[True] Autumn in My Heart (True Vision)


sarNie OldFart
O m g!!!!! My man Tik is BACK!!!!!!!! Yay!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

They're doing the Thai Version of Autumn In My Heart and Tik is the Pra'ek! :)
Press Conference tomorrow,the 25th.

Jumping and Screaming!!!! Super Happy!


sarNie OldFart
^ Asy,you beats me to it.hahah. I'll delete my thread.hahah.
I',m Super happy he's BACK!!!! Jumping and Screaming all the way!!!


sarNie OldFart
Yes I am! Tik accepted the role. I also can't believe it that they're making the thai version too.


sarNie Juvenile
OMG! This is so shocking! LOL
There is a thai version of Autumn in my heart! Wow...
How exciting! Can't wait then!

Yay, Tik is the pra'ek. I wonder who is the n'ek?
Please be someone pretty! Hehehe, just saying!
Thanks for sharing na. :]


sarNie Immature
Wahaha we can't delete. Only mods / admins can delete. Sorry -AyLove- to beat you haha lmao.

I didn't watch the Korean version but I read some comments that this drama has sad ending?


sarNie OldFart
^Ha. I d k. I think its a Lakorn. I'm pretty sure. All I know is Pra'ek is Tik J.

Oh really. That's lame.hah. I'll just go write a post and tell people to come to this one instead of the
one I make.hahha..


sarNie OldFart
^ N/P. I can't believe it too. I'm still so shock and happy. I can't even type at the time.haha


Asy,I remember watching it when I was younger but I forgot what happened.hahha/
But Yes,it was a sad ending. :(


Expired Sarnie
I already merged the two together. Most likely it will be through Ch9. I honestly think the Thai adaption to Kdrama is just as bad as CHhina Adaption. "


WOW! A remake of my FAVORITE all time Won Bin series. HEHE =D
So, since Tik is lead, is he playing Won Bin's role or SSH's role????? lol Both were BIG time pa'eks.
Anyways, so much memory will come back. ah...Love Autumn in my Heart.


Keep On Smiling
:yahoo: :clap: :dance2: So happy to see Tik in lakorn again. Agree with Cupid, I wish to see him in ch.3 tho. Thanks for sharing na,


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i don't like the korean version and dont' expect to like the thai version ... if anything, i'm watching for tikker .. unsure which role he'll play since WONBIN and SSH are both p'ek in there (share equal rights) .. i prefer WB role more .. just b/c i don't like taboo story at all :(


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Seriously...I love da Korean version but da Thai verison idk...I mean I know wat coming lol but it won't hurt seeming different actor and actress to do it...sadly it a production or channel I don't watch it lakorn lol it da truth


sarNie Adult
Noooo not Tik! I want a reunion of him and Aff and obviously that won't happen here. But besides that the story sucks. It was incestuous and the ending was dumb as hell but typical melodramatic kdrama. The only positive was Won bin's role. N'ek died from cancer and the p'ek died cause he got hit by a car. He wasn't paying attention, too sad over her death. I remember seeing the car coming and started laughing. Pretty sure that's not the reaction they wanted.