The Most Handsome Pra'ek

Who you think is the most handsome pra'ek?

  • Tik

    Votes: 13 17.1%
  • Ken T.

    Votes: 21 27.6%
  • Dome

    Votes: 3 3.9%
  • Nadech

    Votes: 39 51.3%

  • Total voters


Keep On Smiling
I was surprised to see Dome in the poll too. Maybe, Dome is considered to be a superstar, very popular and handsome in Thailand. Oh.., maybe not that handsome
compare to the other 3 since he only gets 3% of the vote so far.


Lmao. None of the above. Loool.
Tik J was hot in Roy Leh Sanea Rak and I will forever treasure him as Kongpope lol but the most handsome in my choice is none of the above. Lmao.
Aum Athichart is also HOT. Love him. lol
Reading some of these threads are so funny! 


sarNie Adult
Dome is just not my type. Ken Theeradeth was handsome but he's getting old. Tik wasn't really appealing to me but he's a good actor. Cried in Luerd Kattiya. Nadech is hot!!!! Ken Theeradeth has my vote for handsome but when Nadech puts on the right clothes and stuff, he's super handsome/hot. So my vote is Nadech.
I think Mark is cute not really in the handsome category but he's sometimes cuter than cuter lol.
In Soot Sanaeha, I was like "damn this man is old but he's handsome". So I guess he's handsome for an older man. Does that sound weird from a 17-year-old? Lol.


For me, handsomeness is in terms of looking good in a natural way.  Not someone who looks crappy most of the days and only looks good when covered with layers of make up.  That's really artificial in terms of "handsomeness".  Handsomeness has more to do with naturally good looking.  The above choice is a complete "No." Lol.
The rest are too old and some look like a joke off screen. HAHA. Lmao.


sarNie Egg
Tik Tik Tik period
i never found Ken really good looking but i like his acting in some lakorns
nadech is cute and good looking but lacks  charm and sophistication in my opinion...but that may come later when he is in his 30s
Dome... i found handsome in the dracula lakorn " Love Never Dies " only ...other times he looks a bit gay in my opinion :p , specially since I have seen him do facials and make up on his youtube channel ...
 a praek whom I didnt like when I first saw but kinda grew on me is Andrew ... specially after "The Red Castle " ..loved how charming and sophisticated he looked there


MarkKimhome said:
I think Mark is the most handsome
Same here. For me, it's Mark, Bie, Nadech, New W, Phet...etc. yeah LOL, but out of the ones in the polll, then it's NAdech. I haven't ever found Ken, Tik or Dome to be handsome in my eyes. Despite that I still like some of their lakorns.