Sum Pao Thong


tinah said:
yeh i hope joy has more lakorn lined up..the only lakorn i know she has left is sapai part time with nok chatchai..she alway disappear after she make like one or two lakorn..

I thought that Joy Siriluck is in Sapai part time with Chatchai not Joy Rinlanee.

Mara Phang

sarNie Adult
meenia said:
I think it's a great lakorn. It's going to be more drama...I like how channel 3 makes their lakorn good and fast...The lakorn is a little confusing at first, but I'm getting it. chakrit is he going to be like his father and suicide...No...

Meenia, I totally agree with you that this lakorn is great!! Also, I love channel 3 as well because their lakorns are always interesting and meaningful!! About Chakrit's character, I sure hope he is not going to die in this lakorn...that would be too sad.


ThE GrEaT gReAt LyNn!!
gosh, what the storyline....i so wanna know....and my chakrit look soooo damn hot....not a fan of joy....

oh, and by the chakrit going to rape joy in this lakron.... :blink:


sarNie Coma
lol..why you think that lidogirl...we'll just have to have to wait and see..but why do u guys think chakrit is gonna do suicide?..that would be a manly and smart thing to do..but yeh ace is looking HOT..but why do he have to like the same girl as his brother..i feel bad for him..he should get with someone else


sarNie Egg
i find this lakorn kinda boring. i hate it when they p'ek and n'ek already like each other from the beginning of the lakorn, cuz there's going to be stupid misunderstandings that will keep them apart.l


sarNie Juvenile
I love this lakorn!! Chakrit and Joy make the a cute ass couple! They shouldn't have broken up...Thanks for the caps!!


sarNie Elites
is thi lakorn even good? iono if i wanna see it/// ;p/ kirt so hot though i watch the first epi it was pretty much boring. lol.. so..


sarNie Adult
I watched the first episode and it's pretty interesting...However, I am very confused. I wish I knew what it's about. I think Chakrit will commit suicide in the end since it started with him on top of the building and then it's flashing back...How sad! It almost makes me not want to watch it but it's so interesting that I can't stop myself from watching it...


sarNie Egg
:blink:even thought i watch joy and chakrit lakorn, i don't get what it's about can some1 tell what it's about....i would really appreciated if some1 can.....thanks


sarNie Elites
should i watch this not? i mean joy r. is alright i guess but i never miss a chakrit lakorn...hmmm, if its sad, well usually those lakorns are really good but i cant watch chakrit die!! ahhh maybe he wont.