung Hun – I’ve dated several girls and women throughout middle school to now.
    Baek Hyung – No way! I don’t believe you. I never see you.
    Byung Hun – I have. You’re always at the track to notice. Never at the salon.
    Baek Hyung – So all this time, my Hyung isn’t a prude?
    Hye Jung – No he isn’t Hyungnie. And your client is still waiting.
    Byung Hun – Alright Imo. –walks out of back room-

    -Baek Hyung stood astonished-

    Chae Rim – Took long enough.
    Byung Hun – You hurt my dongsaeng, so I had to talk to him a bit.
    Chae Rim – Really? He really is quite immature.
    Bo Ri – Don’t mind him, he’s just always been jealous of Hunnie.

    -Byung Hun smirked a bit knowing that was true-

    Baek Hyung - -walk to Chae Rim; 90 degree bow- I apologize noona. I will not be ill mannered again.
    Chae Rim - -turns towards Baek Hyung- I forgive you dongsaeng.
    Baek Hyung – I would like it if you would give me a chance and not call me dongsaeng.
    Byung Hun – He wants to start fresh with you –combs Chae Rim’s hair-
    Chae Rim - -looks in mirror @ Byung Hun working- Okay. I will look @ younger men.
    Baek Hyung - -smiles- Really noona? You will consider me?
    Chae Rim – I didn’t exactly say that, but I am open to anything.

    -Byung Hun’s heart races & don’t know why-

    [Lee’s House]

    In Rye – Wow, pretty cut Chae Rim-ah! Who did yours?
    Chae Rim – That guy we met back in middle school who didn’t thank us for saving his butt.
    In Rye – What do you mean?
    Chae Rim – The owner of the salon you went to cut your hair at. His sons are the guys we saved.
    In Rye – Really? I didn’t remember. You really remember them don’t you?
    Chae Rim – How can I forget the kid who called me girl and the guy who ignored me?
    Bo Ri - Uck, I hated how Baek Hyung's underwear ended up in my hair.
    In Rye - Really?
    Bo Ri - I wouldn't mind if it was my Hunnie, but that immature Baek Hyung!
    Chae Rim - I think he is more mature than your Hunnie. He apologized to me -smiles-


    Hyuk Joong – Here is your station Walter.
    Walter – Kamsabnida ahjussi.
    Hyuk Joong – While you are here you can earn new equipment by our point system.
    Walter – Really?
    Hyuk Joong – De. When you get permanent clients you get triple points each visit.
    Walter – Oh. Do I use my own equipment for now?
    Hyuk Joong – De. And we have some in the back too.

    [Salon: Back Room]

    Baek Hyung – I want to make a new bet.
    Byung Hun – I don’t have time for a bet.
    Baek Hyung – I want to see if you really do date.
    Byung Hun – I thought you told Agassi that you would be mature.
    Baek Hyung – I am. To her.
    Byung Hun – If you’re going to be mature, you should be mature with everyone.
    Baek Hyung – Let’s get back on track. Let’s make a bet that whoever wins her heart…
    Byung Hun – No. I will not agree.
    Hye Jung – Come on Byung Hun-ah, I know you like her.
    Baek Hyung - -eyes widen- Wah? No way. Hyung. I have to beat you now. Agree to it.
    Byung Hun – If I do, what do I get?
    Hye Jung – You get the girl of course. –smiles; leaves room-
    Baek Hyung – Yeah, whoever wins, wins her heart. And proof who is a better namja.
    Byung Hun – Better namja, eh?
    Baek Hyung – De, better namja.
    Byung Hun - -not wanting to be defeated- De. I agree to it.
    Baek Hyung – Let this battle begin! –walk out the door-

    -Byung Hun stood in awe thinking about what he just agreed on, this was battle of the heart-


    *Next day

    Byung Hun – What are you doing here?
    Baek Hyung – What do you mean? I am taking a client Hyung. –smiles-

    *20 minutes later

    Byung Hun – I thought you were going on vacation with Appa and Imo.
    Baek Hyung – Well, since I have a new challenge, I can’t let a whole month slip away.

    -Baek hyung walks back to his client-

    Baek Hyung – Now noona, look at your beautiful hair in the mirror –winks into the mirror w/smile-
  11. jeeja

    jeeja Miss SMILES :D

    HAHA.... :coverlaf: i just <3 Beak Hyung! he's just so adorable. urgh, that wink *dies* XP
    can't wait to see who'll win her heart <3 lol i lost min already :p
  12. kab hnub

    kab hnub sarNie Hatchling

    the BATTLE has BEGUN :eyetwitch:
    I love the BOND b/w those 2.
  13. PhoneO_5

    PhoneO_5 sarNie Oldmaid


    Take My Namjahood!


    [Choi House]

    Choi Soo Young – What brings you out here?
    Byung Hun – I made a bet with Baek Hyung.
    Soo Young - -laugh- Serious? What does it entail?
    Byung Hun – I have to win this girl’s heart.
    Soo Young – -chuckle- You shouldn’t have a problem with it.
    Byung Hun – Well, this girl kinda doesn’t like me. –takes a sip of water-
    Soo Young – Hmm, odd. Now I know why you are here.
    Byung Hun – What are best friends for, right?
    Soo Young – The things I do for you.

    [Night Club]

    Baek Hyung – Noona! You’re here!
    Chae Rim – What are you doing here?
    Baek Hyung – Junho Hyung and Water Hyung invited me out to celebrate.
    Chae Rim – Wae?
    Baek Hyung – Hyung closed the salon for half the day to go visit his friend.
    Chae Rim – Really?
    Baek Hyung – Yep, and what brings you here tonight?
    Chae Rim – My noona won a gift certificate for free dinner.
    Baek Hyung – I see. You want to dance noona?
    Chae Rim – Sure, why not. Let’s go!

    -Bo Ri is sitting at dinner table on the top floor looking down at the dance floor-

    Bo Ri – Aish, he thinks he can dance.
    In Rye – Bo Ri-ah, I’m going to run to the restroom. You stay here and watch our stuff.
    Bo Ri – Alright Noona.
    In Rye – -turns to look back at Bo Ri- Jealous? –continues to restroom-
    Bo Ri – You got it all wrong Noona. How can I be jealous of that immature guy? –stares @ dance floor-

    -Walter is sitting at the bar checking out the ladies-
    -Jun Ho left for the restroom-

    In Rye – Aish! –Annoyed by the person who bumped into her- You need to watch where you’re going!
    Jun Ho - -busy tucking in his shirt- Mianhaeyo –bow 45 degrees-
    In Rye – Mianhaeyo. I overreacted.
    Jun Ho – -raise head- You!
    In Rye – You! –points @ Jun Ho- I take back my mian.
    Jun Ho – You can’t take it back after saying it! Hypocrite.
    In Rye – Aish! Fine, keep my mian. Anyways, let’s go our separate ways.
    Jun Ho – Fine.
    Im Rye - -walks to restroom- Jeez. Doesn’t even thank me for giving him the job.
    Jun Ho - -overhears her complaint- Yah! I do remember you helping me. So, I will give you a free style.
    In Rye - -keeps walking & mutters- You better remember my free style.

    Walter – Hey Jun Ho-ssi, took you long enough.
    Jun Ho – Aigo, I met that girl again.
    Walter – You must be destined to be with her.
    Jun Ho – Serious?
    Walter- My mom always told me that the more you hate someone, the more you love them.
    Jun Ho – Is your mom Thai or something?
    Walter – How did you know?
    Jun Ho – Really? I guessed correctly?
    Walter – Yeah. My father is Korean though.
    Jun Ho – Well, no wonder your Korean is whack.
    Walter – Hey! –eye catches on a petite girl with wavy hair; whistles- Look at her!
    Jun Ho – Go ask her to dance.
    Walter – I will. You find someone too Jun Ho-ssi.

    -Baek Hyung & Chae Rim finished dancing-

    Baek Hyung – Want something to drink noona?
    Chae Rim – No, I have to go take advantage of that dinner.
    Baek Hyung – Hey noona, were you serious about considering me when you were at the salon?
    Chae Rim - -hesitate- I don’t know. I really never date younger men.
    Baek Hyung – Do you even like me a little bit?

    -Chae Rim walks off to her table upstairs-

    Bo Ri – Well, looked like you had fun with that immature boy.
    Chae Rim – He’s not that bad Bo Ri. How did you meet the two brothers anyways?
    Bo Ri – Well, I went to grade school with both of them. Baek Hyung is my age.
    Chae Rim – I see. –looks down at Baek Hyung sitting next to Jun Ho-
    Bo Ri – Yeah, he always pulled pranks on me. Once he put worms in a gift for our teacher.
    Chae Rim – How is that a prank on you?
    Bo Ri – That gift was from me and the teacher thought I did it!
    Chae Rim - -burst out laughing- You must’ve been naughty for the teacher to believe you did it.
    Bo Ri – Well, he was teacher’s pet and…
    Chae Rim – And you did prank a lot.
    Bo Ri – Anyways, they aren’t really brothers. Hunnie is actually adopted by his appa.
    Chae Rim - Really? –eyes wide and turns to look at Bo Ri-
    Bo Ri – De. Agassi showed up pregnant with Baek Hyung when Hunnie was 2 years old.
    Chae Rim – Interesting.
    Bo Ri – So, Ahjassi raised them both as his sons. Hunnie call Agassi imo instead of oma.
    Chae Rim – Well, wouldn’t that be the correct term?
    Bo Ri – De. But Baek Hyung gets to call Ahjassi appa.
    Chae Rim – I’m surprised they’re not confused.
    In Rye - -back from restroom-Surprised what?

    -The two explain their conversation-
    -In Rye looks down @ the bar & sees Jun Ho-
    -Chae Rim looks down at Baek Hyung after learning more about the brothers-
    -Bo Ri looks down at Baek Hyung-

    Bo Ri - -thinks to self- Aish, he thinks he’s so cool leaning back on the stool. His 183cm height!

    -Baek Hyung looks up @ the dinner table & winks & waves-

    In Rye – Who is he waving at?

    [Oh House]

    Baek Hyung – Hyung, I think I’m ahead of you.
    Byung Hun – Don’t be so sure of yourself.
    Baek Hyung – I already danced with Noona.
    Byung Hun - -turns away with cringe on face- Aish! Like I care!
    Baek Hyung - -teasing tone- I know you’re angry that I beat you to it. –smile-
    Byung Hun – I don’t care. Let’s get to the salon.

    [Choi House]

    Soo Young – Aish, the things I do Byung Hunnie.
    Soo Young’s Oma – Where are you going dressed like that?
    Soo Young - -putting on hat- To help Byung Hunnie.
    Soo Young’s Oma – How many days will you be gone?
    Soo Young – Not sure.
    Soo Young’s Oma – -carefree face- Alright. Have fun. Especially wearing that.


    Jun Ho – So how was the girl last night?
    Walter – You mean that petite girl with curly hair?
    Jun Ho – De. You left early and all.
    Walter - -recollecting the night’s events- That was a bust.
    Jun Ho – Well, virgin for life.
    Walter – I can’t be! I need someone to take my namjahood!
    Baek Hyung - -walk into salon- What a nice phrase to hear first thing in the morning, Water Hyung.
    Walter – I told you! It’s Wal-ter…not water!
    Byung Hun – He’s always had difficulty pronouncing things –place arms around Baek Hyung’s-
    Baek Hyung – Aish! I’m going to get to work.

    [Lee House]

    Soo Young - -sitting @ corner of Lee House driveway- Please I would like to apply for the driver job!

    -Soo Young walks into Lee house in pants, a dress shirt and tie w/hat-

    Chae Rim - -stare down @ Soo Young- You want to be my driver?
    Lee’s Appa – What is wrong with your voice?
    Soo Young - -deepen voice- Ah, I am still a teenager. My voice hasn’t developed much yet.
    In Rye – And you want a job as a driver? Shouldn’t you be in school?
    Lee’s Appa – I don’t think I can hire you.
    Soo Young - -bows on floor- Please Ahjassi! My family needs the money.
    Lee’s Appa – You shouldn’t quit school because of money.
    Soo Young – We’re not wealthy like you sir.
    Chae Rim - -saddened & empathetic- Abeoji, let’s just hire him. I’ll just need him for practice anyways.
    In Rye – De Abeoji. Please help him out.
    Lee’s Appa – Okay. Because my sweet daughter requested it.
    Soo Young - -smirk as she bowed on the floor- Kamsabnida!

    [Night Club]

    *1 Week Later

    Chae Rim – We meet again! –shouting over the band-
    Baek Hyung – De! Can we go outside to talk?
    Chae Rim – De.

    -Both walk out to veranda-

    Baek Hyung – Noona, I really like you. You’re so different than the other noonas I’ve met.
    Chae Rim - -flattered- No I’m not. –smile; hair blows from the wind-

    -Baek Hyung leans in closer for a kiss-
    -Chae Rim stops the kiss with her hand-

    Chae Rim – Eh, Baek Hyung, No kiss. I don’t move that fast dongsaeng.
    Baek Hyung - -smile- I asked you not to call me dongsaeng Noona!
    Chae Rim – Let’s just be friends okay? I decided I don’t want to date younger men.
    Baek Hyung – Really? You’re not even going to lie and give me some hope at all?
    Chae Rim – Nope.
    Baek Hyung – Come on Noona! Please?
    Chae Rim – I already told Bo Ri that you were more mature than your brother.
    Baek Hyung – Really?
    Chae Rim – De.
    Baek Hyung – That’s a big compliment Noona. Usually everyone says my Hyung is mature.
    Chae Rim – Well, he’s pretty immature to me.

    *2 minutes later

    -After complete silence-

    Baek Hyung – No chance at all Noona? –wink, wink, wink-
    Chae Rim – No.
    Baek Hyung - -wink- None?
    Chae Rim - -smile- Alright, aish, that wink is killing me. Let’s go dance some more.
    Baek Hyung – De. Noona, do you not like my Hyung at all?

    -Chae Rim did not answer-


    *Next day

    In Rye – Eh, you! I’m here for my free style! –shout over at Jun Ho-

    -Jun Ho looks up from his station-

    Jun Ho – Agassi, I will be right back. We need to let this set for 2 minutes.
    In Rye – Took you long enough. I am going to my recital. I need some styling.
    Jun Ho – Now?
    In Rye –De.
    Jun Ho – But, I’m working with a client right now and…
    In Rye – You told me free style.
    Jun Ho – De I did. But, you need to make an appointment.
    In Rye – When is your last client anyways? Don’t you do walk-ins here?
    Jun Ho – De, we do.
    In Rye – Plus, you’re new, so how can you be so busy?
    Walter – Remember the point system Jun Ho-ssi? Your opportunity right here.
    Jun Ho – De Walter-ssi.
    In Rye – What point system?
    Jun Ho – Nothing. Just go sit over there and I will get to you as soon as I finish with this client.
    In Rye – De. That’s all you had to say at the beginning.

    -Chae Rim walks into salon-

    Chae Rim – Noona, I’m going to go for a walk around town. I told Soo Jong that he can wait with you.
    In Rye – Alright.


    Chae Rim – Soo Jong! Go wait inside. We’re going to be a while.
    Soo Young – De, Agassi.


    Soo Young - -walks into salon- Haven’t been here since middle school –starts touching things-
    Walter – Aish, you there! Be careful with the equipment!
    Soo Young – -walk up to Walter- Aish, I’m a customer! Where’s your manager?
    In Rye - -look up from magazine- Soo Jong! Come sit over here.
    Soo Young – But, I’m right aren’t I Agassi? I am a customer.
    Walter – But, you could’ve knocked things down.
    Byung Hun - -walks out of back room- What have we here?
    Soo Young - -smirk @ Byung Hun- This namja here yelled at me.
    Walter - -worried- No boss. I didn’t yell at him. I was just telling him to be careful.
    Byung Hun – My apologies to you. –eye smile @ Soo Young-
    Soo Young – No worries Ahjassi.
    In Rye – My apologies for my driver.
    Walter – Wah! Driver?
    Soo Young – De. Problem with that?
    Walter – Then, he’s not a customer boss.
    Byung Hun - -faces Walter- Anyone who enters this store, paying or not is considered a customer.
    Walter – De –frown-

    -Soo Young laughs to self @ the clueless Walter-

    Byung Hun – Get back to work Walter.
    Walter – De. –thinks to self- Aish, this boy. Just a driver and I’m getting in trouble.
    Soo Young – Hyung! Can you tell me where the bathroom is?

    -Walter turns around and makes a pissed face @ Soo Young-

    Soo Young - Aigo, someone isn't happy with a customer! -shouted loudly for everyone to hear-
  14. PhoneO_5

    PhoneO_5 sarNie Oldmaid

    Translations of Korean Terms I've used in Type B thus far:

    Appa - Dad
    Abeoji - Father
    Jabang - Fat
    Kabsamnida - Thank You
    Mianhaeyo - I'm Sorry
    Hyung - Older brother (male to male)
    Oppa - Older brother (female to male)
    Noona - Older sister (male to female)
    Unni - Older sister (female to female)
    Ahjassi - Mister/Sir
    Agassi - Miss
    Imo - Aunt
    Oma - Mom/Mother
    De - Yes
    Wae - Why?
    Wah/Mwo - What? (or a surprised expression)
    Namja - man/guy
    Aigo - Korean expression to describe frustration, annoyances, tiredness (Oh My!)

    Will add more as new words pop up or if I missed anything. Thank you for reading my 1st Korean FF :)
  15. kab hnub

    kab hnub sarNie Hatchling

    Baek Hyung and his WINKING SYSTEM lol. Thanks for the update. Can't wait for more.
  16. PhoneO_5

    PhoneO_5 sarNie Oldmaid


    I Wanna, Wanna Have You



    Chae Rim – So beautiful out here. What should I buy first? -thinks- I know, lipstick.


    In Rye - -pats hair & looks in mirror- Nicely done. –get up to leave the store-

    -Walter eyes Jun Ho to make a move-
    -Jun Ho is scared to try-

    In Rye – Eh, if you want to ask me out, say so. I don’t bite.
    Jun Ho - -gulp & thinks to self- Yes you do.
    In Rye – You going to ask or what?
    Walter – De, he is going to ask.
    In Rye – You, you don’t speak for him. Is he a namja or not? –walks out & waves- Too late!

    -Baek Hyung walks from his client-

    Baek Hyung – Well I guess you let the opportunity pass.
    Jun Ho – Why do you guys want me to go out with a scary woman anyways?
    Baek Hyung – Because I’ll pay you extra.
    Jun Ho – All because you want to go on double dates with me.
    Walter- Jun Ho-ssi you get a raise just by going out with her. So do it.
    Jun Ho – Why didn’t you ask Walter to do it?
    Baek Hyung – He’s too flamboyant –walks back to client-

    -Walter looks at Jun Ho-

    Walter – What did he just say? I’m too flamboyant?
    Jun Ho – Yep. You are kind of weird. Maybe that’s why you keep attracting men.
    Walter – Don’t they like manly men?
    Jun Ho – Transgenders do. I don’t know about gays.
    Walter – Aish. How am I going to be more manly then?
    Jun Ho – Don’t know.

    -Walter goes to the backroom to take a lunch break-

    Soo Young – De. I know. I let her off on her own today. But I’ll figure out her likes and dislikes today.
    Byung Hun – It’s only a matter of time.

    -Clank, a bottle of hair color dropped to the ground-

    Byung Hun – Who’s there?
    Soo Young – De. I will be going now sir. Kamsabnida for your advice. –walks out of the room-

    -Walter stood still. He thought he heard a woman’s voice, but the voice turn into a deeper tone-

    Byung Hun – I asked who is there? If you don’t reveal yourself, I will make you pay double.
    Walter – It’s me boss.
    Byung Hun – So clumsy with the colors. You know how much each costs?
    Walter – De. Sorry. I won’t ever do it again.
    Byung Hun – Of course you won’t. I won’t make you pay for it this time. But clean it up.
    Walter – De.


    In Rye – Soo Jong! Where did you come from?
    Soo Young – I was tired of sitting and walked around for a while.
    In Rye – How do you know when I would be out?
    Soo Young – I made sure to walk back into the salon several times Agassi.
    In Rye – Okay. Go get the car.
    Soo Young – De.

    -Chae Rim got the call from her sister and headed back towards the salon-

    [Lee’s House]

    Lee Appa – You two going to piano lessons again?
    Chae Rim – De abeoji. Will you be there to watch us tonight?
    In Rye – I don’t want to go to practice tonight. I want to go to work on my sewing skills.
    Lee Appa – You have to go to piano. I paid for them already.
    In Rye – But appa…I mean abeoji, I’m an adult. I should get to choose what I want.
    Lee Appa – I already give you enough freedom. You have to excel in it like your umma.
    Chae Rim – Pero padre, mi hermana needs to rest. Let’s give her one day off, eh abeoji?
    Lee Appa – My perfect daughter. Excelling in your Spanish. Just for you. I will let you off one night.
    In Rye - -eyes Chae Rim- Chae Rim-ah. Thank you. So I can go sew tonight?
    Lee Appa – De.

    [Night Club]

    Jun Ho – You sure she’ll be here?
    Baek Hyung – De. Don’t they come out almost every night?
    Jun Ho – If they come out every night, why do you need me to help you out? You can talk to her here.
    Baek Hyung – I want a real date. To show her my other side.
    Jun Ho – But, if she’s denying you now, why do you need me?
    Baek Hyung – Just do as I say Jun Ho Hyung.
    Jun Ho - Walter isn’t here today.
    Baek Hyung – You don’t need him by your side. He doesn’t help you attract women.
    Jun Ho – But…
    Baek Hyung – No buts. I can get you more women. Hush, let’s go in and make your move.
    Jun Ho – But…
    Baek Hyung – You’re a namja. You’re not afraid of women. You will get a date. Repeat after me.
    Jun Ho – De. You’re a namja. You’re not afraid of women. You will get a date. Repeat after me.
    Baek Hyung – Aish, Jun Ho Hyung, just relax. Maybe I should’ve asked someone else.
    Jun Ho – I told you to ask Walter.
    Baek Hyung – But, I see In Rye Noona interested in you.
    Jun Ho – Really?
    Baek Hyung – De. When she looks at you in the mirror.
    Jun Ho – Really?
    Baek Hyung – De. So have some confidence and ask her.


    Soo Young – I heard the salon owner’s son is a very nice man.
    Chae Rim – Where did you hear that? He isn’t that nice. He can’t even say thank you.
    Soo Young – Well…
    Chae Rim – Don’t listen to gossips Soo Jong. He has no manners.
    Soo Young – But I heard that he is very nice.
    Chae Rim – Did he pay you to say these things about him?
    Soo Young – No Agassi. I just heard from my friend who went to school with him.
    Chae Rim – Really?
    Soo Young – De. He was bullied a lot for having a gay abeoji. Plus he was adopted by his appa.
    Chae Rim – And?
    Soo Young – He didn’t let the bullies stop him.
    Chae Rim – Durr, I rescued him at one point. He didn’t do any of it on his own.
    Soo Young – Well, I heard that he became so embarrassed he secretly took taekwondo lessons.
    Chae Rim – Where did he take it?
    Soo Young – I’m not sure, but he became the best that no one wanted to bully him anymore.
    Chae Rim – That’s false. I would know. I would’ve been the best if my appa didn’t pull us out.
    In Rye – At least he let us take it for a while. You became too aggressive, that’s why he sent you off.
    Chae Rim – De. And now I have to pretend to be prim and proper in front of him.
    In Rye – De. I know my dongsaeng. That’s why you are such a rebel nowadays.
    Chae Rim – Abeoji can’t control me forever.
    In Rye – He is controlling you now.
    Chae Rim – Not for long.
    Soo Young – You want me to drop you off at the sewing class?
    Chae Rim – No, take us to the night club.
    In Rye – Chae Rim-ah let’s take a break from it. I really want to sew today.
    Chae Rim – Since when did you like sewing?
    In Rye – It’s relaxing.
    Chae Rim – Fine, we can drop you off, but I’m taking off.
    In Rye – It’s dangerous to go by yourself.
    Chae Rim – No worries Noona. I have Soo Jong.
    Soo Young – Me?
    Chae Rim – Durr, aren’t you a guy?
    Soo Young - -gulp- De.
    Chae Rim – Plus I’m sure Baek Hyung will be there too.
    In Rye – You giving him a chance?
    Chae Rim – I don’t know. He seems fun to hang out with.
    Soo Young – Agassis, Baek Hyung really is a nice guy.
    Chae Rim – What’s up with you bringing his name back up? He has no manners and he’s boring.
    In Rye – He has taekwondo black belt. Your favorite hobby.
    Chae Rim – Those can be rumors.
    In Rye – Have you really gone to check out and see if he’s pro?


    Jun Ho – There is Chae Rim. But where is Im Rye? –pout-
    Baek Hyung – Now you’re pouting. Where was that fear of seeing her? It’s gone now?
    Jun Ho – I am afraid of her. But I love seeing her.
    Baek Hyung – You’ve fallen for the scary woman?
    Jun Ho – De. –looks down-
    Baek Hyung – Jun Ho Hyung, you hear what you’re saying? –laugh-
    Jun Ho – De. I like seeing her face. But she scares me.
    Baek Hyung - Next time live it up and be a namja. I’ll go talk to Noona myself. You can drink. No wonder you don't get dates.
    Jun Ho – De.
    Baek Hyung – I’ll pay so order what you want.
    Jun Ho – De.

    -DJ announces a contest for the namjas-

    DJ – We need three in the crowd to participate. Anyone?

    -After reaching Chae Rim, Chae Rim suggests Baek Hyung to enter the contest-

    Baek Hyung – Noona, if I enter, what will you give me?
    Chae Rim – I will give you a kiss.
    Baek Hyung – Really?
    Chae Rim – De.
    Baek Hyung – Just for entering?
    Chae Rim – De.

    -Baek Hyung runs to the stage, he notices Byung Hun-
    -Byung Hun looks across the stage and steps up to the stage-

    Baek Hyung - -talks to self- When did he ever sing?

    -Byung Hun is on stage and girls are chanting his name-

    Byung Hun – Annyeonghaseyo
    Women @ the Club – Anneyong Oppa!!
    Chae Rim – Eh, that’s the ill mannered Byung Hun! –points to the stage-
    Soo Young – That’s my Hunnie.
    Chae Rim – -turns to look at Soo Young- What did you just say?
    Soo Young - -twitches- Err, That’s Byung Hun alright! I heard my friend say he can sing too.
    Chae Rim – No way.
    Byung Hun – My name is Byung Hun. I’m going to sing “Oh My Goodness” by Trax.

    -Cheers rang out through the building-

    Byung Hun – -sings- Uh! I want you, I want you, I wanna wanna have you.
    Soo Young – Woah, he’s staring at you Agassi!
    Chae Rim – -looks away shyly- No he's not
    Soo Young - You're blushing Agassi.
    Byung Hun – -keeps his eyes on Chae Rim & sweetly sings- ...Oh My -eyes became mesmerizing to Chae Rim- Goodness.

    Special Bonus: - "Oh My Goodness" by Trax w/eng subs
  17. kab hnub

    kab hnub sarNie Hatchling

    thanks for the update. it's been a while. so glad finals r OVER. YES!
    i love all the cuties boys in here. Seems like Chae Rim is falling in love lol

    TRAX, OMG I LOVE THEM.....!!!!!!!!
  18. PhoneO_5

    PhoneO_5 sarNie Oldmaid





    -Baek Hyung crosses his arms and can’t believe Byun Hun can sing-

    Baek Hyung – Aish!! Why didn’t I know this? What song can I sing to beat him?
    Jun Ho – Eh, Baek Hyung, I didn’t know Boss can sing. –walked to stand next to Baek Hyung from bar-
    Baek Hyung – Me neither.
    Jun Ho – Mwo? You really didn’t know your hyung can sing?
    Baek Hyung – No. Now I don’t know how I can beat him.
    Jun Ho – If you couldn’t sing why did you enter in the first place?
    Baek Hyung – I didn’t say I couldn’t sing. I just don’t know what song I could sing to beat him out.
    Jun Ho – Woah, you want to beat him? That’s tough. His voice is sexy.
    Baek Hyung – Can’t believe you’re thinking that. I would believe you if you were Walter hyung.
    Jun Ho – Wae? That’s my opinion. It’d be hard to beat. Sorry you have no chance Baek Hyung.
    Baek Hyung – Hyung, you have no faith in me at all? –looks at Jun Ho- I will prove you wrong.
    June Ho – Sure. If you win then I will continue to help you out with Chae Rim even if I’m scare of…
    Baek Hyung – You will keep helping me if I win? Great! –talking under breath- You’re gonna help no matter what. -smile-
    Jun Ho – Mwo you say?
    Baek Hyung – Nothing Jun Ho hyung. I will have to win.
    Jun Ho – The only song I know that will beat this is “Heart Beat”
    Baek Hyung – That’s ridiculous hyung. “Noona Neomu Yeppeo” is better.
    Jun Ho – Suit yourself.

    [Sewing Class]

    -In Rye chats with fellow crafters-

    Lee Appa – In Rye! Where is your sister?
    In Rye – At piano class, Abeoji.
    Lee Appa – She is not there. I went to check up on her concerned that she is in class alone.
    In Rye – She dropped me off with Soo Young and they went to class.
    Lee Appa – Maybe they go in an accident. But, I didn’t see them. –worried-
    In Rye – Perhaps they took a different path.
    Lee Appa – Your sister could be dead out there and you don’t sound worried at all! –angry-
    In Rye – I am abeoji. But, she is an adult and I’m sure they are fine.
    Lee Appa – How are they fine? You don’t know where they are?

    -the phone rings-
    -message on In Rye’s speakerphone;Lee Appa had her pick it up: Unnie, are you there? Eh, Unnie Chae Rim @ the club again tonight? You can't hear me?-


    Soo Young – He was mighty handsome right ahjassi?
    Chae Rim – De. –mistakenly admitted it- I mean, no. He is not handsome. He’s rather stiff.
    Soo Young – More like you were stiff ahjassi.

    -Byung Hun walks off stage and smiles @ Baek Hyung-

    Byung Hun – I told you I dated before.

    -Girls came rushing in to hug Byung Hun-

    Chae Rim – Ha, he’s no different than any other namja. Womanizer.

    -Soo Young looks @ Chae Rim and smiles-
    -After another performer, Baek Hyung heads on stage-
    -Byung Hun sits at a table with Jun Ho and watched his dongsaeng perform-

    Baek Hyung – Annyeong! -cute voice- Ready for a great song? And ready for a great singer?
    Crowd – De!! -admire his cuteness & cockiness-
    Baek Hyung – Alright. DJ, start it up!! Up!! Up!! -manly voice-

    -DJ turns on the music & the sounds of heart beats pop up-

    Jun Ho – Mwo? He chose this song? That prideful booger.
    Byung Hun – Mwo?
    Jun Ho – Nothing. I told him to sing this song and he said his choice was better. Look at him now.

    [Bo Ri’s House]

    Bo Ri – Agassi, I really don’t know where unnie is.
    Lee Appa – I heard your message. You tell me now or you can’t visit them again.

    -In Rye looks @ Bo Ri to not say anything with pleading eyes-

    Bo Ri – Agassi, I really don’t know.
    Lee Appa – You’re lying! I guess your friendship isn’t important. Don’t come over anymore.
    Bo Ri – Wait!! –shouting after the Lee’s- If I tell you, then I can still come over?
    Lee Appa – Of course.
    Bo Ri – Unnie is at this club.
    Lee Appa – Take me there.

    -In Rye look frustrated at Bo Ri-

    Lee Appa – You don’t look at her like that. After we get your sister, we need to all talk.


    Baek Hyung - -starts dancing to 2PM’s Heart Beat;sings- Listen to my heart beat. Waiting for you.

    Soo Young – Look at him trying so hard.
    Chae Rim – I rather like it. He’s looking straight at me.
    Soo Young – He won’t win. He’s focusing on only one girl. What a womanizer.
    Chae Rim – That kid. Oh why does my heart pound when he looks at me.
    Soo Young – You can’t like him Agassi!
    Chae Rim - -crosses arms & looks @ Soo Young- Wae?
    Soo Young – Because he’s too young for you.
    Chae Rim – I’m only his noona by 2 years. Age shouldn’t matter with love.
    Soo Young – De. But his hyung is more suited for you.
    Chae Rim – Mwo makes you say that?
    Soo Young – He seems like he’d be more dedicated.

    -Baek Hyung continues to sing & finishes-
    -Chae Rim blows him a kiss & he catches the kiss and smiles-

    Byung Hun – What is he doing? –Looks over @ Chae Rim- Aigo. So childish.
    Jun Ho – Why are you saying that to her when you are trying to win?
    Byung Hun – That’s it. I just want to win.
    Jun Ho – You’re not interested in her at all?
    Byung Hun – I just want to win and Hunnie will work harder.
    Jun Ho – But boss, love isn’t a game.
    Byung Hun – Who say’s I’m playing a game? I’m just trying to get my dongsaeng to work harder.

    -Chae Rim walks towards Baek Hyung-

    Chae Rim – Woah, you did it.
    Baek Hyung – So where’s my kiss noona?
    Chae Rim – I already sent you a blow kiss.
    Baek Hyung – Aish, I’ve been fooled.
    Byung Hun – Of course you were Hunnie. This lady here wouldn’t give a minor like you a kiss.
    Baek Hyung – Hyung, you are a little harsh.
    Chae Rim - -looks @ Byung Hun- De. A little harsh. –looks @ Baek Hyung & presses her lips against his-

    -In Rye tries to text Chae Rim about their abeoji going to the club-

    Lee Appa – Chae Rim-ah!! Mwo are you doing?

    -Chae Rim releases her lip lock & her jaw dropped-

    In Rye – I’m sorry I couldn’t stop him Chae Rim-ah
    Jun Ho – In Rye. –turns to look away from her-

    -In Rye & Chae Rim’s father walks up to Chae Rim & pulls her out of the club glaring at Baek Hyung-

    Special Bonus: "Heartbeat" by 2PM & "Replay" by Shinee to make up for not posting in so long.
  19. MsDramalover

    MsDramalover sarNie Egg

    <3 it! :cloud9: Can't wait 4 more! Honestly I thought Baek Hyung should have sang Replay instead of heartbeat becuz heartbeat is more a heartbroken one and replay fits more becuz he's younger than her. Anyways i sitll love it & anything can happen in a story.
  20. kab hnub

    kab hnub sarNie Hatchling

    Reply...replay...replay <3 :wub: my favorite SHINee song lol
    OMG she kissed Beak Hyung AHH!!! >.<

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