The Sun that Raised Up Our Love


sarNie Hatchling
- The Sun that Raised Up Our Love -

Starring: Arnus, Pancake, Cartoon K., Win, Ball
By: JSY Production

This story was about a girl name Dao (Pancake Khemanit Jamikorn) , she have a best friend name Lyn (Cartoon Kanokwan). Lyn has a fiancé name Win ( Arnus Rapanich) , and she don’t even like him and they engage because of the business of their parent. At first Win saw Lyn, he like her, but she don’t even like him at all, because she already has a boyfriend name Mathew (Ball Vittavat Singlumpong) . So one day Win got into an accident and he became blind after, so when Lyn heard that he’s blind and they want her to go take care of him in the place that he really like to live, Lyn was so mad and tell her mom that she don’t want to go care for him. So she ask her friend Dao at the hospital,(Dao is a nurse at the hospital) , and tell her to do a favor for Lyn . She ask Dao, can she do her a favor for her birthday, and Dao tell her that she’ll do everything for her best friend birthday, so Lyn said if she really will do anything for her , then Dao will know later. So Lyn tell her that they’ll go celebrate her birthday in Pathaya, so Dao said that she’ll find a way to go with her to celebrate her birthday.

So the next day, Lyn tell her mom that she’ll go take care of Win in Pathaya, so that day Lyn and Win go to Pathaya together, when they get there she told him to stay there and tomorrow she’ll come back because she forgot her wallet so she come back and Win stay there. So the next day morning, Dao tell Lyn that she could go with her to Pathaya today and tomorrow, so Lyn tell her to pack and Dao tell her parent that she might go there for maybe 1 or 2 week to spend some time in Pathaya since she only been there once.

So when they get there and they go shopping, Lyn bought Dao a drink and she put alcohol in there and give it to Dao to drink, and then when they’re in the car and going back to the hotel, Dao was asleep, so Lyn took her to the island that Win was living in there. When they get there, Lyn tell her maid Noi, to take Dao into that house and tell them that, that’s Lyn. So Noi take Dao into the house and tell the maid in there that Lyn fall asleep so please take her to her bedroom, so the maid take Dao to sleep in the bed and Noi come back to the car and they went back to the hotel.

The next day morning, Dao wakes up and saw the men-maid name Pom was looking at her and tell her that she is very pretty. So she woke up and don’t even know where she is so , she ask Pom where she is and he tell her that they’re in Pathaya in an island, so she ask him where is Lyn, so he told her that she is Lyn and maybe she might fall asleep too much. So Dao just remember when Lyn asked her to do her a favor and that she’ll know later, so Dao tell herself that she’ll do her best, for her Lyn birthday present favor.

So Dao just keeping helping Lyn and got to lie to them that her name is Lyn, so they always call her Lyn, so she care for Win about 7 month and during the 7 month they have feelings for each other. So the day that Win went to his operation he tell Dao to wait for him, after that Dao call Lyn that he went to his operation and the doctor said 100% Win will be the same again and not blind, so Lyn went to the hospital and Dao come back and her tears were falling, but she tried not to cry. So she went back home and her parent ask her is it fun, and she tell them that it’s very fun. So when Win recover and he began to see again, then Lyn tell her boyfriend that she broke up with him because he already cheat behind her back with her maid Noi and make her pregnant. So they broke up and Lyn always went to the hospital and try to care for Win, but Win noticed that her voice and her attitude has been change.

So one day the nurse told Dao that she’ll have to go care for the patient name Win because the nurse that care for him, got sick, so Dao will have to replace her for today. So when Dao went into the room , and she saw Win was sleeping, so she kiss him on his lip, and then he wake up and saw that Dao was there, but he don’t even know her. So he told her to give him some water, she accidentally pour the water on his clothes, so he was mad, and at that time Lyn came into the room, and ask them what happen, so he tell her that Dao purposely pour that water to him, so Lyn tell him that Dao was a best friend of Lyn so she want him not to be angry at Dao. After that Dao and Lyn go outside of the room and Lyn tell Dao not to tell Win the truth and Lyn please Dao, so Dao tell her that she’ll not tell him the truth.

So Dao quit her job because she don’t want to see the person that she have fallen in love with her best friend . So Dao went to work in his father company. Days after days, when she and Win met he always hate her and mad at her. So one day Win wants to come see Dao, (at Dao new house that she bought it for herself to live), and ask her to forgive and then he went into her room while Dao still at work, and he saw a picture that , remind him that once he told Pom to take a picture of them and Dao tell them that she don’t want to take and then Win force her by hugging her, and he also have that picture too and he don‘t even know why Dao is in the picture with him, so he think that maybe the girl that has been with him all the time is Dao and not Lyn, but Dao lied to them that her name is Lyn. So while he was still thinking and is holding that picture in his hand, Dao open the door, and saw him holding the picture and then she tell him to put the picture down , but he won’t put it down so Dao go steal the picture from him and then they both accidentally ripped the picture. Win was so mad, so he attack her and the next day they found themselves sleeping with each other. So Win tell Dao that he’ll takes responsibility, but Dao tell him not to, because he’s going to marry Lyn the next week. So Dao tell him to get out of her house, but Win won’t go, so she tell him that if he will not go out she’ll call the police, but Win said if she call them he’ll tell them that they slept together and he just wants to take responsibility on her. So Dao tell him that if he won’t go then she’ll kill herself then he go, but he always come to her house all the time.

The next day Win went to work at his father company their were a new worker, name Mathew, and Win accidentally walks toward him and push him, so Win saw him and ask him do they ever met before and he told him yes. So Mathew tell him all what happen and that Lyn is not the one who took care of him, it was Dao and all the time Dao pretend to be Lyn because Dao got to do what Lyn asked her for a birthday present favor , and all the time Win were with Dao and he and Lyn were together, but then they broke up because he cheat on her and when Lyn heard that Win is recover 100% , Lyn broke up with him.

So the day before the wedding, Win tell his parent everything and they went to Lyn’s house and tell his parent everything, so Lyn accept the truth. So the next day Lyn wants to talk to Dao and she went to her house and see that Dao was throughing up and she tell Dao to go to the hospital, but she won’t so that time Win was coming to Dao’s house and he heard Lyn’s were asking for help, so he went there and saw Dao was faint, so he took Dao to the hospital and knowing that she’s pregnant and he tell everything to Lyn, so that she won’t be upset, so Lyn tell him that its good that he marry Dao, because Dao is a very nice person.

So Win took Dao to go home, and then he and Dao were surprised because there was a man standing in front of Dao house. Then the men turn around and saw Dao he was surprised and happy because he liked Dao a lot and he is her fiancé. The men name is Ramet ( Win Tawin Yavapolkul ), then he take Dao into the house and Win was mad because Ramet hold Dao to the house and Dao tell him to go home and go call his fiancé. The next day, Win saw Ramet at his hotel and he ask him why is he here and he tell him that he is running against the owner of this hotel, so they both talk to each other, but Ramet wanted to race with Win.

Win always come to visit her after work and she always tell him to go home and forget about their pass and they both have to starts a new life with their fiancé. So Ramet always met Lyn at the company because her father like Ramet to work with him also, since he like to work with smart people like Win and Ramet. So Lyn hate Ramet a lot because he always tease her when he ask her to go eat with him and sometimes when they go eat with Lyn’s dad.

It was Ramet birthday and he want them to go to his house for his birthday party, and there Win met Dao, and Dao was holding Ramet hand and they were happy, talking, and laughing to each other. Win is so jealous that he hug Lyn tightly and Lyn ask him what happen to him and he told her to pretend that they both get back again. When Ramet looking at Win and Lyn he was jealous because he also likes Lyn too. Ramet hug Dao tightly too, but Dao tell him to stop, when Dao saw that Win and Lyn was hugging each other, she felt hurt and jealous. When it’s time to dance, Ramet ask Dao to go dance with him and Win ask Lyn to go dance with him. While they were dancing, Win keeps pushing Ramet and Dao, and Ramet push back, then they got into a fight and Dao and Lyn tell them to stop, and Dao go hold Win and Lyn go hold Ramet. They both got bruises and Win took Dao to her house and Dao tell him that she’ll help him to put medicine on. So Lyn and Ramet were together and she was caring for him.

So the next day Dao and Win found themselves sleeping with each other again and he was happy. Then Dao tell him to go home and never came back again, then Dao went to Ramet company and tell him that they should break up the engagement, and said that he also agree to it too, because even though if they marry Dao will never have feelings for him. So they became friend. Then Win
ex-girlfriend contact him again and he hate her so much, but then she want to get back with him because her old rich husband had pass away, but Win told her no, but she always come to his place and bother him all the time.

Then one day when Dao go to Win company, she was in the elevator with Win ex-girlfriend Pim (Namwaan Kannaporn), then they both come to the same level and also go ask for Win together. Then Dao ask her what’s her name and why do she come here and she tell her that her name is Pim and she is Win girlfriend. So Win open the door and saw Dao he was happy that she come, but she turn back and ran to the stairs and Win followed her. Win followed her, but she went to a taxi and Win got confused, so Dao has been going for 2months.

Then Win set up a party for his company got lots of money this year, then Lyn ask Dao to come do a celebration for Win, and Lyn also tell Win that Dao is having his baby too. Then Dao come to the party and Pim also went to the party too, and she was jealous of Win, so when Dao went outside she followed her and push her down the stairs and that time Win walk from the bathroom and saw that Pim was pushing down someone, so he saw that it was Dao and he push Pim away and he helped Dao and took her to the hospital and tell her that nothing will happen to their baby and her, and he was holding her hand tightly.

Then hours later the doctor open the door and tell them that Dao and her baby was okay, but they have to watch her carefully. So Win go to Pim house and yell at her, then after a few days when Dao was still in the hospital, Pim go and apologized to Dao, and they became friends.

So when Dao get out of the hospital , Win propose to her and Lyn tell her to say yes, so they marry, and 1 years later Win and Dao they have 1 son and 1 daughter and Lyn was marry to Ramet and have a son.

- The End -


sarNie Granny
cute story. i wished it was a little longer--pancake and arnus look good together. did they ever have a lakorn together?