Tylenol may be taken away...what next?


I have stopped taking Tylenol for three years now. I use to get bad headaches and then I'd get rebound headaches cause of the Tylenol. I use to get headaches everyday, but now only get them twice a month or so.


sarNie Adult
they're not taking away tylenol; the government advisory panel wants the FDA to either eliminate combined drugs of acetaminophen and narcotics or lower the dose of acetaminophen in drugs that contain it. acetaminophen is known to have liver damage as one of its side effects and i guess they just realized that the likelihood of liver injury and overdose is higher than they thought so they advised the FDA to lower the dosage of acetaminophen in drugs that contain it as well as lower the maximum daily dose recommendation for adults and children.
i doubt that the FDA will remove their combined acetaminophen and narcotic drugs such as vicodin. that is a huge money maker right there. and it works miracles! the FDA does not have to follow the recommendations but i highly believe that they will probably lower the dosing of acetaminophen in OTC and prescription drugs and put a box warning on the combined drugs.