Thaiflix shutting down... how do you watch your thai shows?

Discussion in 'Thai' started by boochi, Aug 6, 2018.

  1. Zen G

    Zen G sarNie Egg

    Nope! Another one here! I just Google Thai dramas online. I haven't heard of thaiflix. I wonder if it's still on today. I really want to watch Praao with Weir and Aum. Sigh!
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  2. KhoOnxNouxWanxJai

    KhoOnxNouxWanxJai Staff Member

    Looks like my suspicion of the copyright thing with channel 7 and buggaboo tv was right. Now, Seesan is no longer posting Channel 7 lakorns.

  3. Mannie

    Mannie sarNie Juvenile

    Oh nooo.. I wonder if Malimar is next with not posting Channel 7. How do you even get a copyright clearance? Channel 7 sucks. My parents watch it so much... so they're gonna have less lakorns to watch now.
  4. KhoOnxNouxWanxJai

    KhoOnxNouxWanxJai Staff Member

    I don't think it'll be easy to get clearance as channel 7 has launched bugaboo, bugaboo has a sale right now for 5.99 a month =x it kind of sucks cause it's only for ONE channel lol. Seesan had Thailand Region Blocked initially. Not sure if Malimar will follow soon.
  5. Mannie

    Mannie sarNie Juvenile

    5.99 for one channel is a rip off. They're lakorns aren't even that high budget to be charging that much hahahah
  6. Wundeeh

    Wundeeh sarNie Egg

    So upset Seesan isn't airing any lakorns from Channel 7. My friend told me about Malimar TV Network. I can watch on website and Roku :) You guys should try it out they're very friendly and easy to get a hold of unlike Seesan :fighting3:
  7. nina07

    nina07 sarNie Adult

    Does anyone have any alternatives other than Malimar that airs all channels? Malimar is great and all, however in the middle of watching episodes of lakorns or even live tv, the audio lags so much! It takes at least 5 minutes sometimes to have the audio catch up with the lakorn itself and this happens with every episode that my mom watches. Does anyone else have that problem too? I never experienced that with Thaiflix nor DooTV.
  8. boochi

    boochi sarNie Egg

    I really hope that Makimar continues to air channel 7. My parents will be so upset
  9. boochi

    boochi sarNie Egg

    Funny that you mention that. I actually have this problem with Seesan not Malimar (yes, I have both)

    But I'd like to know what services are out there too
  10. boochi

    boochi sarNie Egg

    Malimar just answered my email. They state that they are airing channel 7 as usual.

    But I wouldn't be surprised if this changed in the future.
  11. KhoOnxNouxWanxJai

    KhoOnxNouxWanxJai Staff Member

    Seesan brought channel 7 back
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  12. SunStar

    SunStar sarNie Elites


    i went to thaiflix to put on a lakorn for my mom and now it says i have "ZERO" credits!!! I paid a one year membership and it doesn't expire until Feb 2019!!

    Anyone have this happen to them too?
  13. Na_Love

    Na_Love sarNie Egg

    I read somewhere that you can get your refund through PayPal filing a claim. But I hesitated hoping that they were going to transfer to another website ( That site is no longer valid. Anyways, I paid for my new subscription thru PayPal back in July and it doesn't expire until July 2019. SO I filed a claim with PayPal about a week ago. PayPal got back to me in a few days confirming that Thaiflix has issued me a refund of $100.00 and the refund should show up in 30 days or so. If you paid through PayPal, I recommend doing this to get your money back.

    Good luck!
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  14. Samaiya

    Samaiya sarNie Egg

    Do anyone know if seesan have lakorn from the l as the 90s and early 2000s? I want to watch some older lakorn.

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