Tye & Mai


He has one of the cutest smile, I haven't heard of him lately, wondering if he's having any new projects.


sarNie Juvenile
man! i just watch Lady Mahachon (yes.. i know its old).. and OMG! hes so hot!!

they both look SO cute together!!! jealous!! :lmao:
2nd pix her hair so nice.......

TYE...... :yahoo:


sarNie Hatchling
they both make a cute couple...are they playing a lakorn together by any chance...


sarNie Adult
Very cute Couple!

Tye is one of my rising STARs. His smile is to die for............

Just finished his lakorn with Oh(?) and want to let him know that how much I LIKE HIM in this role...It was one of my best along with the lakorn of Tik/Cherry.......


sarNie Egg
I havent been here for so long but yeah OMG Tye is such a cutie in those pix! I miss him....he's so gorgeous. That gal so lucky!!