Today's Menu?


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I love foooooooooood .. tell us what you had for breakfast lunch dinner today ..

Breakfast-I missed it due to lack of time and the need to be at my destination early..

Lunch.. Having it right now .. a lonesome sub sandwhich and mustard potato salad.. yes I love potato salad! and sub sandwhich yumMMm... Especially With Mayo .. Real Mayo too... lol

Be back later on today with dinner and I will tell yah what it was lol


sarNie Adult
errr brakefast i had some stupid toast coz i got up later than the rest of my skool >.< and they had taken the noodles and that murrr >.< lunch i had Tod Maan Pla but i wanted Stir-Fried Mixed Vegetable haha but i dint choose it haha and for desset i have Ice Cream but after i come home i have a big table full of food from thai and chinese foods haha
breakfast - don't have time for that
lunch - wendy's hamburger/fries/drink = meal
snack - quizno sub & pepsi
dinner - left over quizno sub & vault.


sarNie Juvenile
breakfast: vegetables
lunch:vegetables and beef


sarNie OldFart
breakfast: rice porridge and low-fat milk

lunch: fisherman's soup, calameres, crispy pata (deep-fried pork leg) and lots more... :p I had Sans Rival for dessert

snack: ice cream

dinner: haven't had dinner yet... it's only 4pm here... lol


sarNie OldFart
breakfast: the usual hotdog and rice <_<
lunch: cheeseburger and fries
dinner: pork, veggies, rice and bunch of fruits
midnight snack:
Aum Atichart with whipped cream all over...
hot milk before I went to bed... ^_^


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Breakfast - nothing cause i was in a rush
Lunch - Fried Rice -.-" Sigh. LOL
Dinner; Planning to make mashed potatoes, steak, steamed veggies


i don't know. i've never had veggie burger. are those green? :p b/c soy burgers are not.

i had a tufu burger the other day at the local korean market. it was awesome. i'm thinking about stopping by the store to get the mix on my way home. :)


sarNie Adult
Breakfast: Lucky Charms (Cereal)
Lunch: Rice with smoked pork and peas

No dinner yet its only 1pm here...
breakfast - awesome fruit cup from josie's
lunch - still waiting for my friend what she wants to eat for lunch
dinner - duno but i have a feeling it's gonna be steam rice with some kinda khmer soup.


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breakfast - skipped it.

lunch - kow piek sen w/chicken and loads of scallions and cilantro along with lime juice, fish sauce and soy sauce. And an iced cold pepsi.

dinner - ^^same as above!


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breakfast... some bread...

lunch... spicy chicken burger

dinner... hmmm.. nothing... ice cream ^_^


Breakfast- Spicy Italian Foot long w/the white macadamia cookie, soup, fried rice
Snack- blueberry cream cheese danish
Lunch-Spicy Tuna Roll, Sashimi
Snack-jack fruit
Dinner-Salmon skin Roll, BBQ, dtamSwua, kanom jin