The Eternal Love Season 2 (web drama 2018)

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    Season 3?! Oh my word... that's good news. I hope they spend a bit more time on the writing though.

    Season 2 is good but I feel like the story doesn't have much depth to it. There's no main plot. The only thing going were two things, 1. P'ek trying to prevent his past self from making the same mistake with his brother and 2. Tan'ers crazy dad trying to kill her for the soul absorbing orb powers. ON THE PLUS SIDE: Lots of kisses! Like one in almost every episode. Which I do not mind. All the waist grabbing is swoon worthy. Other than that the plot sort of lacks. The story somehow confuses a lot of ppl with the time jump. Some ppl didn't realize Xiaotan and MLC went back to the time BEFORE they met the FIRST TIME.

    I hope S3 has a main plot and purpose to the story. I'll still watch it no matter what though....
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    If it’s modern this time the I will be So happy, lol
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    there a poster out but no definition whether is the drama will be set in modern times or period timing :D

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    Omg, i cant wait...freaking out for part 3...

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