The picture I have been looking for, I found it!


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That is one of the most disgusting images that I have ever seen in my life! ... Even though it is fake. LOL... I got goosebumps all over and felt like throwing up. Gross! Yuck! Eww!


its photoshop... i saw what kind of fruit that they use... i'll be back here once i got the name of the fruit and maybe if i could find a pic of the fruit you might realize that its photoshop.

plus, if its true with that kind of disease specifically at your boobs... then it should be bleeding even more and reddish.


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i almost faint!!! can't stand this kinda picture..


here you go guys... to prove that its photoshop.

because they use the LOTUS LILY SEED as manipulated picture for the boobs.

nothing to be afraid now, right? ;) but how lil creepy if the photographer were a lil obsess with lotus lily seed plant as their subject in photography. especially when they took pictures of this in macro style... to emphasize the holes of the flower... XD

and one more thing, totally the video was fake about this info... for me, i believe it. true its another disease that they post in the video but its not the picture that they're describing.


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I still don't wanna see it after reading all the comments...real or fake, I know that image will be imprinted in my's a good thing I don't have a photographic memory, but still, I'm a visual person, so what I see tends to stay in my mind...Just the comments are bad enough


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i hate them plants all bcoz i hate things with holes in like that i dno im weird buh i just dnt like it its something that makes me feel uneasy they r like sold in thailand i think ppl eat thoese things haha i dnt eat them tho i think i seen ma mom eat it i dno thoses planys r just ugly kinda ma phobia i kno im weird!


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I so should never have stumble upon this thread. Now I don't think I can eat or look at another lotus seed.


I so should never have stumble upon this thread. Now I don't think I can eat or look at another lotus seed.
TRue~! i eat a lot especially if you cook a delicious soup out of this plant... XD

oh, well... screw to the manipulator of the picture (edited boobs.) XD :loool: along time ago... we cant bear watching the picture... but after finding out about this plant, we can bear watching it... of course its still scary if we have this kind of disease... i mean WTH... imagine the larva that they're talking about is the seed of this plant. i might be dead now if i have that kind of disease... i bet...