Tee Tra Koon Song


sarNie Egg
aww poor aof! thanx southerngal for the info on mikes age anyways did anyone see ruk euy today?? i saw a lil bit of it ...it was cute they came out singing! so cute it was playin during kao tha pee so i had to watch that dammit! why dose it have to play during ruk euy now i have to wait till next week to get it on tape! ahh


sarNie Adult
this is a good lakorn...i love it..cus of AUM..he so hot in this lakorn..but dang..i wish that he got his memories back tho...not toward the end...and Aof is so mean to him...so i guess that they're all brothers..

Mara Phang

sarNie Adult
I really want to see Tee Tra Koon Song, but every time I try to download the episodes, there's always unavailable space. I'll just have to keep on trying to download at different times. LOL. I'm missing out on so much. It's already about to end...


sarNie Adult
Yeah, I wish Aum got his memory back already. It would be better this way. I want his little brother to know so bad that he's his brother so he can stop being so mean!


sarNie Coma
Oh yes there is a cute scene between aum and bua. Watch episode 15 that I posted up today. It has the scene where aum kissed bua in the mouth!
oh yes!..i hope that would shut her up..i havent seen the latleast epi but did Bua become nice yet?

Mara Phang

sarNie Adult
Could someone kindly provide a summary of this lakorn up to the latest episodes? I'm still having difficulties downloading the lakorn. I'm lost.