Tseem Khib [2011]

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    Credits to CaumNpaujNpaim

    Movie : Tseem Khib [2011]
    Starring : Xab Thoj, Sua Ham, Nrhoob Lauj, Ntxawm Lauj, Txais Hawj, Teem Xyooj & Npis Yaj
  2. neena

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    is the girl in this movie with xab his real wife?? i saw a longer preview and it looks like her. she's pretty.
  3. mainhiathao

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  4. cookielee

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    this movie isnt really that great..not funny..ok storyline..
  5. val

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    this isn't one of xab's greatest movie. there are alot of random extra scenes that really doesn't fit the movie.
  6. kellylis

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    Yes, the girl who played Xab's wife in this movie is Xab's real wife :)
    and I have to agree this one is not one of Xab's best movie, but Nom Phaj and Niam Fav Maiv's part was funny.
    Their characters were the best in the movie.
    usually xab's movie would have him beating up his wife and yelling at him, but not in this one.
    I think Xab just wanted one with him and his wife in it and he's not yelling or hitting her because its his real life and he now plays the loyal and nice husband.
    One part in there which I thought was not cool/funny at all was the part where Teem grabs his wife and starts hitting her like crazy. Wife beating scene isn't that funny if it goes a little too far and I didnt think that scene was funny at all... I found it quite disturbing actually.
    Hope his next movie is better :)
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    credit to myzuaher:

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