"The Inheritors" [Ch 1.1 UPDATED]


My two main active Fanfictions will be "Roomies" and "The Inheritors." As for the rest of my other Fanfictions, I'm not sure when I will be updating those so there won't be any chances of new updates. This will be MY version of the Korean Drama "The Inheritors" known as "Heirs" that is currently airing at the moment. My storyline is based on "Heirs" but many things will be alternated such as the pra'ek's role. Instead of the pra'ek being the illegitimate son which is "Lee Minho's role as Kim Tan,"  the pra'ek's character will be similar to the second male lead, the biggest badass jerk "Kim WooBin as Young Do's role" who is the upcoming CEO of his father's company "Zeus Hotel." As for the nang ek's role, she will remain the same. Enjoy the first part and give me some feedback please :)
If you haven't been watching "Heirs," here is a quick summary of what it is all about,
"A romantic comedy about high school students living in top 1% high society, learning about love and friendship. Things get turned topsy turvy when the students end up getting tangled with a girl from lower class who is the heir of "poverty", and romance unfolds." Cr: dramawiki
Note: All the characters are in the process of finalization
Mark Prin as Akkanee 
Character of Choi Young Do(Heirs)​
Mint Chalida as KwanJai
Character of Choi Eun Sang(Heirs)​
James Jirayu as Wayu​
Character of Kim Tan(Heirs)​
Min Pechaya as Ranida (Akkanee's Fiancee)​
Character as Yoo Rachel(Heirs)​
First Parada as Apichat (Kwanjai's Bestfriend)
Character as Yoon Chan Young(Heirs)​
Nycha as Alisara (Apichat's Girl Friend)​
Character as Lee Bo Na(Heirs)​
Porshe Saran as Nahtee​
Character as Lee Hyo Shin(Heirs)​

I am a Sophmore in Highschool and the youngest daughter who is left with the responsibility of taking care of my mute mother while
my sister leaves us to study abroad. The day my sister “WhanMai” announced she will be leaving to Los Angeles to further her education left me enraged in the inside. Our mute mother just nodded her head in approval without stopping her that sent a thousand needles of pain to my heart. That night, I locked myself in the bathroom and cried hysterically to myself asking “Why is my sister so selfish?” I knew very well she used education as an excuse to escape the world we live in. I, too wanted to escape from the world we live in, but I choose to deal with all the hardships as long as I had our mother and her by my side. The day she left, I didn’t have the will to go see her off because I was truly hurt by her decision. Time to time, we received written letters from her about her new life abroad and how we shouldn’t worry too much about her. One thing she never left out in her letters was asking for money from our mother. Well my Junior year went by fast after my sister left and my summer is already ending in two months. Since we receive her letters every so often, who knew the next one would be our last? She will not be returning to Thailand and will be getting married in L.A to her boyfriend. Boyfriend? She never once mentioned about a
man in any of her letters. Tears rolled down my cheeks as I read the lines “I do not wish for you and Mae to come to my wedding. My life is gold right now and I hope Mae and you will understand my decision. But please tell her to not forget and transfer money to my bank
account. My wedding dress will be top notch and very expensive so I give mother a month to send me money. That will be her wedding gift for me, who is her daughter. ” How can she be this cruel? Our mother has been working very hard over the year just to make sure she had  enough money to  send to her and this is what she gets in return? I watched my mother’s tears sparkle in the dim light as she took small steps to our
broken down wooden cabinet. She took out a thick stack of cash and gave it to me without saying anything, furious I snatched the money out of my mother’s hand, “No. I will not be transferring your money to P’Whan’s account. Never!” My mother slapped my arm and gestures in sign language “Don’t act rash towards your sister, after all she is still your sister.” Angry I shouted “She is not my sister!!!” My mother slapped my arm for the second time, “Don’t ever say that again. Tomorrow make sure to transfer this money to her account first in case
she needs it.” With no further say, she turned her back on me and left for the bathroom. I felt lifeless as I stared down at the stack of hardworking cash my mother had collected “P’Whan, I hate you.”   

Summer is at its midst of ending and I’m up every night working to make money in order to pay the house bills. Sometimes I wonder to
myself how is a normal teenager’s life supposed to be like? I am an incoming senior who is working three jobs, live paycheck to paycheck and what’s worse, eating the leftovers from that grand house that my mother is a housemaid for. I am forbidden to buy any groceries because my mother says it’s best if we save that money for my sister’s wedding and to just eat the leftovers from that house.Fed up of saving money just to send it to my sister, I secretly purchased a plane ticket to L.A with the money I stored away. I will be attending my sister’s wedding regardless what my mother says. One night I finally broke the news to my mother that I will be going to L.A for P’Whan’s wedding. And that I already did my passport and bought my ticket. Disappointed, my mother stopped talking to me for a week. During my last night in Thailand, I sat by the window holding up my newly purchased dream catcher I saved up for in the air, “You’ll filter out my bad dreams and only allow beautiful dreams come through right?" My mom walked in on me without saying a word so I finally said something to her. I tried reasoning to her about my decision but she kept pushing me away so I yelled on top of my lungs,  “What P’Whan is doing is selfish and inconsiderate!? What about you? And…..what about me? What about my future? What about my hopes and dreams? Or Mae, have you ever thought about my future? Have you ever done anything to help me?....My flight is tomorrow night and I will be leaving” *Sign language* “Go, go as you please, I won’t be stopping you.” My voice hoarse, “I know it is selfish of me to leave you, but I am doing this for our sake. I’ll make sure to give P'Whan the money by hand at her wedding. Trust me.” My mother nodded her head once before heading back out for work.
”And hopefully this goes well.” Kwanjai stared down at her dream catcher as she mentally prepares herself for the upcoming big day that is, “Facing her sister for the first time again.”   


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I love the cast so much and also love the heirs!!! Lol this makes me really want the thai company do a thai version if the heirs.


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Wait what now?! My mommy's name is Khwanjai. Lol funny. Now I just gotta try and block out accidentally imagining my mom with Akkanee and Wayu...


Chapter 1.1
“He who wears the crown must bear its weight….” Akkanee scribbled in his English class journal while sipping on some coffee… “After all, I am the upcoming CEO of Zeus Hotel.” Akkanee’s eyes burn with fire as he thought about taking over his father's company…
*Phone rings…….Akkanee picked up his phone from the table **Ranida** He threw his phone nearly hitting the waitress. “bpen arai pai ka?”
*She refills his coffee cup “plao kub, thanks” (The waitress is probably the only Thai person he met during the three years living in L.A)
She looked over his shoulders to see what he had scribbled down, “For your English class?” Akkanee closes his journal “No.”
“Akaneeeeeeee, Akaaaneeeee, dude dude are you free right now?” He pushed himself around the waitress… “Excuse me, excuse me.” 
’l’ll leave you two alone. If you want another refill, just call me over.” Akkanee nodded his head. The waitress walked away to serve the other customers.
A: What is it Jo?
J: Lily’s boyfriend is out of town tonight. You know what that means?
Akkanee turned around to face the beach view in front of him to avoid Jo’s determined stares
Jo nudged Akkanee on the arm “Oh c’mon now!!! You know she has the hots for you and I know you’ve been eyeing her. Wait a minute, remember that time you both hooked up at Matt’s kickback? Oh and remember when she took off….
A: Enough Joseph! I was way out of my mind that night. And that day when she took

*Akkanee didn’t finish his sentence…Forget about it. Leave me alone will ya? Can’t you see that I am writing my essay?
J: Since when do you ever turn in any of our essay assignments anyways?
A: Change is good. Now get lost. *He picked up his pen ready to continue where he left off
J: No fun you party pooper *Akkanee lift up his head from his journal and gave Jo his infamous death glare
J: I I I was just kidding man. Don't give me that look! I guess you’re going to miss out on those tatas then
*Joseph laughed out loud while running for his life before Akkanee could lay a hand on him
A: Sick Punk


Outside of Los Angeles Airport

With an English guidebook in one hand and the other holding onto the handle of her luggage stroller, KwanJai looked around her surrounding
in confusion. “Tham yang ngai dee?” Ahem ahem, Kwan clears her dry throat “Hello…hello…I..I..help..” “Mai mai, I think I’m saying it all wrong.”
Kwan looked over the guidebook again even after studying it for hours during the long flight. “Hello, can you help me?...can you help me get to…my de---stiiiii--n--ation?” Kwanjai scratched her head wanting to give up…SUSU Kwan…SUSU…

“TUMMAAIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII? Tummmaiiii Ahhhhhhhhh, Akkkanneee”

K: Thai? Thai? I hear my language. Kwan turns a full 360 facing a tall, pale skin girl dressed in flashy clothing.  
K:  kao bpen kon thai? Kao chuay chan dai. *Kwan took a few steps closer to the girl who looks the same age as she is….

“Miss Ranida, your mother has given us the word to take you to Mr….”
R: You don’t have to listen to a word she says. Make sure you don’t leave any scratches on my expensive LV bags before I have you fire.
Butler: Yes Mam…
*Phone rings…
R:Mae,  I’m already at Akkanee’s place and I’m tired. Bye. *Ranida clicks the phone
K: whoa *She laughs to herself
Ranida looked over Kwan’s direction and walks towards her: “Why did you just laugh?”
Kwan shook her head as if she didn't understand what Ranida was saying. Without saying anything, Kwan strolls pass Ranida...
R:Ni khun
Kwan froze where she was at biting her lips “Tsk, what does she want with me?” Kwan turns around and spoke in Korean “Sorry but I don’t understand you.”
Ranida sneered “If you didn’t understand me, why did you turn around when I called out? Don’t even think you can fool me by speaking in Korean when you’re clearly Thai. *Ranida surprised Kwan with her response in Korean
R: Na gliat tee soot.
Kwan eyes the taxi that was in back of Ranida and to escape this confrontation, she full forcibly ran pass Ranida accidentally almost knocking her over.
R: Hey where do you think you’re going? I'm not done with you yet!
K: joesonghabnida joesonghabnida *Sorry, sorry

*She waved at the taxi to stop and loaded her luggage inside before getting in. Kwan made sure not to look back to see if Ranida was coming for her or  not. "whoooooooo, are all rich girls like this? Na glua maak. *Kwan laughed again sighing in relief
Sister’s House

Kwan looked at the address on the envelope then at the numbers painted on the side of the door, “This must be the right house. Here I go.” She rang the doorbell…once…twice…third times the charm…
“Who is it? Who is it?” An American lady in a deep v cut tank top and a skimpy skirt was standing in front of Kwan….
“Hueyy, I’m positive this is the right house?”
“Jackkkkkkkkkkk, don’t tell me you’re also sleeping with this Asian high school kid?”
J: What are you talking about? A big bulky guy with a scruffy face appeared in the back of the American lady.
K: uh uh Whan…WhanMai…my sister. Lives here? Does she? Whan..Whan
Lady: Well I’ll let you sort this out, see you tomorrow Jack, she locked lips with him  
K: What the hell is this? Why are they kissing? *Chalida shuts her eyes tightly
Lady: Bye Asian girl, she tugged Kwan’s hair before she left…
J: Come in. *He grabbed her arm and lead her inside the house

Kwan stares around at the dim living room that reek so bad she wanted to gag. Even though there wasn’t that much light coming from the closed blinds, she was able to see how filthy the house was. The house was scattered with empty beer cans, two broken couches, unwashed laundry and a bunch of broken records laying on the floor.
K: P’Whan? P’Whan lives here?
J: That b***?
K: Bee, beech?    
J: She hasn’t been giving me any money *He spat in the garbage can next to him
Disgusted, Kwan stepped away from him, “You are her boyfriend?”
J: Boyfriend? Are you kidding me?
K: huh? She say you marry her? Wedding? Yes reu No?”
J: Wedding? F*ck no. What the heck has she been telling you? A bunch of bull?
Out of his whole sentence, the NO stood out the most sending shock waves into her body.
K: “NO????....Kwan spotted a cracked picture frame of her and her sister WhanMai  “P’ goh hohkkkkkkkk!!!!!!!!!!!! Angry, Kwan shouted “Where is P’Whan!!!!!!!!”

Malibu, Beach
KwanJai walks up the strip looking straight at the balcony top of the restaurant. "So this is where she works at?" She skimmed the whole balcony until her eyes laid on a girl holding onto a coffee pot. She observe as the woman walked around a bunch of men giving them kisses on their
cheeks. The men even put their hands around her waist tucking money in her back pockets. The eyes of Kwan swelled with tears as she fight them from coming down…

“To conquer is to take over, take everything that belongs to thee and thee only foremost…. “
“Your cup is already empty, let me refill it for you. This one’s on me” She winked at Akkanee.
He stopped writing and nodded his head at her…
“You know, I’ve seen you for three years now sitting at the same spot. But I never once asked you, where is your family? What do they do? And how come you spend so much time here? Checking me out aren’t you?”

Akkanee closed his notebook and glared at her “Today you are extra annoying. I tolerate you that’s all.”
“Is that right? You’re interested in me aren’t you? Or is it because I am older than you that’s why you’re hesitating? She let out a girly laugh…
A: I don’t like older women……..He repositions himself by turning towards the strip…..
“Ouch, you just stabbed my heart…I’ve been your coffee girl for so long now, I don’t get anything in return?
A: I know I am very handsome and hard to resist but, P’ whatever you're trying to do won’t work on me.
Akkanee rolled his eyes in annoyance, “leave me…” his eyes suddenly focused on a girl who seems to be looking at him…he can see her eyes sparkling from where he was sitting at. The look of sadness, hurt and betrayal in her eyes had him wondering what was going through her mind. Akkanee cocked his head back and forth to see if she would snap out of her gaze but she didn’t. “Arai wa?”
“What is it?”
A: “She proves my point. I am one handsome guy to look at. She didn’t even move once while I was doing this *Akkanee cocks his head back and forth again
“Krai?” Whan motioned to look at who Akkanee was talking about………. “Kao?” Whan closely stares at the girl and gasped dropping the coffee pot on the floor when she realized who that girl was.
A: Hey watch it! You almost burned me.
Whan whispered “KwanJai, how can she possibly be here? Ngern? Ngern chai mai??” Whan took off running out of the balcony top downstairs to the strip
A: What is with her today? She’s gone crazy? Akanee’s eyes continued staring at the beautiful innocence in front of him with interest…. 


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Wait what now?! My mommy's name is Khwanjai. Lol funny. Now I just gotta try and block out accidentally imagining my mom with Akkanee and Wayu...
wahhh really? What a beautiful name she has heheeh it's a sweeet name and Chalida will never get away from the name Kwan lol hehe
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