Tard Rak (Lakorn Thai)


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Aongdin and Ward did the deed or not. Seem like they did but at the same time they probably did not do anything since they are both fully clothed.
LOL Me too I wonder if they did or not since I don't understand what they said and I wonder if she did with the prince too or not.

Everyone doing a great job except Mart. He need to take acting lesson. I can't take him seriously and when he's mad I just want to laugh. Sorry Mart but you didn't improve your acting.


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from what i understood -- nothing happen between Aongdin & Ward. If it did happened -- Aongdin would be man enough to called her his wife. As for the incident with Jaochai and Ward -- i think nothing happened too. He was drunk for the most part and half-drug so I'm thinking Ward's only tricking everyone to think that they had something just like how she tricked Thid into believing that the drug/med she gave to Jaoying was not effective at all. If you ask me, i'd say it's part of Ward's scheming plans since everyone project her to be very manipulative.


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i couldn't believe Janie's role as Ward this evil before drugging the guys to sleep
around with her and Khun Ying should been more stronger. This lakorn beginning to
drag so much Ward character getting on my nerves it finally finished airing on Thursday
I'll probably watch episode 15 what will happen and i can't wait to see pimmala up
next sure that looks fun relaxing

enough of my comments btw i'll still worship Wardin :cloud9:


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Only one episode left. I'll be so sad when it ends.
Love the whole cast of this lakorn !


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I am almost done with episode 12, I can't bring myself to hate Ward. The princess is the one that is getting on my nerves. It's simple to strip Ward down her title, but she does not do a thing and decide to give up or because "she is too nice". This is why I can't picture someone like that to rule a country. She doesn't know when to step her foot down and take control.

I really wish Ward can kick Tid's arse for me. I believe she had contributed to Ward's greediness. If she wasn't such a bitch toward Ward.

I also believe that Ward doesn't want to step back either. She is already seen as a bad person, might as well be that bad person. I know she could have walked another path but she took that one road. She's kind of lost, I do hope she comes to her senses soon.


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i've always like janie but maybe not in this one. the only person who is smart and has some sense is por lol even tho i never found him to be cute. everybody else is all stupid. por has feelings of anger, jealousy, etc..like everyone else but he's the only one that can control them. he doesn't like prince darb much but knows how to ask for help when he needs it. everyone else just lets their personal feelings run all over them. cherry is omg so stupid. she goes back for ward, the slave? did she even think about the big picture, her country? got that one girl killed and got everyone captured yeah that's the future ruler lol.


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I just got done with episode 13, I am so disappointed in this lakorn. They didn't utilize Ward's knowledge in medicine. They didn't elaborated on how skilled she was. They spent too much time making Ward turn greedy for power, Prince Darb's lust and Princess's stupidity. When I thought the plot was going somewhere, it went back to square one. I can understand this doesn't garner much ratings. I mean I liked it but there's so much that has displeased me that I am just going to rant my frustration here. Yes I am taking it out on AF lol


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It's kind of obvious that Ward will save the Princess. I would like Tid to get on her knees to beg Ward, but that won't happen lol

It's not the best lakorn, but it wasn't bad either. What I had in mind was different, but I guess I am okay with this lakorn.


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Am I the only one who is furious Ward got her mom killed?!?!? Did she not realize the bad guys posing as bandits would hurt/kill the slaves too? What an idiot. She deserves no sympathy after her lust for revenge caused the death of her very own mom!!!


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Am I the only one who is furious Ward got her mom killed?!?!? Did she not realize the bad guys posing as bandits would hurt/kill the slaves too? What an idiot. She deserves no sympathy after her lust for revenge caused the death of her very own mom!!!
can't agree you more. Ward is the actual killer who pushed her mom to death. Maybe I should say it is her greedy. If she know where to stop, I don't think this will happen.

there is one episode ledy over, can't wait to see how it ends.


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Ward may be wrong in so many ways but pushing the blame on Ward for her mother's death is not reasonable. Yes she may have been greedy for herself and her mother and her friend. Getting help from a minor princess or marry the prince? I dislike Prince Darb. He was showing interest in Ward which attributed to her greed. I think he has more feelings toward Ward than the Princess. I still believe he has not fallen in love with the princess, but still lusting after her beauty.


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Ward is the cause of her mom's death. if she didnt have that guy go rob the house then nobody would have gotten hurt/killed. she herself knows that she's the cause of it all. she wanted death upon the father/daughter but it fired back and her mom was the one that died.

p'ek said that dont mess with him bc he's a bad guy. if you do, it will only bring bad things to you and he was right. her crying in that prison all by herself.

ward did have greed and selfiness reasons for her doing. some people's action towards her that lead her to get into deeper mistakes. the insults that droved her doings. opportunity is for grab so she can free her mom but still these action could have been prevented. the princess didnt do her wrong. u cant help where you're born -rich/poor. glad it's almost over. wanting to see how it'll end


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pics from tard rak facebook

wow thanks ja p'jib both couples are absolutely adorable and Din/Ward :kiss3: finally
joob joob and Mart/Cherry they're lovely too, happily ever after :flowers: