The Star- Princes of Looktoong

Always thought these guys had the best voices in looktoong. Turns out I'm right. Would like to share. I've got to say I was never a huge fan of looktoong even during Got Jakrapun's era. These guys made me love looktoong. *wipes tear* Their voices are so beautiful. Omg.


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I love looktung music, and I love it when them 4 sing looktung because they have the nice, soft voice for it. :D It sounds like a mixture of likay and looktung but more likay for the last song. I get so confuse with these two genres sometimes, because there are times when they sound alike but totally different too. These 4 men are definitely the prince of looktung (&Likay too). 555 I love how Can the Star was doing the hand dance. They're all so adorable! :D Thanks for sharing.


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Oh gashhhh, this is one of my favorite performances!
All their voices are so nice. Of course, me being the biased one -- I adore Toomtam's voice most but all guys are super talented.
I've always been a fan of Gun's voice, too. So majestic.
Anyways, love their cute dancing & head movements here :D


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fun said:
From the guys, Gun is the only voice that fits lookthung, likay and maybe even morlum. There's this sincerity in Gun's voice when singing lookthung.
I was thinking the exact same thing Fun.  Sure they all have nice voice, but I believe Gun's voice matches this kind of genre more.  I guess his voice has more feel into the song than the rest.  That's what I think. :)


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Great now I'm addicted to Gun, yesterday I spent the entire day youtubing him. He has very good voice control and his singing range seems better than the more popular the star male singer.
Yeah, Gun is among my top favorites from the Star. If I had to pick a guy for the best voice, it's a tie for Gun and Toomtam for me. For personality, I go with my boo, Bie. LOL. Now, Can. Can is one adorable guy. He has a lot of potential. I like him too.


Woah. Toomtam is looking good. HAHA. Love, love his hair.
Their last performance was quite entertaining. Haha.  Listening to them makes me wanna go back to listen to Got. I was never really into looktung until I discovered Got around the early 2000's.