Theppha But Maya, Theptida Jamlaeng (Kantana)


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This remind me of KKRKKR -- i really liking Kwan -- she's so beautiful as the country girl.

is the girl play win's ex gf Jennifer? she looks a little old for him :(


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I love this lakorn already! Kwan and Win so cute gosh they make a cute couple. Matmai playing prank on p'lae so funny making scary noise and telling him theres a ghost here lol.


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^^I AGREE ! They're so funny messing around with him. ahaha

i cant wait to watch this lakorn!! XD.. whoot whoot..

i'm just skimmin the first clip so far while im waiting for it to finish d/l-ing.. ahaha..

it looks kinda funny and fake-ish but.. looks enjoyable hehe.. gosh.. it's so funny seeing win like this.. hehe..
I agree with you aiko.
It's funny and enjoyable but you can notice the FAKISH part which kinda ruins it.
I Love Kwan & Win but those little parts kills it. ahahhaha
Overall, Everything is Great :D ahaha

where can i watch this lakorn?
You can go to 's account or
Go download it at the buddies media Lakorn section :D

Thanks candylover32 for the pictures! I ordered that Magazine but it's taking FOREVER to come it. It's so depressing. Lol

I can't wait for EPISODE 2 !!! xD


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Where can I watch it though? I don't know what to search for.
The eng sub or the raw version? No Eng sub yet but you can go to to watch it. :)

I wish somebody will help sub this lakorn. I want to know what they're talking about. :D

Anyways, Todays episode was funny. It was cute and funny how he lied to her that his legs hurts.
Gosh. I Love Win's Smile. Such a KILLER. ahahha
I Love how Kwan loves to torture Win. Ahahha
the Coffee, Ghosts, And the horses. Lol
Dang. I want to touch Win's butt too! ahahhaha jk :p
But seriously, i actually do. ahhaha
Back to watching it :D


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aigoo.. it's taking me forever to d/l ep 2.. i cant wait to watch it though lol..

anyways.. i think from ep 1, it kinda shows why kwan hates win.. it's because when they were little, win would always torture kwan... etc.. so im assuming she's taking revenge now hehe..

i believe tarn plays win's sister and pulpat plays win's friend..

anyways.. i really wish someone will sub it T_T..


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Same here! It's taking forever although i watched it on Youtube already.
i don't really like how it's LQ but oh wells :)
Funny when Win made Kwan act as his Lover. So cute!
that would really suck..having to change and change because you're disguising as two, or so, people. lol
I can't wait to see Epi.3 gosh. Have to wait another week.
I don't know why but i don't really feel that anxious feeling towards this lakorn yet.
I did weeks ago but now, nothing. lol I guess i'll just have to wait abit since it's only the beginning. ahah

Yeah. Tarn plays as Win's sister and Pulpat is Win's friend :D
They're also so cute. That was so aweee when he told her that he liked her.
She was happy like no tmr. Lol


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Omg Kwan and Win are super cute. I laugh all the scene when they in together. This lakorn better then their last two.


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This lakorn is pretty good, its funny and easy to watch.

Kwan & Win are so cute together! They have such great onscreen chemistry :wub:

I kind of like Win's playboy character LOL Like in Episode 2 where he was checking Kwan out when her clothes were wet and how he tricked her that his foot was hurt so he can be closer to her and hug her.

Kwan's character(s) is cute also, she is so beautiful. I like how she is so tricky and fights back.

I just found out that Kwan also have twitter :

Does anyone knows if Win have one as well?​


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oh my gosh!
Love this lakorn so far!
i can't wait one more week for episode 3!
Win was so CUTE in episode 1 cause he was scared,he was hiding under the blanket with a
i do wish someone subs or caps this lakorn.tehe.Kwan is so funny.i'm so obsessed already.tehe.And plus,i LOVE kwan and Win's song.Has anyone look through the ending credits?Win was mean to her,i assume that that is when Win loses his memory.ewhhh,sorry but i really hate nang rai.i don't like the nang rai's role or her,i think they could've done better on choosing cause the nang rai is so ugly,she looks like a guy at times and her cheeks are all chubby.ewhh.Well,i saw the preview for episode 3 and i'm SUPER excited,can't wait!omigee,this lakorn made my day!Kwan and Win are CUTIES.i freaking agree!Win's smile is a killer smile,it makes me smile.tehe.i wanna pinch his cheeks like a little baby;p


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^I didn't see Kwan's parent -- are they dead? I know that Win's dad died but what about her parent -- no one mention anything in there.

Anyway, do you guy feel the same way as me about kwan and her matty/natty (magazine said matty) image? How did a TOP MODEL manage to hide her identity without the world knowing where she's residing? Isn't it just a bit strange? --I often wonder what happen to her ranch when she was out to do her modeling job oversea if her parent passed away then? -- So many cuts in here -- i'm so lost on her family history.

Anyway, I'm really annoyed at Jennifer's role -- she looks too mature for Win *sighed* I still can't take win serious as the millionaire player -- his face is too baby-ish looking *sighed*


Cecilia - i wonder the same too, on how does she manage everything. From being a TOP Model to Ranch owner, then being the maid. Wouldn't everyone know about her life especially being a model. Tabloids should be all over her.. It's too easy how Win gets deceive to thinking all the 3 characters are different and not just one

other than that, im enjoying the comedy of the lakorn...Win and Kwan are adorable together.